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  1. The Titans never should have gotten the ball back. That was a horrible call to Cannon on third down. And to use him on a critical play like that, makes it worse
  2. I don't think he's been coached up. His technique is poor. What makes him an average, above average player, is his strength and athleticism
  3. This is a very poorly coached team. Leo doesn't use his hands well. Doesn't get low enough alot. Receiver spacing is terrible. They showed that yesterday. Bates is a horror show. The only coaches earning their money., is greene, and Boyer, the special teams guy. Maybe dennison, considering the talent level there.
  4. Bates should be fired, he is terrible. That's his play call. Just unforgivable.
  5. Some of my favorite posters should have anticipated this behavior when they slammed mac for not draftng him. Just as mac should have anticipated that Devin Smith and mauldins careers would be derailed by injury. Just making a point.
  6. The question is not if he's a number one WR. The question is can he help us in the future by providing a consistent deep threat that defenses have to account for. I think the answer to that is yes. It wasn't only the Eagles that tried to trade for him. Reports were, that a few other teams inquired about him.
  7. It's obviously a strong personal dislike for him. He had close to a thousand yards in his second season..This year NOBODY has done much on offense for a half dozen different reasons.
  8. A variety of sources talked about how many snaps he has had in the box, at linebacker, and out in centerfield. The box safety argument just doesn't fly anymore. Not talking about you, but other posters.
  9. Why let facts get in the way. Facts are posted about him on a regular basis, but some continue to see what they want to see, and nothing else.
  10. Are there any quality fullbacks available. Like Roger Vick
  11. It was beyond ridiculous to have a head coach in place before a GM. It's unexplainable.
  12. I didn't know a value chart existed. Thanks for the link. I never delved that deep into the draft. Just prospect watching, and what their draft slot would be,
  13. I surfed too. fell off the board alot, hitting my head hard against the board.numerous times. That's how i became a Jet fan
  14. It's alot of fun. This offseason will be very interesting. Assuming we have the 4th pick, and we trade down to the low teens. Would that garner us more than a 2nd rounder back??????
  15. Please. In two months you'll have your preferred jets picks in the draft posted.Can't wait
  16. Good points. I can't disagree with you. Maybe Mac, and im sure alot of GM's were looking at what college they played for, and what style of offense they ran. Your point about the 2018 crop is interesting. Darnold had alot of the same red flags, Mahomes had. Sloppy footwork. Too much of a gunslinger.
  17. In retrospect, we should have drafted one of those guys. S..., we'd still have three 2nd round picks to play with. At the time of that draft though, those QB's had some question marks on whether their NFL production would match what they did in college,
  18. I understand the argument Ted. Look at that draft. there wasn't a blue chip pass rusher available after garret was gone. There wasn't a stud Tackle worth drafting at 6, or even later. Any playmaker on offense wouldn't have turned the offense around. If garret was available, and we drafted adams, i'd be upset. That wasn't the case.
  19. Well, Lattimore is a real good player. Watt wasn't someone that was high on anyone's draft boards. He was like the 30th pick. No way you take him at 6. Trade down and draft him. Maybe, but that's hindsight to the highest degree. You can fault mac for alot of things. If he felt that strongly about Adams, and felt his future at QB was in the 2018 draft, i can't fault him for that.
  20. If you look at that draft, the only player that would have been more valuable was Garrett. he wasn't available. Other than him, one of those two QB's. Any other offensive player we drafted wouldn't have made any difference. We'd still stink
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