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  1. We are. Whoever the GM is, they better ace the draft.
  2. Forget it. Mason signed a 5 year extension in September. Didn't know that. Damn
  3. Lol. The right guard for NE. Shaq Mason. Oops!!!
  4. We want sure things on the offensive line creepy. Can you imagine what this boards reaction would be if we signed them, and they turned out to be QB killers. like what we have now. Matt Paradis and Shaq lawson could become free agents this year. Those are sure things. i don't give a rat's ass if we have to overpay and fly their families on an around the world trip. We need them here. especially if we're going to play one or two rookies.
  5. That's not his fault he plays where he's asked to play. We have no pass rush. We've went through a dozen guys at OLB to see if they can help. To no avail
  6. I anticipated a" why didn't mac then" question.LOl.
  7. This defense can't get off the field on third down. nobody is ever in the QB's face. It's like a scrimmage with pads on. Same story, new year.
  8. Excuse me. The Chargers have two, not one, two stellar pass rushers. If you don't think that makes a difference in any safeties ability to create turnovers. then i don't know what to say
  9. First difference of opinion this morning. I would trade down and draft the guy from Florida, Polite. He's a cheetah of the line. Every other pick in the draft is offense Priority being o-line.
  10. I agree about the separation point. that's spot on.Kinda exited about the prospects of us being able to fix our issues rather quickly This is the year alot of the players in a position of need will be available. In the draft and free agency. Of course, like you said, that can change
  11. 6'6" 320. Good size for a LT. Has near perfect grades in pass protection. Question is, of course the level of competition
  12. I agree. I think they'll be Tackles available, with alot of upside, some who might be as effective as williams. If they don't bust. Here we go again. Gotta be a little lucky
  13. If the jets knew that their trading partner wanted Jonah Williams, would you do it?
  14. How many slots would we have to trade down, in order top get a 2nd round pick back. i know all drafts are different. But generally.
  15. Without question. Can we get those players to sign with us??????
  16. I love the way he plays the game. some of the best instincts i've seen in a player. that's why we both think,[i think,lol], that when we get that pass rush, everyone will see his real value
  17. Adams is only in his second year. if we ever find a dominant pass rusher, everybody will see the real value in Adams. And the versatility.
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