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  1. The raiders play defense with 11 players. Don't downgrade Mack because of his teammates shortcomings.
  2. His production was down last year. Why? No edge rusher, and Wilkerson dogging it most of the time. Getting double teamed and sometimes triple teamed on a constant basis must be very tiring . Even for an athlete of Williams caliber.
  3. Stop playing desktop GM. You have a chance to get an impact pass rusher, something we haven't had in years. And your finding a bunch of bull.... reasons not to get him. It's too funny.
  4. Shell, Carpenter, and Long are good players. Beachum is a good player. Was last year. Was a good player with Jacksonville.
  5. He would solve a lot of the problems this defense has. Turnovers, and stopping offenses on 3rd down conversions.
  6. Mack would transform this defense into a dominant one in. All those lack of big splash plays on defense, would suddenly be happening on a regular basis. Williams would have an easier time getting in the QB's face. You can find good o-lineman later in the draft. Shell was a 5th round pick. There are quality guards available in free agency next year. We have the cash. To me it's a no brainer. If we don't do it, someone else will. That's for damn sure
  7. genot

    99 Problems

    We have a very good defense.
  8. Wanna take some off my hand. $1.00 a jersey. Negotiable.
  9. Some of the posters here at jet Nation, would kill off a party at the Playboy Mansion .The glass half empty people.
  10. I don't think this team needs much, personal wise. What we need is critical though. Yes. A legit, pass rusher. Rarely will we see any big plays,[ie], turnovers by our secondary if the QB's timing is never disturbed. Just won't happen.
  11. Hey honey. I just gave all my credit card info to Jetsteam.
  12. Yes, he was. If he could catch a football, he would have had 5, maybe 6 interceptions, also.
  13. SO FAR. the two key words in your post. Lets not forget also, one of our D-lineman was dogging it most of time, making it harder on everyone else to do their jobs.
  14. There are hundred+ players who got off to slow starts, then became real good players .Bowman[the guy that phil likes to mention], sat on the bench his rookie year.
  15. It's more than ridiculous. If every teams GM looked at players Phil's way, half the roster of every team would have to be replaced every year.
  16. another publication's view on linebackers going into 2018. A Fantasy Football Community! Thursday, August 23, 2018 Log In | Sign Up | Contact Free Newsletter!
  17. Another publication analysis of ilb's going into 2018. #omega-media-query-dummy { position: relative; z-index: -1; } #omega-media-query-dummy { z-index: 0; } #omega-media-query-dummy { z-index: 1; } #omega-media-query-dummy { z-index: 2; } Skip to main content
  18. Kinda off topic. But your point about Moss breaking out in his 3rd year, is the point I've been trying to make about Lee. Too early too call him a bust.
  19. That's a very good point. I guess some of that would depend on how secure he feels in his job.
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