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  1. You don't think there ready to win. I think their very close. That DT, and safety your talking about, are two of the reasons we were 9th in the NFL in run defense. If can't play run defense, you have no chance.
  2. Not expected by who, you. A bunch of pundits who had us winning maybe one game last year. You have no idea, whats going to happen this year. nobody does. And guess what. it takes a while to rebuild an entire roster, which is exactly what he's done. I know. you and some other desktop GM's can do it in less. Uh, huh. Nuff said
  3. Lol. You think players going into their 2nd year are busts. Nuff said.
  4. To all you Mac detractors. Who on this roster would you replace. and who would you replace them with. A asked this question in another thread. And the detractors were silent. When he took over as GM, this team was old and slow. His first priority was to improve team speed. has he done it. Yes. Franchise QB. He's done it. More playmakers on offense. He's done it. This done in 4 years. That's a big accomplishment considering the team he took over. Next year we'll be 80 Million under the cap. Managing the salary cap is a big part of the job. Thank you Mac.
  5. We wouldn't have won. According to who. You. If we signed Cousins we would have drafted Chubb .A very formidable defense.
  6. 4/5ths of our offensive line were acquired by Mac. Your not the only one who says this. It's BULL....
  7. Let me ask a very simple question. What player on the Jets defense and offense would you replace. And who would you replace them with. Reading some of these posts about Mac, the list better be a long one.
  8. I want Brady to be afraid of getting sandwiched by Williams and Mack. That's what I want him to be scared of.
  9. Don't discount the Gruden factor. He rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Mack might be forcing a trade.
  10. Well. Special teams are a big worry. I think your overstating the tackling issue though. Other stuff???
  11. Not to be a wise guy. But a player of Mack's caliber makes Williams a better player. An offense has only so many blockers. Shell has played well, I think. Has fought the injury bug though. And he's had a very good camp. The Raiders obviously have problems on defense. Mack's not one of them.
  12. I'd give up that if we can get a 2nd rounder back in return in next years draft. We have to get a high pick back,
  13. Everywhere else. Cmon. We have three needs. An impact pass rusher, a reliable, durable guard, and a Left tackle with Beachum being a 3rd tackle for us.
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