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  1. Mac isn't going to give up on Lee, who's going into his third season, and is asked to do much more than Fowler ever was asked to do. Lee had more tackles in his first four games last year than Fowler did the entire year. Fowler is a pass rusher. That's it. And no, I don't think that Lee has played up to level we expected with the 6th pick.
  2. When we get a 2nd for him, don't forget to give Mac some props.
  3. If this board lights up with fire Mac posts because he wouldn't trade Teddy for a 4th round pick, im gonna vomit.
  4. I agree with that. They have a lot of questions going into the season.
  5. We really don't know NOW our Oline is going to be atrocious. Do we?
  6. Your right. "He's going to pry Chubb lose". I meant to say he's going to TRY and pry Chubb lose".
  7. If Mac can't get a one, or a two and a four for him. he's not getting traded.
  8. No Slats. I said I guaranteed that Chubb would be the guy Mac would talk trade to Denver with. Not that that deal was going to happen
  9. I think your wrong, with due respect. Im not saying a straight up deal. Mac would have to offer up a high pick in return. If Denver was as devoid of pass rushers as we are. Then it would never happen. But they still have Miller and Ray. That's why I said it would be interesting to find out how Elway rated Teddy coming out of college.
  10. No. Not without giving a pick back, in return.
  11. Not good. According to who. You. Lol. He was highly regarded coming out of college. Most teams had a 1st round grade on him. He won 11 games for the Vikings at the age of 23, before he got hurt. Is he fully recovered from that injury, Sure looks like it. Is he a top 5 guy. No. But, he's someone you can start and win a lot of games with
  12. Let me say this. If anybody thinks Mac is going to trade Teddy for anything other than a 1st or 2nd round pick. Your nuts
  13. The problem is, that for curious reasons, some people on this board are undervaluing Bridgewater.
  14. Im not saying it's going to happen. Im just positive that's who he wants, if he's talking to Denver . Mac said time and time again, he's looking to get someone in here who can get to the QB. Shane Ray is not gonna do it for Mac
  15. Forget about Ray. Let them resign Ray. they still have Miller. Teddy has a chance to be a top tier QB, if he's healthy.
  16. It sounds crazy, until you think it through. Most teams had a 1st round grade on Teddy. He started and won 11 games the year before he got hurt. and he's still only 25. That's why I said its important to know what Elway thought of Teddy coming out of college. If he had a 1st round grade on him, and he feels he's fully recovered, they might be able to work something, we're neither team is taking too great a risk
  17. I guarantee that if Mac, is talking to Denver, he's going to pry Chubb lose in the deal. Whether its giving up a 1st or 2nd in 2020 and getting something back in in 2019. Like a 3rd. It depends on how Elway views Teddy, now, and the year he was drafted.
  18. The most interesting and insightful post I've read on this forum, in a while. When Mac took over he had the whole team to rebuild. He made, what he felt to be the most logical choices based on draft grade and need. He spent,but didn't overspend on Free agents he felt could help. Center needed to be upgraded, he got long. With a draft and ninety million in cap space next offseason, oline help is on the way.
  19. Mac has done a great job. In 4 years he's rebuilt almost the entire roster. An edge rusher and a few stud Offensive lineman and this is a team that can seriously compete. We have a draft and ninety million dollars to do it. Great job managing the cap Mac. That your job too, right
  20. You could be right. I just think it's too early to form a final judgment
  21. A lot of the same people prematurely judging Lee, are the ones judging Jamal as a player. That's ridiculous isn't it. He's entering his 2nd season. Lol.
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