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  1. This Quarterback debates are creating some angry responses. I can't wait until the end of april. I'd like to stay away from the forum until then. I can't though. Pretty much addicted. Lol.
  2. Thank you. To me it's a much greater risk using that high a pick on those two QB's. If they bust, Douglas is done. If you look at Darnold's sophomore year at USC, he was very impressive. He took a dump the following season when JuJu got drafted and he had 4 new offensive lineman blocking for him. USC was not a very talented offensive squad. His best WR was Deontay Burnett. Why is it inconcievable to some people that with nore talent around him, and a system that fits him he can't take that big leap foward, the way he took that big leap backward because of diminished talent his last year at USC
  3. Lol. Who's we. They're not trading Darnold for a Wilson or Fields at #2.
  4. The Ferrari, or the Nova for that matter won't go anywhere without gas or tires.
  5. Don't forget George Van Epps. Father of the 7 string guitar.
  6. Jet's won't be drafting a QB Tom.for all the reasons you and Kiper stated. The new environment is Saleh, LaFleur. Unless Darnold is suffering from Post Traumatic Gase Syndrome, i don't see why the success people think he could find elsewhere, he couldn't find here.
  7. It's not about stats. It's about a HC, who didn't utilize the talent that was available to him. It's about game planning. In Gase's failed system. Quick decisions weren't available because the receivers in his planning we're never open enough to get rid of the ball quickly. Not all the time. But far too many times
  8. You talked about quick decisions. Please consider the fact that Gase only realized at the end of the year that running backs and tight ends are allowed to catch footballs
  9. Best offensive player in this draft is Kyle Pitts. Talk about generational prospects. He is.
  10. Did you watch the Rams game. What did you see.
  11. Trey Lance, doesn't make it past 10. There's always a draft surprise. Lance going before Fields could be one of them
  12. Absolutely. They we're 4-12 with Watson having a good year. No 1st rd pick this year. They need a boatload of players. More than us.
  13. They could let Watson sit the year, finish 0-16, then trade down, trade Watson and rebuild the entire team. That's what i'd do.
  14. So would everyone else who's rational. Lol.
  15. Your right. Flacco has been in the league for 13 yrs. When he was drafted he had a QB coach. Jim Zorn. Flacco said he was a great help. Without him, he might never have made it. Experience, and proper teaching count for something. No
  16. Nobody is bashing you......................Jerk!!!!
  17. Wow. Memories of campfires, music, hashish, and Wendy Williamson.
  18. Gilgo beach. Are you talking about New York Gilgo. Some miles east of Jones beach?????
  19. Chiming in on behalf of TomShane. Will there be a pink mode available. If so, when?
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