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  1. The Falcons defense sucks. This game will come down to which offensive line gives the QB and running backs what they need to keep the chains moving.
  2. Good thread 80. How about Marvin Washington. A 6th rounder. Leon Washington and Kerry Rhodes. Both 4th rounders.
  3. Joe Fields in the 14th rd. Wow. That's. Ind boggling.
  4. Hall......by a wide margin. When you find a corner that can cover and tackle in those later rounds. Thank your lucky stars.
  5. Without an elite interior disruptor the 4-3 is much harder to have sustained success with. We have one in QW. JFM, loves him. Bryce Huff loves him. Etc,etc.
  6. I disagree. You make exceptions when you're developing a Qb you expect to be the face of the Franchise
  7. I agree. Which would have been a huge mistake. We're trying to make a rookie Qb's job easier. Letting Crowder go, wouldn't have done that.
  8. The question is, what would J.D have done if Crowder didn't agree to a pay cut.??
  9. Yesterday I got down voted for a lame post to Shuler. I apologized. Had a bad week and was high. Got made because everybody wanted to fire everybody a week ago. Now we have a soon to be elite QB, and a great young roster. Knee jerk reactions turned Gene into a jerk. Sorry. And I deserved the downvotes.
  10. Give me a break everybody. I've been drinking. I'm doing this posting from my phone. Etc. Etc.
  11. It wasn't a knock on Zack. We all know he has a great arm. He has that gunslinger mentality. When it works,it's exiting. When it doesn't. Well.
  12. I think the TD pass to Davis was an example of the hero ball stuff. He was lucky the two defenders weren't locating the ball. That pass should have been broken up.
  13. Gf..............Hey. The Jet's won.
  14. I feel like a complete dickhead with my post. I don't know. Maybe it's my prostrate.
  15. I apologized to Shuler. As far as Darnold goes. No comment
  16. I'm sorry. Knee jerk reactions by all of us, is irritating to me. I'm guilty myself, at times. Beating the Titans at home without Brown and Jones doesn't warrant threads about the playoffs. Last week, we wanted to fire everybody, for heavens sake.
  17. Gfy. Jerkoff . Thank's for the correction. Explain to me why I'm wrong and then maybe I could explain to you why you're a moron.
  18. Your a moron if at this point you don't think he is.
  19. Sam was so lucky to have Spencer long as his center, and Eric Tomlinson and Herndon as his tight ends. With Robby Anderson as his #1 WR. Who at that time wasn't much more than a one trick pony.
  20. He did have a 70% catch rate his last two years in Tennessee. Why he has these problems here??????
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