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  1. Well, that explains your views on what we should do at QB.
  2. How about asking Carolina for Anderson in that deal, if they're really QB hungry. That would make your 1st rd more reasonable. Otherwise i can't see how we can pass on Davonte Smith. We need a WR badly. And he''s the best one in the draft.
  3. I have no idea out of the current candidates who the best choice would be. If Saleh want's to explore all his options. Can't fault him. It's not just about him, but his family also.
  4. I don't know what everyone's worried about. The Johnson's know what they're doing.
  5. Well. Exactly. He's not somebody we're drafting to be the Jet's FQB. We have Morgan. What's the point.
  6. Wow. My favorite poster. He did so many things that we're original and unique. What he could have accomplished musically, if he wasn't a junkie is beyond belief.
  7. If Douglas doesn't draft a QB like Wilson or Fields. He's not drafting one. He'll sign one as a free agent to back up, or compete with Darnold. He drafted a QB last year.
  8. Your living in fantasy land.We have too many needs to take a flyer on. Career backup. Which Mac Jones will be. Probably.
  9. This is a dump worthy thread.
  10. Flacco started 4 games. Threw for over 200 yards once. I keep hearing this. And we lost all those games.
  11. Rodgers had the benefit of sitting his first three years. He learned ths offense watching Brett for that time, with a quality staff and system. Makes a difference
  12. They have similar skill sets. Im talking physically. I wasn't asked if he was as good as Rodgers. Wouldn't have responded.
  13. Im not saying he's as good as him. Im saying they have very similar skill sets.
  14. Aaron Rodgers is a good comparison. He can make all the throws. He's mobile and can make things happen outside the pocket. He can run when he has to. Good athlete. The open question is can he read defenses quickly enough, to be consistent game in and game out. If the answer is yes, he' s a top ten QB.
  15. He played in. Bad scheme, with bad play calling with minimal talent around him. The offense couldn't score and Sam tried to play hero ball. When he felt he had a chance to put points up, he forced throws. He needs to stop that. At 23, with a good system and more talent, it's not inconcievable that he could realize his potential
  16. You should give Darnold the same slack you just gave Fields. At least Fields has played behind a steller o-line.
  17. All of you we're trashing Mcshay for suggesting Fields would drop out of the top ten. You'd have to be nuts to trade up for him. He's a product of that system and taking him that high is foolhardy.
  18. Alot of the corners in this draft have some sort of question marks. The good news is that we could draft one in the 2nd who is just as good as the top corners. The only center that comes close to Humphrey is Josh Myers. Slim pickens.Thats why i think we should go there, instead.
  19. I think people are underestimating how bad Gase really was.
  20. All i have to say is when Darnold realizes his potential with a real coach and more surrounding talent the detractors should get a hold of Darnold and say the following
  21. Douglas isn't making a decision based on his beliefs alone. He has a network of people who've been in the league for years who might have their own view on Darnold. Not too mention the dozen or so interviews he's conducting for HC, wh'e're im sure QB's have been discussed. If Douglas sticks with Darnold, they're have to be sound reasons why. For anyone on tbis board,(including me), to say. That they can't be right, is absurd.

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