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  1. What did Wilson do the year before. What did Darnold do the year before. Add up those numbers and get back to me. Thanks.
  2. Look at Darnolds two year stays at USC. Look at Wilson's. Both QB's are very similar. Wilson has slightly more arm talent.
  3. Wilson had the time to read War and Peace when he dropped back and looked downfield. It was BYU for God's sake.
  4. For the most part I agree with you. Except the ceiling part.
  5. Very strange. Wonder what the staff at Baylor said. Any red flags?
  6. Your take, sadly is the one that makes the most sense. Guess the interview process didn't do what it was intended to do for JD and the Jet's.
  7. Mims should be active every week. Use the on the field skills he does have to help out his QB and the offense. This BS about him being inactive because he doesn't perform well I the slot or whatever makes no sense. He still has the work week to slowly learn these other things In my view they're hurting his development and the entire offense.
  8. Yea. Said after Jets game, Sam's talent will give him good numbers with the weapons he has. His o-line sucks. If they fix that, that offense has a chance to be explosive.
  9. I said contenders. Not favorites. I stand by what I said.
  10. Rooting for Darnold to do well doesn't mean I wish Wilson fails. I hope he becomes the QB we drafted him to be. Wilson has been giving a chance here. I don't believe Darnold ever was given that chance. One of the main reasons why I root for the guy. I believe he was treated like trash here, to be honest. Here kid,(20 yes old, mind you), here's the football, take us to the playoffs. Forget about the 10 other guys around you. That's our business, not yours.
  11. If he falters it will be because of his o-line. They are not good. Anderson had one catch for 10 yards. Had no time for anything real deep.
  12. Wilson isn't a better QB.If both QB's reach their highest ceiling, Wilson is slightly more gifted. Right now Wilson is rookie who hasn't showed us what his talent can do for us.
  13. This was a huge decision by our GM that took a long time for him to make. If Wilson busts, and Darnold becomes a consistent performer in Carolina. It might be considered one of the worst decisions ever made by an NFL GM. It was a decision made entirely by him, because others thought we should stick with Sam. Apparently JD had a hard on for Wilson since the end of the season.
  14. He played on a horrible football team. Fix the team.
  15. A lot of risk pinning your future on a QB who only had one good season at BYU. Both had their share of risks.
  16. I'm sure. The reality of having egg on your face is hard to deal with. Even for grown men.
  17. Yes.. Carolina is 2 or 3 offensive lineman away from being serious contenders in the NFC. With or without Joe Brady. If Darnold had more time to night he would have thrown for well over 400 yds
  18. It was never Darnold vs Wilson. It was Darnold and a slew of extra picks vs Wilson.
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