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  1. If Mayfield had what Darnold has had around him. He'd look clueless too. As would nost quarterbacks.
  2. Look at Mayfield. He had crap to throw to. And he didn't look good. We don't know about proper reads. Receivers need to run correct routes. QB' s need to know what his WR is going to do when a play breaks down. Darnold can't rely on a raw rookie and a stone hand, lazy bust, which is what Perriman is.
  3. He's not a top 10 QB.He will be when we surround him with receivers who can get open and catch the ball. Something he doesn't have now.
  4. I think Darnold will be a top 10 QB in this league. All those throws to Perriman are caught by a quality starter in this league. I tell ya what. When Douglas tells Perriman to find work elsewhere, maybe you'll understand
  5. A lame dodge about the quality if the outside receivers that he's throwing too
  6. Darnold will be back. Hopefully with NFL caliber receivers to throw too.
  7. Who we' re the open receivers. Mims was blanketed the whole game. Perriman is a goner. You think he's good. Do you.
  8. If your love interest is back, perhaps between lovemaking sessions you can convince hIm to get another QB.
  9. If perriman wasn't a bust, (which is what he always was), that stat line would look a lot different. Maybe you think he's good. Maybe you we' re the one talking about Mims looking like A.J Green. The only legit NFL receiver he has is a slot receiver. Crowder. Do you disagree
  10. Darnold is having a good game. He's not forcing throws. He, like Mayfield has no outside receiver who can get open, or catch the ball. You can't see that.
  11. You must be joking. Perriman was a bust ever since he entered the league. You think Mims has proven himself to be a quality WR. Im not saying he wont be. Right now he's just too raw to be a consistent threat. No.
  12. It isn't tennis. If Douglas agrees with you, he'll draft a QB. He won't. And it's not based on personal feelings.
  13. He's the only trustworthy WR we have. That's why.
  14. Good deep ball by Darnold. Perriman sucks. Mims is a rookie. Are the Darnold detractors finally seeing the big picture.
  15. I never said that. People need to wait before labeling players busts or budding stars. Mims might become a real good one. He has done nothing yet to label him as future star player.
  16. People are talking up Mims. Jalen Ramsey and Denzel Ward have made him invisible. Needs to get open against these guys, if we have hopes of him becoming a real good receiver
  17. Burrow and Herbert play for bad teams. Better look at who they're throwing the ball too. I know. That doesn't mean much. I know.
  18. What doe's ruined mean??????I hear that a lot. Still haven't figured out what that means.
  19. The flaw that concerned scouts the most was his elongated throwing motion, when he was in college. He corrected that his 1st year here. Every scout felt that the few other issues.he had we're very correctable with the proper support around him. He was for the most part a shotgun QB, at USC, and learned rather quickly to take the majority of snaps from under center.
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