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  1. That's what we're going to do. The good news is, by the end of next year, we'll know if coaching, injuries, and the talent level around him was for the most part responsible for those numbers.
  2. I' d rather grab two good ones, than one great one. The injury bug really affected us this year. Including Crowder. We need receivers who can stay healthy, and not always winding up on the injury report
  3. Free agency is the answer there. Probably have to overspend a bit. Double dip. Godwin and Golliday.
  4. Mcgovern has played. well the last stretch of games. Perhaps he had a little difficulty calling out protection with this new offense. He never was exclusively a center.If Douglas feels that way, we can get some real good guards with our 2nd rd picks. I think the Jet's trade down with Chargers, and go cornerback and edge with our 1st rd picks. Thoughts?
  5. It was Mayfield or Baker. Those we're the QB's that we're going 1and 2. You freakin need your head examined, dude. All the scouting reports and draft analysis from that draft are readily available online. Every report noted his turnovers and flaws in his mechanics. He still by almost all accounts the best or second past QB, in that draft.
  6. Do you seriously believe that in the pre- draft process, 32 NFL teams only paid attention to what Darnold did in one game.
  7. Im sure we will trade down. If not the only player who makes sense for us is Kyle Pitts
  8. I stand by what i said. If we have the 1st pick, Douglas will trade down. Getting the biggest haul ever in a trade down.
  9. I said it a month ago about Douglas trading out of the 1st pick.. Darnold is the QB next year. Anybody who thinks otherwise is just lying to themselves
  10. So if Sam didn't look good when his receivers we're you and me, it would still be Sam to shoulder the blame.
  11. It's true. Like a bunch of whiney kids.
  12. genot


    You don't know what your watching. Not a surprise. Most don't here either. He threw an incredible ball to Berrios. Berrios couldn't catch it. It was in a perfect spot. You had Ramsey take a rookie out of the game. Perriman is a jag. What's Darnold to do. Catch his own passes
  13. Did Sam just learn this week to get rid of the ball quickly, and throw to his backs. Something that should have been in the gameplan all year, was there yesterday. Blame Gase, not Sam.
  14. You should hope im right. He's our starter. No way Darnold isn't our starter next year. No way
  15. We got burned by Bless Austin, and will continue to be burned by him, unless he's replaced. Cornerback should be a top priority, along with o-line in draft.
  16. That's ridiculous. Most people who earn their living, and have played in the league think the same.
  17. He's young. He's talented. By all accounts he's a hard worker. Stabilize the offense, and let him do his thing, with a better HC.
  18. Darnold will be a top 10 QB, in the next two years. Next year we'll have a training camp, more talent around him, and a chance for him to develop some chemistry with a stable group at WR, and an o- line that gives him a chance at least most of the time to see what's in front of him. Something he didn't have most of this year.qa
  19. Do people really think Douglas is going to draft a QB. What are you people smoking. He's going to trade down with the Bengals who desperately need a LT to protect Burrows blind side.
  20. Think about it. Mims is a rookie, playing without the benefit of a training camp. Perriman is jag, who busted with the Ravens, and Gase never likes to use his tight ends as receivers. It was true in Miami too. Whats my point. Darnold still is hamstrung by lack of talent and bad coaching. He hasn't regressed. He's been hamstrung. He hasn't progressed either. That's very difficult with what he' s had around him. Until we fix the o- line and replace Perrimann with a real good, consistent receiver, Darnold like most QB's will have a problem putting up big numbers
  21. Darnold was brilliant at escaping from Donald. Give credit when credit is due.
  22. He has less to work with this year than last. A rookie WR, who didn't have the benefit of a training camp. A jag WR, in Perriman. And a TE who almost never is involved in the passing game, because that's the way Gase coaches. And still if the o- line is doing a half ass job, Darnold can escape pressure and make plays Build around Darnold and he' ll be a top 10 QB in this league.
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