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  1. What the game tape shows. If there isn't a jailbreak, Darnold has an uncanny abilty to escape pressure and make plays. Donald was in his face all day and he kept his composure and made plays, with a jag WR. a rookie WR, and Crowder.
  2. That's what Douglas would have done with the 1st pick. Build the team. Players love Darnold
  3. Dude. Don't take these posters seriously. They wanted to trade QW, calling him a bust. Anderson was a one trick pony, and we wouldn't lose anything with Perriman. Cmon.
  4. A boat load of picks no. More than what we' d have if we don't trade down
  5. Trade down. Get a boatload of picks. Build the interior of the o- line. Sign a top flight WR to replace Perriman, who isn't nearly the player Anderson was. And get some help on defense. Rusher. Corner., etc, etc.
  6. All you kids in the playpen will be very disappointed if we have a chance to draft Trevor and don't. Douglas will trade out of the 1st two picks. Darnild will be back next year. Sorry , kids.
  7. Very true. Some will blame Darnold, as god gets closer to wearing green and white.
  8. When average talent on offense is doing they're job half the time, you see how very much of a talent Darnold is.
  9. I am so happy. Darnold getting it done, because others around him are. It' s not tennis. It' s a team sport.
  10. The jist of your post is to get the talent that Sam never had so we can have a competent offense.
  11. I agree. Sometimes we forget how young they are when they're drafted. Look at Robby. He has his act together now.
  12. We need two guards. an a center. Roten is very inconsistent. WR should be our focus in FA. Will have to overpay for Robinson. So what. It's time we push the issue
  13. Your conveniently leaving out an important point. Tannehill had a very good offensive line in front of him, and three very good possession receivers when he started his career. He had a chance to play the position and not be under attack on a constant basis.
  14. What does a dui have to with his football skills, which is what i was taking about?
  15. I don't think Darnold has regressed any more than Herndon regressed. Did Herndon suddenly in one season grow old, or forget how to run routes. What happened. Gase happened
  16. There isn't a QB in this league who could overcome what we' ve witnessed this year. I really believe this to be true. Whoever the QB is next year, please find another WR to play opposite Mims. Thank you.
  17. What are you watching. Are are receivers getting any seperation.. No. Is a run on 1st down a forgone conclusion. Yes. This is by galaxy's the worst coached football team i' ve ever seen.
  18. I think Gase is by far the worst coach who's ever gotten that job. Ever. Nobody should be held accountable, considering that. Except for our idiot owner.
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