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  1. Do we ever throw on 1st down. Ever. It's a passing league. This offense is so predictable. I feel so sorry for Darnold.
  2. Gore might need to play to pick up a blitzing Adams. Not sure any other running back can be entrusted with that job.
  3. Darnold needs a competent staff, and more protection on week to week basis. Seahawks don't have a very good front 7. We should be able to handle them, and give Darnold a clean pocket. I think he'll have a good game. Probably still lose, though.
  4. Look at Derrick Carr . They we're dumping all over him, to the point they brought in Mariotta as a possible replacement. Carr the last three years has really stepped up his game. Especially this year. Not a great QB, But, he' s turned into a good one.
  5. Maybe with Wesco back, they'll actually have a chance to get something from Herndon. It is a Gase coached team, so probably not.
  6. Manning played behind a stronger o-line. He had Faulk, James, Harrison, and two good TE's. Not to mention a competent HC.
  7. Well. You misinterpreted my post. Douglas is smiling in that pic, because he did something nobody thought he would do. Trade out of the 1st or 2nd pick, so he can fill all the holes this team has in one off season. It's a risk because he might or might not have the QB, to go foward and win with. At least he knows that his team is built with his players on both sides of the ball
  8. Thought conventional wisdom would win out, huh. Well, guess what!!!!!
  9. To the OP. That was really uncalled for, with respect to Sam. Have more respect for the people that want to move on from him, after reading their posts about your wishes for Sam on Sunday.
  10. I like Douglas. Have a good feeling about him. He'll pick the right guy and convince the Johnson's to go along.
  11. If we can't do better than a offensive minded HC, who's never coached an offense out of the bottom of the rankings. We're in deep dodo.
  12. Considering your love of Adam Gase, i hope you find that landing spot. Only kidding. Well..........?????Yea. Only kidding
  13. Cant' miss prospects get drafted into the NFL. And i can prove it.
  14. Austin gets lost in coverage. Can't think of a better dime back to have in the red zone, though. Isn't afraid of contact, that's for sure
  15. Your a jerkoff. Are one of the 12 teams that would trade for Darnold jocksniffers.Perhaps they know something you don't know. If Darnold is here next year, Douglas and the new HC presumably would be jock sniffers too.You peobably spend everyday watching you tube highlights of Trevor. Who's the jocksniffer. Me or you.
  16. Anybody is an upgrade over Gase. Lewis isn't an exiting or fresh option, but he's a solid choice.
  17. Good points. Herndon had a few drops. Not good. You must admit he hasn't been a part of the gameplan because he is a very good blocker, and that is another indictment of Gase and our offensive line. If he isn't involved in the passing game because they think he stinks. Let's trade down and draft Pitts. Herndon looked real good as a rookie. Has he lost his skills already
  18. Statically the difference between him ranked at 20 or at 32 isn't that great. Would Herndon being used in the passing game elevated those stats. Yes. Would we have won more games. Probably not. Herndon not being used as a receiving threat has really hurt Darnold. He's a mismatch that should have been utilized. Also is probably the best receiver we have gaining more yards after the catch.
  19. No TE, as part of the offense, which wasn't the case his rookie year. Average talent at best on the offensive line without having any time to work together as a group, because of covid and injuries. Injuries at WR, with no pre- season to develop chemistry. These aren't excuses. They're real issues that affect a quarterbacks ability to perform at a high level.
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