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  1. The dozen or more teams that would jump at the chance, to trade for him It's not tennis. It' s football. QB's aren't single-handedly responsible for winning football games. Even with a world of talent around them.If Douglas listened to some of the posters on this board , QW, wouldn't be here. Of, Leo was a jag. Really. He has Dexter Lawrence taking the heat off him and he's playing at a pro bowl level. He went to a pro bowl here when he had Wilkerson taking the attention away from him. Douglas is going to the best thing for the long term future of this team. That could mean trading down, build
  2. Thats your view not mine. People need to read Matt Miller's article on players anonymously talking about changes needing to be made, with Darnold not being one of them.
  3. Thats not what im saying. A cursory analysis of Sam would lead you to believe he' s not very good. When you delve deeper, you realize the issues go way beyond what the QBs capabilities are. Miller's.txt
  4. I had no idea people in Uzbekistan we' re considering my opinion on Darnold. Im flattered.
  5. It isnt about innocence or guilt. It's about looking at the reason as to why people are drawing thier conclusion. Duh. Lol.
  6. The DNA evidence against O.J was overwhelming, but when you put the evidence to the test in the trial, it became very suspect. On the surface yea, Darnold hasn't been impressive. When you look at all the reasons why he hasn't been, you begin to think that things very well could be different with a real HC, and a more talented and STABLE supporting cast
  7. With respect, i think in this case you are wrong. Darnold has shown with limited at best talent around him he can put points on the board. The rare occasions when the o-line isn't overwhelmed by a teams front seven, Darnold makes plays. With his arm and legs. That's with limited receiving talent around him. His go to guy when he was in trouble as a rookie,(Herndon), has been rendered useless as a receiver, because he has to stay back and pass block. That alone might not be enough to justify passing on TL. When you consider the amount of ransom you can extract from an other team in a trade dow
  8. Short, succinct, and correct. Very good, my friend.
  9. Wish you weren't so down on Darnold. If you and other's weren't, you would be more exited about the dozen or so options with a trade down.
  10. Good work. Problem is, Darnold isn't going anywhere
  11. Rosen is a statue. Has no mobility. Can make no plays outside the pocket. Classic example of a career backup,at best.
  12. I can't prove that, your right. You more than most should know that the talk before the draft was who goes first. Baker or Darnold. You don't draft a QB in the top 5 to be serviceable
  13. 32 NFL scouting departments felt Darnold had the skills to be much more than a serviceable QB. They have very sophisticated film rooms, and im sure they studied every game and every snap he ever played at USC.
  14. Well. It looks like im not alone in my beliefs. Todd Mcshay also feels that way. Im sure a bunch more who realize that football isn't tennis. A successful offense needs all 11 to be doing their job. If someone,(anyone), misses an assignment. Points are lost.
  15. When Gase was hired, i shortly afterward disappeared from this forum. Some here probably thinks that i should again if Gase is retained. Still root for my team. My enthusiasm won't be there enough to dive in fully.
  16. We have two 1st rounders in 22. If there's an offensive lineman Douglas loves, he can make a deal and trade up.
  17. Im not saying ignore the offense. You cant deny that an impact pass rusher and top corner are desperate needs. Those guys usually come at the top two rds of draft. We still have plenty of picks too find two good lineman, and a TE.
  18. Not to beat a dead horse. We can do what you want, and do what i suggested JD will do in one offseason .If we trade down from the 1st pick.
  19. What we need on offense, you can find qualty later in the draft. An impact pass rusher and shutdown corner are much harder too find. We need both,desperately
  20. Our first two picks will be defense. Then JD will work the draft to get the o-lineman he really likes. Smith-Shuster in FA
  21. I hope Gregg rips into Gase publicly. He deserves it.
  22. How true is that. Gase can't run an offense. He's going to run this defense. How silly is that
  23. Douglas see's what Sam can do with an average performance by our offensive line, to be kind. He also see's that Sam's favorite target as a rookie,Herndon not involved in the passing game, because he always.has to be in on pass protection. That's. a key weapon.. It can't be discounted
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