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  1. Choon you can rip me. I have a thick skin. I've been ripped before. Still here.
  2. Yes, it was. It's rip Gene time here at our wonderful forum. Sorry i hold a different view on what we should do with regards to drahft.
  3. Why isn't the TE a part of this offense.Should it be.
  4. Give credit to Ferrill. He crushed Sam, and went for the strip and won. Darnold didn't see him coming both times
  5. Yes, i would. The offers piling in for that 1st pick will be too hard to turn down.
  6. He fumbled twice because he was blindsided twice. You Blame him. I blame the lineman who whiffed on those blocks.
  7. You seem so sure about that. Any inside information to share.
  8. This game to me should have opened up some eyes about what Darnold can do with a clean pocket. He hasn't had that all year,and today they're we're to many breakdowns. Fix the o- line, you fix this offense.
  9. Thanks for the grammer corrections
  10. Trading down from the first pick will do more for this team long term than ANY one player. I would be more inclined to agree with you if our QB was an older hold the fort type of player. I don't view Darnold as one of those types.
  11. We have no pass rush. No shutdown corner. Offensive guard in todays league are important because of the QW's that are being drafted into the league. Our guards today we're Andrews and Eiflien. That's not gonna do it.
  12. Oh please. He was blindsided on those fumbles. They weren't even touched. Darnold didn't complete that hail mary. Proof positive he stinks.
  13. I think your way wrong. We won't know until after the draft. Please don't call for Douglas to be fired if he drafts an edge rusher, or corner after trading down.
  14. What mess would we be in if god turns out to be an average QB.We have a QB. Give him an o- line that can pass block on a game by game basis,and another receiver and we'll be just fine
  15. Some people don't gamble. My father did and he came home too many nights angry. Understand now. Im not positive about what JD will do. I think he'll do the smart thing for the organization. To me, that's trading down
  16. When Darnold is back next year, root for the team that trades up for Lawrence.
  17. You tankers for Trevor are living in fantasy land. Your delusional. Or it's simply a man crush on a cute college QB. This game is a prime example of why the Jets will trade down. No pass rush. No shutdown corner. A weak interior line against good front 7's. Are o- line is so bad, our best receiving TE is rendered useless because he's kept in to block. Trading down allows us to address all those issues with high end college talent.
  18. Thank god we have a GM, who knows what he's doing. He doesn't have to pay attention to idiotic fan sentiment
  19. Your a jerk off. How's that one trick pony Anderson doing, moron.
  20. It is so laughable to read posts fron people who don't know what their watching. If tje Jet's line is doing their job, Darnold will do his. He's 23 years old. Plays for a bad coach. If we trade Darnold, and bypass the haul we'd receive trading down. We will regret it. Fortunately Douglas won't. Thank God.
  21. Don't worry about it. Douglas isn't
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