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  1. Your assuming that Breer is being fed correct information. It's in the Jet's best interest to let rhe league know that drafting a QB, at #2 is where they're going.
  2. Thank You. There's such a rush here to get a QB, we all lose sight of the big picture.
  3. Relax. I agree with you. Mortgage building the team for anybody. No thanks. Just was talking about what his trade value could be. Hard to say. 25 yr old QB.Highly ranked, now on the market????????Who knows what a reasonable asking price would be.
  4. Insert Lindsley at center, and McGovern to guard, please!!!!!!!!
  5. These people we have in place now are the real deal. They'll be running a proven system, not a Gase run predictable offense. If Darnold does well, maybe it's for all the reasons that have been talked about. Real coaching. Real talent.
  6. Correct Mr Jetstream. All the posters dying for a QB change, should show a little patience. 2022 it will still be legal for us to draft a QB. Next year is looking like it could be a stronger QB class. Taking a TL out of the picture. A bunch on the level of a Wilson or a Fields.
  7. Lol. Give her a bag of shredded monterey jack. If that doesn't help her deal with the heat, then tough.
  8. If you ever post anything in a paragraph or less, i think 'll seizure. Then i'd feel compelled to send you a few containers of my killer chili. Habanero vinegar and all
  9. The Texan's aren't about to just cave in and get what they can for him. One thing they have going for them is the contract Watson signed off on, 4 months ago. My point was that this isn't getting reaolved in rhe near future. It could drag on into the season, or even wind up in the courts. Watson has that no trade clause. Other than that, he doesn't have a leg to stand in. Legally.
  10. What's the fair trade value for a guy like Watson. Hard to say. If they want 3 1st's, a few 2nds, and a quality defensive starter, would they be asking too much. Probably not. That's why i think this thing is going to drag out for a ling time.
  11. I agree with you about Douglas, and his approach. I doubt, he would be willing to expend that much draft capital for any player. That 2nd pick to me is off limits until draft day. It allows him too work out a deal with any team looking for a QB, and not only get more picks, but perhaps a olayer they might covet that fit's our new defensive scheme.
  12. Douglas is keeping everyone guessing. He's already made a decision on who he'll go with next year. Watson threw a little wrench into it. Its obvious though the Texan's will hold on too him until they feel they have no other choice but to trade him. Probably after the season starts.
  13. Can' t remember another off season with so much ridiculous rumor mongering.
  14. Look at the pic (enlarge), of Wilson standing next to Fields. He's a toothpick. Im thinking if a team trades up, it might not be for a QB. A little concerned. Looking foward to those extra picks. Probably over reacting. We'll see.
  15. Who cares. We're not going to compete with Buffalo or Miami next year. Let's gobble up as many picks as we can. So if we draft a QB, in 22, he'll be drafted into a helluva lot better situation than Sam was.
  16. What chance. We trade down, get as many picks as possible, and draft a QB, next year. What's the rush. We're not a playoff team, next year.
  17. By the time the Texans resolve the issue on what to do with Watson, the draft will be long over. At that time working out the parameters of a trade will be too complex.At least with us.
  18. If we trade down, we acquire moe talent, then we would be able to do drafting a QB. If Darnold takes a big step forward with a new staff and more talent. Fantastic. If he doesn't, we draft a QB in 2022. A lot of QB talent will be in that draft. Unless we expect a super bowl run with Wilson in his rookie year. I think it's a much more sober approach, and makes the most sense.
  19. Jet's aren't drafting a QB, Shockwave. It' makes no sense.
  20. Drafting players is a GM and HC job. Mac was fired because he had to be held accountable for his numerous draft blunders. If your going to let players in on drafting of players. Who might they want in FA, etc, etc, it opens of a can of worms that i don't think is healthy for the league. There has to be a clear and understandable separation. Of responsibilities. If not, your asking for trouble.
  21. Who would be accountable. The QB, who got the edge rusher he wanted, who busted. That's the issue. Accountability.
  22. Players, (i.e QB's) expressing their views on team needs has been going on for years. That i don't have a problem with. If a QB thinks he should have veto power on who an owner wants to run his front office, or coach his team. That in ny view crosses the line
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