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  1. You have to be a complete fool, or delusional to think whats happened in the last hour is in any way a positive for the Jet's. Now, or in the future. What would some of you be smoking if you think otherwise.
  2. Glasgow signed a 4 yr 44 million dollar deal. That's not breaking the bank. if Douglas thinks it is. We can say goodbye to Poole, Anderson, and Jenkins.
  3. Meaning he's in no rush to win games or improve the team. I'm encouraged by your post.
  4. I just posted the lions signed Vaitai . Not sure on the spelling.
  5. Lions just signed Vaitai. Douglas sucks
  6. any free agent coming to New York can do one bubble gum commercial and make uo the difference in taxes in fell swoop. It's a weak argument, at best
  7. I urge everybody to read this article posted. Then you'll have a better idea of what is going on here.https://dolphinswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/31/former-dolphins-rb-damien-williams-dishes-on-his-departure-from-miami/
  8. Hopkins and Robby are a perfect combo. or pretty close to it. Douglas isn't working for minimum wage. If he didn't know, he was derelict in his duties. I don't see how anybody could see it otherwise.
  9. My real concern is not getting deals done with Poole, Robby, and even Jenkins. Especially now that we're losing out on players that could have improved our roster. Us engineering that trade for hopkins, resigning our own free agents, and going all out on glasgow, i would have been satisfied if we did nothing else in free agency
  10. You snooze. you loose. And that's exactly what might happen on Wednesday, if we don't have Anderson, Poole, or Jenkins signed.
  11. You want Rib Eye, your going to have to pay more money than for a top sirloin. Don't complain when the sirloin is half gristle. You get what you pay for.
  12. Of course It's Gase These players aren't even taking time to consider our offer, or take a few days to see if we'll up it. They had their minds made up. no to the jet's. Why. Gase.
  13. Thank god we have a team in place that knows what their doing
  14. he might sign with the Bills. Or Broncos, or Miami, or Tampa, or Philly, or KC. All of those teams are reported to have shown interest in Robby, according to their beat writers
  15. Nobody wants to play for Gase. Douglas hasn't re-signed Robby. if it doesn't happen by Wednesday, he's gone. Arizona just ripped off the Texans and traded for a receiver that would have matched perfectly with Anderson. I'm so glad we have people in place now that know what their doing. Yea. Right.
  16. Today's big winner. Jack Conklin. Today's big loser. Joe Douglas.
  17. Gettleman tagged Leo because he didn't want to get involved in any bidding war. Obviously there's a bunch of idiot GM's out there who think more of Leo, than some do here. Considering that some people here think QW, is another Leo, than douglas must be an idiot also for not taking that 1st offered last year for him.
  18. We're you in favor of QW being traded, when reports were that a team was offering a 1st?
  19. If Gabe Jackson is healthy, he'd be the mauler at RG, that we haven't had for a while. -We have to be able to run the football when we need to

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