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  1. Nonsense.Your assuming JD thinks Darnold is a broken QB. He might believe that. If he doesn't, he is looking at a chance to fill multiple positions with high end prospects. It isn't tennis. It's a team sport.
  2. What if the Redskins offer us picks and Chase Daniel for our pick. Douglas gonna turn that down. We can get picks and an impact player for our pick this year. People who think that TL or Fields is a no brainer for JD, are fooling themselves . Big time
  3. He's going to do exactly what i said he would do. Trade down, and fill the roster with his type of players. On both sides of the ball. Good for him
  4. Flacco is a veteran, playing against two weak secondarys. The sample size is also way too small. Next year you'll be commissioning songwriters to write songs singing Sam's praises. You'll be wearing that 14 jersey every day until you smell so bad your pets won't even want to be near you.
  5. Doesn't it prove the point, that it's the offense as a whole, and not just him.
  6. Exactly. And they we're all aware of the flaws,and felt they were minor.However, being drafted. Into the Jet's environment, and what has happened since, he's developed other bad habits. Can a real HC and more studs on offense fix that? I don't know. It's a tough question for JD to answer
  7. We have no idea what Douglass is thinking. There's a chance he's of the school of thought mentioned in my post. If thats the case,Darnold is our QB next year. Like it or not.
  8. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. There's a school of thought out their that Gase is so toxic, that with the right staff and system,Sam( at 23), Sam can flourish.
  9. I did. I was living in coral sorings at the time.Heard all the stuff about his people problems, not to mention his failures as HC.
  10. He threw Anderson and his other receivers under the bus the 1st game he coached here. What in god's name are you talking about Did the same thing in Miami with that running back he shipped off too the Eagles. What's up with this love of Gase. His system doesn't work. He always tries to deflect blame on others. He really sucks.
  11. It's his system that is messing with Sam' s. best attributes. Herndon was Darnolds go to guy when he was in trouble. Where is he in this offense?
  12. Sam had flaws coming out of USC. If people here knew that, you don't think the scouts that work the draft for NFL teams did. They all believed those flaws we're easily correctable. Thats why most teams believed he or Mayfield we're the tip QB's. Now with Gase, he's a broken player. Why. Because Gase is dogs..,
  13. Good analysis on Sam. There's reason why he was highly regarded coming out of USC.
  14. They had a top 5 defense Sar. That's why they we're a playoff team. Stop lying to yourself. As i, maybe should do the same with regards to Darnold
  15. Gase happened to Herndon. He didn't grow old in two years he's been thr league
  16. You need to listen to what people in the business are saying. Darnold has been altered to fit a scheme that didn't work for Tannyhill in Miami,and now he is messing with the skills of a QB that was very highly regarded coming out of USC. Where is the TE in this offense.
  17. He hasn't progressed. He looked more sure of himself as a rookie. Gase has screwed with his progress. Exactly why, ( the psychology of it), i can't say why. All accounts we're that he was a smart coachable QB, coming out of college. The flaws he had we're easily addresable. The change in coach and scheme has him really messed up. I f...in hate Gase. I really do
  18. Before you slam me on the top of the head. I think Sam' is messed up thanks to a god awful coach and scheme. We talked a few days ago,and you mentioned throwing the receivers open. What about scheme and motion that creates open targets. We see none of that with Gase. Many of Darnolds throws we're in very tight windows. Even with Mims.
  19. Flacco looked ok against junk secondary. Dolphins have a very good secondary
  20. Darnolds demeanor on the field is so different than it was his rookie year. Not to mention that his favorite target has been rendered useless. By Gase. Herndon. He was hi safety valve.
  21. Worst coach by far,i've ever had the displeasure of watching. He has screwed up what was and still could be a promising career. That horrible call on 4th down should have cemented it in Johnsons eye's.Darnold should have pulled a Buddy Ryan on him..
  22. That don't matter. If your a good QB, you also are a miracle worker.Uh huh.
  23. He held on to the ball too long hoping someone could get open, with a group that had trouble doing so. I've seen him throw the ball away plenty of times. He's to be commended for trying too make something positive happen,and putting himself in harms way
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