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  1. I hope after the draft you man up,and admit that being wrong about a draft decision isn't something to be ashamed about. It's nice when a good QB has time to eat a taco,then deliver a pass to his receivers,like Herbert. You can really put up some big numbers with that protection
  2. Jet's get their 1st win next week against the Fins. Book it.
  3. And a no call at the end of game. Surprise. No.I like Douglas. I stick to my opinion on what he's going to do. Can't afford that bet though.
  4. Guess what. That's what he's going to do. Then you can spend the year posting about the Jets GM reset
  5. You dont know what your talking about. You really don't Flacco cared enough against the Patriots to complete plays downfield. Now,he doesn't care. Don't make me laugh. He had a clean pocket to see the field.
  6. Flacco is a veteran QB. If you believe he can't read a defense and have some completions to his receivers your drinking the wrong liquor. The issue is the offensive line. They stink. Darnold went 6-2 at the end of last year. And the talent around him stunk. It was his 2nd year un the league. A known failure. Please. Herbert would be having the same problems,flacco and Darnold are having if he was in green and white. So would TL,Fields. Etc,etc.
  7. Im positive JD isn't paying attention to more than some on this board. If he is. We're screwed. The reasons why this team sucks have been laid out in bare today. No pass rush. No shutdown corner. Herbert has a clean pocket to survey the field and get the ball to his playmakers. Our receivers have no catches today. Why. Are our receivers that bad. Is Flacco so inept that he can't complete anything over 10 yrs. He doesn't have the blocking to get the ball downfield. That's been the case all year.
  8. It doesn't matter. The offensive line can't hold blocks long enough to utilize any of the weapons we already have. What are you watching. And people want to use a 1st rd pick on a WR. Lol.
  9. We'd be in this game if we had TL
  10. Creed Humphrey. If they have to trade up a few spots to get him,they will. They picked up Eilfein, declared him a center. Pretty much tells you what Douglas thinks of that position now.
  11. He's also had shoulder surgery,and looks rather frail
  12. I really wish everybody would realize the changing narrative thats occured the last month on this great forum. It was TL,and TL alone. Oh,he's a generational prospect you just can't pass on. Now its Fields. Next week, who will it be. Mac Jones. Wilson. Lance????? It's a risky trap that none of us should get caught in.
  13. That's a possibility. Its also a possibility that a young highly regarded QB, gets traded, and leads his new team to the playoffs, while we realize that TL isn't superman
  14. He is trying to make the team better. No way taking over this team, could he have viewed it as a one or even two yr deal. I think the bid disappointment was Mcgovern. My view is Douglas though he solidified that position, and he was wrong. Mcgovern been awful. With Ales Lewis fighting shoulder injuries,he's went from decent to awful. Injuries to our receivers too. He probably felt this was a 7 to 8 win team. Hasn't turned out that way.
  15. If Douglas viewed Darnold as a sacrificial lamb,then i detest him as much as i detest Gase. If he didn't believe in Sam after last season,and new this was a throw away year at QB. Trade him. He was 22 yrs old when last season ended. He could have traded him for a 1st rd pick perhaps after he ended the year 6-2. I believe though that your wrong about his thinking. Not signing Anderson wasn't part of a break down plan,just a mistake, as he said as much at his presser. .
  16. Shed some light on your discussions with JD, please. Everything with regards to the draft is pure speculation at this point. On my part,and yours
  17. Yes. Sam Darnold is the QB., next year. Hopefully Douglass is thinking about what TL, would have done with the same supporting cast Darnold has had. If he can't definitively say TL, would have performed better. He's trading down. He'll be licking his draft chops with teams bidding against oneanother for that pick
  18. If anybody believes JD is going to dump a 23 yr old QB,who's never thrown more interceptions than touchdowns playing behind garbage, for anybody other than TL is nuts. My opinion is he won't do it for TL,either. The possibilities of what he can do for the team trading down,are way too tempting.
  19. genot

    RIP Sean

    My pastor told me that the only group of people entering in through the pearly gates who are allowed to drink alcohol,are Jet fans.
  20. genot

    RIP Sean

    Sorry for your loss. As hard as it is to his friends and family, he's in a better place. Hopefully he'll lobby the almighty to have things go the Jet's way for a change.
  21. Rousseau ,Humphrey, and Cade mays sounds better.
  22. If his top three receivers remain healthy,and the o-line performs at a higher level,Darnold will play well enough to justify bringing him back. We still could lose all our remaining games. Our special teams suck,our defense sucks.
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