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  1. The only receiver who gets open on a regular basis is Crowder. Darnolds job is to put points on the scoreboard. He forces throws too much, because he basically has no chance to score, otherwise. They aren't excuses. Did the olay calling suck. Yes. Did the running game suck. Yes. Did the offensive line pass block well. Run block well. No. It's not one issue that's hampered his development. It's a host of issues combined that have nothing to do with Sam. Look at what Daniel Jones did in 2019 when he had Barkley. Look at what he did this year without him. Talent around a QB counts. Especially a y
  2. Did Mahomes pass your eyeball test in the Suoer bowl. Darnold wasn't under constant attack the whole year like that He was however one of the least protected QB''s in the NFL this year. With no kelce or Hill to throw too.
  3. It amazes me. All that's come out about Gase and his inept and unexplainable failure to make life easier for his young QB, to help his receivers creat seperation, the reoccurring gameplans week in and week out. This isn't even talking about the talent level. How can anyone fairly evaluate Sam under those circumstances
  4. With no running game, and no QB coach. This organization should give Sam another chance, based on guilt alone.
  5. It's hard looking on the bright side being a Jet's fan. No more Gase. A HC, that players might want to come here and play for. Bunch of draft picks, and money to spend. Like you said. Nothing is a sure thing in sport.
  6. A hell of an effort in your post. I agree with most of what you said
  7. I'd rather pay attention to what Jetsfan80, oatmeal, pointman, etc, etc, have to say about QB's than that guy.
  8. Bad O-line. Yea, so. Receivers can't get open. Yea, so. Bad coach, bad play calling, yea, so. No QB coach. Yea so. Can't run the football. Yea, so.
  9. Lol. Yes. I agree. It's obvious, i want Sam to succeed here. Sometimes i grasp at straws.
  10. I don't think Tucker makes it to #23. If thats the case, maybe Trey Smith? And yea, our guards right now are less than ordinary.
  11. HC. OC. QC. One thing i can say with confidence. If you can't communicate well, you can't teach. And Darnold, who was 21 yrs old when Gase took over needed a teacher. Anong other things that have been discussed ad-nauseum here.
  12. Your right. Learning a lot the last few days about Texans use of Watson. Say what you want about Bill O Brian. He designed everything to help play to Watson's abilities. Wish we could have said the same thing about Gase. And the Texans are a mess. What does that say about us the last two years when Gase was here. Damn.
  13. No nut, im not, lessening his impact. H e was great at Clemson and the Texans in that offense . Taking snaps under center is something he's never done. Would he be the same QB that requires that. Maybe. Probably. We don't know. He's never done it.
  14. Watson knew who Easterby was when he signed on the dotted line. Hopkins had already been traded. O Brian was still there. This is about wanting to jump ship because the Texans are in for a long rebuild, and Watson is coming up with these red herrings about why he wants out.
  15. All this Watson speculation. What we might do in the draft at QB. What Darnold's worth on the trade market. This has all occured after the end of this season. We haven't really heard a whole helluva lot from Sam about hiw he's viewing all this.
  16. They did interview Bienemey. They moved on to someone else, like a bunch of other teams did. Watson wants out, because he sees hard times ahead. They went 4-12. Have some rebuilding to do. When the going gets tough. Watson wants to jump ship. I think all the stuff about not being included in the hiring orocess is a bunch of bull.
  17. Point well taken. Putting my self in his shoes, i'd be rather angry with the non stop speculation about QB''s coming in to take my job. Anger can be a great motivator.
  18. It was my fault for not being clear. The assumption is if Watson is in Miami, we don't have a chance in the division, with Allen also. I'm not buying in to that assumption. Watson is a very good QB. In a spread offense. I also don't by into absolutes about Watson can't be outperformed by a Darnold led offense. As far as Watson coming here, he isn't a fit in a WCO. So unless LaFluer changes his offense, that would be one more reason why he won't be here
  19. You said i was making that up. Thats what good coaches do. Play to the QB's strengths. Unlike what we had for the last two years here.
  20. I never said watson wasn't good. Did i. We're in complete agreement on Darnold. System fit is pretty important. As screwed up as the Texans sre, they tailored that offense for their QB . Now it's the Jet's turn, with Darnold or Wilson.. My point was for the first time Darnold is hearing about his job security. It could prove to be a motivating factor. Kinda cool to prove the doubters wrong.
  21. Type in google search bar Deshaun Watson shotgun offense. Big ESPN article on the Texans offense with Watson. Im not making anything up .
  22. I think when someone has been rumoured to be taking your job away, it can be a strong motivator. If Sam was a 27 yr old QB with limited abilities, i'd agree with you. From a physical standpoint, Sam has all the tools to be just as effective as Watson has been. It's his mental approach that needs grooming. Bill O Brian installed a spread, shotgun offense with the Texans to play to Watson's stengths. I'll try and post the article. And i said, i wouldn't gamble on it. Lol
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