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  1. That's not my point. It's the height of arrogance to suggest you know whats best for the Jet's than someone who's earned his living as a scout and in personal for two well respected organizations. Doesn't mean they could be wrong, but the decision will be made at the time we're for very good reasons.
  2. Do you seriously believe Douglas would keep a QB, and a new coach would agree to retain a QB, who people on this board tbinks sucks. If they do decide that, they're has to be a reason. And a sound one. Douglas was a scout for the Ravens for 14 years. He didn't get the Jet job coming out of the restaurant industry
  3. Joe. Douglas wanted a 1st and Zack Martin for Jamal. He wouldn't take less. So Douglas disagrees with you about Adams worth
  4. Crowder has done well with Darnold as his QB. Last year was his best of his career. Mims might become a real good receiver. Right now he's a big question mark.
  5. Not when you have a HC, who doesn't do what every other coach h as done to make it easier on a young QB. Especially considering the talent level around him. At least Brees had Tomlinson and Gates to rely on.
  6. When Douglas was asked about Fields, he talked about the offensive line. Fields might be a good NFL QB, but when you play behind that line in that system, you need to be real careful when evaluating their QB's.
  7. Douglas would hang up the phone if he was offered that. Doesn't matter. Darnold will be back. Football is a team game. It's not tennis
  8. Good receivers bail out their QB's every game. You don't think Stephan Diggs has helped elevate Allen. The list goes on and on. It's part of what makes them good .
  9. Lol. It's called chemistry. It's a receiver knowing what a QB will do when a play breaks down, and vica-versa. That's why Crowder is his go to guy. We need an outside receiver to develop that same chemistry with Darnold or someone else..
  10. Godwin and Robinson will never hit free agency. Golliday, might. Don't be surprised if Sammy Watkins is our consolation signing
  11. Leo went to a pro bowl with the Jets. He had Wikerson and Richardson, that allowed him more freedom and one on one matchups. He played his ass off here. He was a real good player surrounded by jags. Now, he's playing next to a 350 beast Dexter Lawrence. It's much easier for him to make splash plays.
  12. I thought your view on him was of a jag. I always made the case for Leo that with some impact players around him, he would have much more of an impact himself. I . He was a dominant force on that defense.I apologize if inaccurately described your opinion of him. I jumped the gun on that. A bunch of posters we're calling him a bust or a jag. Kind of lumped you in that group.My claim was that he might be considered the best DT this year. He certainly was in that group of top DT''s. At least this year.
  13. The players you listed are great players. Leo was great this year. Going to PFF and pointing out a small difference in a questionable grading system is intellectually dishonest.
  14. Draft a QB who's had two shoulder surgeries, and another who opted out this year because of Covid. In the to 5 to boot. To me that's insane.
  15. I said, might have been. Leo was always an elite run defender. Now that he's been coached up, and has Dexter Lawerence next to him. He's much more than that. Certainly much more than a decent player
  16. I agree. Line the ones who wanted to trade the bust QW. Or referred to Anderson as a one trick pony. Or the majority who thought Leo was a jag. Everybody who posts here,(including ne), might know more than the average fan. Compared to the people who've played the game, or have been earning a living in personal. We don't know s..t

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