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  1. I don't care if people like him. When you call him stupid, I think that's a real cheap shot. With no basis in fact.I don't understand the desire to continously trash him. If he conducted himself like Adam's Yea. Darnold has always been the anti Adam's.
  2. We played Carolina. How could i,(we) not talk about him. Call me nuts, but I still think we should have kept him, traded down, get a bunch more picks, and built our o- line.
  3. I express an opinion different from the those,(like you), who think Darnold sucks, and is stupid. I don't think it's fair, considering his circumstances here. And, yea. I like the guy. Had a hundred chances to throw a lot of people under the bus, and never did. I root for the Jet's, but I wish him well.
  4. Your beyond ridiculous. Sooner or later you are going to have to admit your wrong. Let's say after game 8.
  5. Lol. This is why I posted that people around football would be laughing their asses off reading this sh.. He had close to a 70% completion percentage. CMC of course had a lot to do with that. He still had to get the ball to him.
  6. He had a 68% percent completion percentage. His team won. Had a remarkable throw to Anderson for a TD. If he threw for 22 more yards and reached 300 would it have made a difference in your view that he is a stupid pile of trash. Those are your words, that have been in your posts the last 4 months
  7. Your delusional. He had a good game. Fact. Fact#2. Panthers offensive line stinks. You need to read what I said about both QB''s having bad o-lines,and why great games by both will be hard to come by.
  8. He had a good game. Not a great game. He made good decisions. Hung tough in the pocket. Great games will be hard to come by for Sam and Zack. Both offensive lines stink
  9. Everybody who isn't on this forum or a another Jet fan site is laughing their asses off with these Darnold comments. I really liked Wilson, though. Showed a lot of poise; and didn't get frazzled with all the heat on him.
  10. It's what I've been talking about for months. Playmaker count. Game plans count. They can make or break a young QB. Darnell is doing what he never was able to do here. Find a safety valve when the pocket collapses. He never had that here. If he did, it was never in the game plan, or never was coached up here, to make his life easier
  11. Wow. He had warnings from Max. Fool.
  12. Predictable. Hopefully it's not a permanent ban. Needs to take a chill pill. For sure.
  13. I've been away for a few weeks. What happened to DWC????Expected loads of silly predictions from him.
  14. It's been an odd year, period. We're continuing the trend.
  15. Had to check. Just close friends
  16. I thought i heard tbat recently. I like you let it in one ear and out tbe other
  17. Isn't she screwing some rapper???Seriously.
  18. Yes. What you said. Plus i think he's a lazy football player. The Trumaine Johnson of wide receivers.
  19. Robby can catch. Perriman has the dropsies.
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