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  1. No way we start the season with Lewis and Van Roten as our starters. Please no.
  2. I think they would pencil Jenkins in at LG. Play him next to Becton and we, could average 5 yds a carry.
  3. The universal opinion of Sam as a person is that he's a really good guy, who doesn't like to ruffle any feathers. As to him as a QB. The opinion is mixed. We all know the arguments. He has a chance in Carolina to prove the doubters wrong. Personally, i wish him luck.
  4. If Wilson does well here, and Sam does well. The Gase misery will be forgotten and everybody will be happy. If Wilson fails. Oh boy.
  5. I stand corrected. I get a little pissed with the vitriol in some posts. Sam's gone. Wish him luck, and let's move on
  6. Oh please. The difference in talent between a high 2nd rounder and a mid 2nd rounder is pretty minor. Not worth hoping him to fail over
  7. What does your opinion of his skills have to do with wanting him to fail. I don't get the animus here. He was traded to an out of conference team. His success or failure won't affect the Jet's in any way
  8. You could laugh all you want, but according to Jordan Palmer, good friend, that's the life he lives.
  9. Yea. Sam isn't a social media guy. He isn't a "i love the nightlife guy". He's home most of the time hanging out with friends
  10. Another idiot who thinks an uber talented QB. will struggle if he's put in the same position Darnold was. What would they know.
  11. Why do you have to get so personal. He didn't force the Jet's to draft him or play him. Do you feel he intentionally played poorly just to piss you off?
  12. Im sure if Sam has communicated with the Jet's future QB, he's communicated privately with a bunch if his ex teammate's. The organization and a large number of the fan base, doesn't deserve that kind of courtesy. He was handled as poorly as any potential FQB can be handled. The Jet's did nothing to make his transition to the NFL a smooth one Nothing.
  13. I don't think Douglas is lying. They felt more than comfortable moving ahead with Sam. There we're inquiries by teams early on and they still hadn't made a decision. That was after watching all the game tape. If Wilson or Lawrence wasn't available in the draft.Sam would still be here.
  14. This is why i'm upset by this trade. We're finally doing, and are going to do in the near future, what we should have done 31/2 years ago. Because that never happened we we're almost forced by finances and draft position to jettison Sam. I of course will cheer our new QB, but i really will miss the potential joy of watching Sam turn it around here, after the misery of the last two years.
  15. Zack has shoulders. Coulda fooled me.
  16. My favorite Dracula. giphy (8).mp4
  17. The offense will be out for blood now, for sure
  18. He scored a 40 on his Wonderlinc. Which is very high. A lot to like about his future
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