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  1. I hope you remain a Jet's fan when Darnold is taking snaps from Creed Humphrey next year. In a Jet's uniform.
  2. He's shell shocked,no doubt He's trying to make a play,and forcing things. If he could have a stretch of games with the same WR receiver group and at least be afforded some time to settle down and see whats in front of him, instead of having to rush through his progressions,then we could have a clearer idea of what we have in him. Every good QB,has to deal with a pass rush,and somebody being in his face,but not to the extent that Darnold has. Any QB dealing with that will fold,eventually.
  3. No TE. Hogan and Berrios alot of the time. No running game. Constant pressure from guard to guard. A bad HC, what QB would impress under those circumstances.
  4. Well,my opinion hasn't changed. TL is the only QB,worth giving up on Darnold for. Considering the haul we'd get for TL, in still against drafting him. My opinion could change. Thats the way i feel now.
  5. Trevor almost always has a clean pocket to throw the football. What happened against LSU,when he didn't. This isn't a criticism of him. Any QB,who faces constant pressure week in and week out is going to like a broken QB. I.E. Darnold.
  6. TL isn't 76-1. Clemson is. It's a team sport. It's not tennis. If the 10 other players on offense weren't doing they're job,TL would be struggling like anyone else would.
  7. If you were sitting next to me, id high five you,and take you to the restaurant of your choice.
  8. Lol. Ok. I actually don't know of him. Strong statement. Agree with it.
  9. Was that you making that statement, Burnley?????
  10. Obviously not the Jets. Now Darnold is out for the Monday night. Thought we could win that game,with Darnold playing well. My goodness.
  11. Can you assure me that if TL was the QB here the last few years we would have won more games. If you can't, then giving up on. 23 yr old QB, when we have a chance to build a team around him in one off season is the way to go. I mean, i respect everybody who looks at it differently.....but, im a little stubborn on this one.
  12. If.......if.........if!!!!!!!If he,TL isn't this generational. Prospect,then we lost tbe oppurtunity in one off season to fill close to all our needs on both sides of the ball.
  13. Yea. Let's suck for Sam. Let's tank for Trevor. Get the message. You don't tank in hopes of drafting a particular player. If your that bad,you tank to accumulate enough picks,so that you don't have to have the mindset that one player,no matter who it is,will be the savior
  14. 80. I was just explaining my post that Tedd pulled about us not being far away. It wasn't a defense of thej ob mac did. At that point in time if those players,( for the sake of argument we're still here,we wouldn't be that far away.
  15. Your putting words in my mouth with regards to Mac. According to your post Leo, Adams, Mosley, and Anderson we're all jags who wouldn't have made a difference. Believe it or not they're are people who disagree with you. How could they be right though, when you disagree. Ok.
  16. You guy's at least need to throw me some props. I said from the get-go,Gase was going to be a disaster. The reason why i disappeared from this awesome forum for months.
  17. It was a different team then. Players who we're with the team then,aren't now. For better, or worse. Now worse. Later,hopefully not.
  18. Lol. Mac wasn't a good GM. Some of the criticisms of him we're over the top,in my view. Which is not unusual here. Is it? QW,a bust. Adams a bust, Anderson the one trick pony,etc,etc
  19. Stop it. I defended Mac,because i was furious about how his firing went down. It was orchestrated by a coach,who now everybody here believes sucks,who never did anything in the NFL to earn that power. And i still stand by it.
  20. How did you get that picture of me. I knew this wasn't a secure site.
  21. Good post,and i agree. We and other posters just disagree about when it would make sense to cut bait.
  22. Sam has flashed some serious skills here. He hasn't come close to being consistent enough, i grant you that. Perhaps there are reasons for that . Perhaps that s who he is as a QB. Nobody,but nobody on this forum can say with certainty what applies to Sam
  23. Draft talent on both sides of ball. Keep Sam. Pray for the best.
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