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  1. Lol. So the quality of the players around you make no difference in a QB's production. Tannyhill started his career behind an excellent o-line with two sure handed receivers. Reggie Bush and Brian Hartline. That doesn't make a difference either does it.
  2. Tannyhill played behind a better line, with Davonte Parker, Kenny Stills, and Jarvis Laundry. Still think you made a good point.
  3. Im not comparing them as athletes. Im only talking about Sam. If your a 5 star recruit you must be viewed as simeone with very good athletic skills. No.
  4. He's a pocket passer, who doesn't fit the athletic profile we're looking at for in a WCO.
  5. People who've played the game have talked about this. The stubborn posters ignore the facts. Another factor besides the indisputable facts you posted is that Gase was the only coach who rarely used pre-snap motion with his wideouts. It helps immeasurably recievers get separation, which obviously helps the QB make plays, when none would have been there, if not for that pre-snap motion. This is why the Jet's leaked the story about Gase being in over his head. Because, he was.
  6. I quit trying to change peoples opinions about Darnold. The only person who can do that is Darnold himself.
  7. We lost all the games. Flacco got shutout by Miami and put up 10 points against Arizona. He did as much as Darnold did, or any other QB , would have done. Nothing. Your using a two game sample size to prove your point. Two games we lost, with one game flacco exploding for 205 yds. Try harder
  8. He threw for 205 yds against LA. Excuse me. You get the point. With 9 years more NFL experience, he didn't perform any better. We lost all those games.
  9. He threw for 205 yds against LAC. Wow. We scored 10 points against Arizona. Got shutout by Miami. The offense looked better the last two games he started. Not much of a sample size. You know, something can be said about experience. Flacco been in the league 9 years longer than Sam. When he was drafted by the Ravens they actually had something called a QB coach. Jim Zorn. Isn't that interesting
  10. Flacco started 4 games. Threw for over 200 yds in one game. We lost all 4 games. Please.
  11. Your lying to yourself if you don't think Darnold is a good athlete. Did you see his 55 yd td run. H e made good athletes miss, three or four times during that run. Players around the league we're tweeting about that run. Does that mean he's a good QB. No. He is a hell of an athlete though.
  12. He's a terrific athlete. That's why he was a 5 star football recruit. And a 3 star recruit in basketball. Don't be silly.
  13. Im glad you we're bored. What did Darnold have to throw to. junk. The only good receiver he had was Crowder. How has Crowder fared with Darnold at QB. Very well. Thank you.
  14. Anderson averaged over 4 more yds a catch and more td's with Darnold. Carolina made better use of him on shorter routes, because he was such a deep threat. Something be was starting to do here, before we foolishly let him sign elsewhere.
  15. There's you tube video after you tube video showing the Jet WR's failure to get separation. Maybe Darnold should be commended for hanging in there to see if he can make a play. He's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.
  16. Oh s...!!!Sorry, didn't mean to misappropriate your post. Aren't we witty.
  17. You need to stop snorting the dust off Linus's blanket. Please. I care
  18. Neither side wins here. I think the Texans are in a better position. It's difficult for all teams who might want DW's services. They must feel uncomfortable setting a precedent that an NFL player can request a trade when their unhappy with a front office hire or coaching hire
  19. Think about it. The Texans don't want to trade DW. So, what they do is make the asking price so high nobody will meet it. They' re going to play hardball. With teams trying to make the trade, and hardball with DW. They can tell DW, that they tried in good faith to get it done, but couldn't get what they felt was a fair offer. What precedent can DW''s people point to , proving that the Texans aren't acting in good faith.
  20. Lol. My oh my. My feelings exactly. The last 6 weeks has been insanity here.
  21. The Jet's aren't trading for that assh...Signs a contract extension. Praises the organization, the team, the city. Now he wants out because he's butthurt they didn't hire Bieniemy. At least the Texans got one thing right. Apparently no other team wants him either. The same people who we're there when he signed his extension are there now. Other than the HC and GM. What does Watson know about Cesario's career. Probably nothing.
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