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  1. This pic accurately depicts what a QB feels like when he is trying to perform with the Jet's present talent on offense
  2. If we trade down we could draft a top center and guard. Depending on who we trade down with we can have a proven quality WR,and stll have a bunch of picks to play with. Even if Sam isn't the answer,we would have a quality defense and offense in place for a QB to be drafted in 22.
  3. No. Im just refuse at this point to entertain the idea of trading Sam. Im very stubborn on this. Maybe ill change my mind when the season is over. Now,im not judging him because of the shi..... going on around him
  4. Ah. Shut up. And you too.
  5. You can point out the occasions whe're he's missed open receivers. None of that came close to determining the outcome of any game. The offense sucks because he has no protection and no receiver that is competent enough to adjust his route, to bail out his QB. Though that would be Herndon, but he's takin a dump this year too
  6. Rosen was butthole. He needed to shine from the get-go. Rosen was a statue back there. He would have been sacked 50 times already if he was here.
  7. I still think Sam has a chance to be that guy. I know im in the minority,and i understand peoples issues with Sam. He doesnt even have a wr who can stay on the field for a 6 game stetch,let alone the entire year. One dud after another trotted out to block ,a bad HC. N o QB can succeed in that environment.
  8. We don't need just players. We need some studs. On both sides of the ball. The more high round picks we have increases the likelihood that we draft those kind of players. The more picks we have gives JD an easier chance to trade up to draft players he likes, not just in the top two rds,but beyond that
  9. I hope he plays, we win and come draft time we're forced to do the smart thing. Trade down for more picks. With this squad, the more picks,the better. Why that isnt obvious to everyone here,is beyond me
  10. Well. Unfortunately for us and Darnold, you we're right.
  11. They both stink. Against the Bills we also had Josh Andrews. Three turnstiles.
  12. They should bring back Harrison and move Mcgovern to guard. That's where he played most of the time at Penn State. He isn't doing a good job at all at center. He looks lost.
  13. Okay. Lets see how this all plays out. Nine games to go. Lots more time to see if things change.
  14. We went from Sanchez to Geno. Geno to Darnold. Only in Jet land. Trading out of the first would be like you walking into the playboy mansion with a bottle of viagra and only the females being there. It. Would be draft heaven. Our line would be fixed,we'd have a chance at a quality pass rusher,and corner,all in the top three rounds with more picks to play with. Not to mention extracting a quality player we ask for in a trade down. One more year with Sam
  15. Your too sure of yourself. You could be right. You could be wrong. If your wrong,then we screwed up again. Im not knocking yours or anybody else's football IQ. When you consider bow many front office professionals have been wrong in their assessments, then maybe you'll acknowledge that you can be wrong. Im not disputing anything you and sperm,and others have said about Darniolds flaws. He's in his 3rd year with a bad coach and awful o-line. Can he turn it around with more stable offense and better coaching? Maybe yes. Maybe no.
  16. Not saying tbis to bust your chops. Like your posts. What was your,and others opinion of Robby. As a receiver. Im wrong as much or more than im right. If you and others are wrong in your assessment of Darnold,then we blew a chance with hordes of picks to transform this team. Please consider that
  17. Take TL at 1. That's not rebuilding the right way as you stated so properly at the start of your post
  18. Couch sucked after he left Cleveland because of injuries. Shoulder and elbow tears. Probably because the beating he took for the Browns Sacked 166 times in 62 games.
  19. If it's too late, we press the reset button the next year at QB . At least that QB will be drafted by a team with a lot more talent around him,because of the haul we got in a trade down.
  20. Tim Couch. Played behind a bunch of jags. Where is he now. He was a can't miss guy coming out of college.
  21. If he doesn't come out it gives credence to the idea that a QB drafted by the Jet's is a career killer.
  22. Just to be clear. Im not a Darnold fan boy. I wanted Mayfield in the draft. I don't trust USC QB's. The failure list is too long. Regardless i think if we have the 1st pick,i want the trade down. We can fix all our issues on offense,and most on defense,in one off season.
  23. I never said he wasn't part of the problem. What im saying is he won't progress when eveybody around him isn't performing at a certain level.
  24. Darnold makes some bad decisions, throws off his back foot too much. Is that a determining factor in why our offense sucks. In my mind,no. I never said that Darnold was a great QB being held back by those around him. I don't think we have had the supporting cast to fairly evaluate him. Look at Jim Plunkett. Drafted by NE,he sucked behind a terrible o-line. Things changed when he changed teams. No.The word never was an exaggeration. I'll give you that.
  25. You said Darnold was at the top of the league in time to throw,correct. If that's true, our line is doing a quality job in pass protection. My eye's tell a different story. In other words,that's bull..... Just like the nerd stats about Conner Mcgovern being the 5th best pass blocking center in the league last year. He sucks.
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