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  1. Its at a gamble very much worth taking. Hopefully a team falls in love with one of tbe draftable QB's and we can get a huge haul. My dream scenario is trading down with the Pantbers. We night be able to get picks and Brian Burns. That would solve one of our two big issues on defense. The other being a #1 corner.
  2. Lol. Im glad people are realizing what i have been saying for months. Sam, the fans, the team has been crapped on and in limbo for the last two years When Saleh talks about Darnolds unbelievable talent, (as he describes it), he's not lying. It's why he was drafted at three. Has Sam's mental processing been done irreparable harm. In a system,more tailored to his skills and an inproved o-line make his footwork flaws easier to correct. I can''t say for sure. It's pretty clear that the Jet's new brass thinks so.
  3. I strongly suggest remaining neutral, and not align yourself with a member of the Warsaw pact. JetsFan80, good poster, still pay attention. to him, misstates my view on Darnold. I think he has a chance to live up,(or come close to living uo), to his draft status, playing in the right system, with proper coaching. I think with his progress was halted when a new system and coaching staff was installed after his rookie year. If Bates was still there the last two years we would have seen a more confident QB.
  4. Your being sarcastic. It' laughable that people don't want to discuss anything that doesn't fit their own narrative. Oh yea, anybody who doesn't agree with a trade for him, including analysts have an agenda they're own, or are misinformed
  5. Watson is a very good QB. Im not saying he's not. But, how many. Of you would be calling Becton a bust if he led the league in holding penalties the last 4 years. Watson has been in near the top in the league in QB's most sacked. Sacks, kill drives, just like penalties do. Not a small point.
  6. You could be right about Darnolds mindset. We really don't know that though. That's something that the Jet's brass will have to figure out noving forward. They're in the best position to figure that out. Not us. Darnold behind the scenes might have been as sick as anybody with the coaching decisions, and play calling as anybody. Just playing the good soldier, to his detriment, in my view.
  7. "Get this kid the right coaching and you have a star". Maybe JD feels that way about Darnold. Darnold hasn't had any coaching ths last two years. Lol.
  8. People. Darnold detractors. They like Sam. Sam isn't being traded. Nor are ws trading for another QB. Forget Saleh. Douglas was asked about Sam, and the last thing he said was, "Im exited about Sam" The use of the word "I", pretty much tells you where Sam will be.
  9. Great post. There's also objective evidence that Sam has been one of the least protected QB's in the league. Objective evidence that a Gase run offense will fail, as it did for three years in Miami. Combine that, with what we all know is a lack of talent at the skill positions, i think it can be fairly stated that the jury is still out on Sam.
  10. We all need to hope that. It's possible that he is what he is. It's also possible that with a better system, real coaching, and more offensive talent, he starts to realize his potential. What bothers me is that a segment of the posters here, are sure beyond any doubt that Sam can't turn it around. They just isn't any reason for them to be so sure about it
  11. I'll be rooting for the Jet's of course,as i have for the last 25 years. I'll be rooting also for Sam to do well, unless his team is playing us.
  12. Im real curious about the posters who want us to move on from Sam. If he's under center next year will you be rooting for him to suck, so you would be proven right about all your negative posts about him.
  13. He was a rookie. He didn't have Williams, Henry and Keenan Allen to throw to like Herbert. Look at the chemistry he's developed with Crowder. Crowder has had his best season here. Darnold trusts him. Has chemistry with him. We need an outside receiver to develop that same chemistry.
  14. The longer any QB, holds onto the ball he puts himself at risk. As a rookie he didn't have a problem finding Herndon and Anderson downfield. He was inconsistent. You would expect that. He was a rookie.
  15. He had no problem getting rid of the ball quickly against the Rams. Maybe the reason was the running backs we're finally a part of the passing game, and Ty Johnson was allowed to show his skills, instead of Gase's. favorite. Gore.
  16. Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!Bingo!!!!!!!!!!Darnold's way a head of the curve. He know's the speed of the game. I look at it as if Darnold is entering his 2nd year. The last two years we're a blank space, because of who the HC was. His system. His play calling. Darnold hasn't progressed, or regressed. He's just been in limbo
  17. As Saleh has said. He was the #3 pick for a reason. He's a very talented athlete. At his age, coming out of USC, he did have flaws. Most felt they we're correctable. What happens. He's the starter from the get go, with limited talent around him. And inly Josh, at his side. Better than nothing, for sure. Then the unthinkable happens. Gase.A new system. Still very limited talent around him. And no QB coach. It is beyond belief that the QB you drafted to be the face of the franchise can be handled this way
  18. It's disgusting, is right. If Darnold. Is our QB next year, everybody should be pulling for him. He's been nothing but a class act through all this. I keep saying this he' s only 23. Youngest QB ever to start in the NFL, without a dedicated QB coach. Yes. It's disgusting
  19. I'm not giving up in Herndon. He looked real good as a rookie. Then he was hurt and under utilized by Gase. Just like the way Gisecki in Miami wasn't utilized by Gase. Im anxious to see Ty Johnson next year. He really impressed when he was given the chance.
  20. We' re all doing this on this forum because of Mel Kiper. Give credit when it's do. He's the father of the mock draft and public discussion on college olayers draftable skills.
  21. For sure. We need a stud. A go to guy that the QB knows will be where he's supposed to be and make the catch. Whether thats Robinson, Godwin, or a guy in the draft JD loves. We need that WR on the field this year.
  22. If we don't trade down, Or sign a Robinson or Godwin, Smith is the logical choice. Perfect for a WCO. Precise route runner, who gets seperation and can run after the catch. Can play outside or in the slot. Just perfect.
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