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  1. The fact that he could become available is all the more reason to trade down and get more picks. We could probably get him with our 2nd rd pick. Or the 2nd rd pick we obtain in a trade down. This early in the rebuild talk might sound true now. What if we sign Thuney and Robinson. A good draft with all those picks and we're right thete.
  2. Wow. Your right. Texans did say he'd have a say in the decision. Texans hired Korn Ferry and they suggested Omar Khan and others. Cesario wasn't on the list. This puts an entirely different light in the subject. The Texan's are reaping what they've sowed.
  3. We don't know if that was part of the reason why he signed that deal. I haven't seen any report that the Texans agreed to let Watson in on any decision like thst.
  4. Have you ever heard of a player wanting to be involved in ownership decisions as to who sits in the front office and head coaching the team, then when he doesn't get his way, wants to bolt. What position they play has nothing to do with it.It's about elevating yourself above the other 52 players on the roster. It's an all about me attitude that he through his tweets and through others that is akin to the s... that Adams was pulling. How long Adams was pulling is of no relevance.
  5. No Choon. I think it's fairly certain though that the reports about him wanting a say in who would be hired as GM, and HC, are true. The fact that he didn't get his way is leading to all this talk now about him wanting out. The comparison with Adams is the me, me, attitude.
  6. I think the change in culture that Saleh talked about would be put into question, acquiring Watson. That me, me, attitude is at least part of the reason Adams got shipped out. It never can be about one player. I don't care how good he is.
  7. Great post. So hypocritical for people to defend Watson, but rail against Jamal, who was doing the same thing, and still playing on his rookie deal. Watson just signed his extension, for heavens sake.
  8. Wow. I haven't been on draft forum in a while. RobR hasn't posted on main. He nailed me to the wall defending the Polite pick. The thing about Creed, other than his physical skills is, he's very smart. Need to get on that forum.This one is getting very redundant at the moment. Thanks,
  9. At #23, who would you take. Creed Humphrey or Wyatt Davis. Thanks.
  10. Wow. Does anybody really believe, two no nonsense men, like Saleh, and Douglas, who are preaching the team concept, would ever draft this guy.
  11. Happy Birthday Paradis. I unlike Tom Shane, don't want to see you in anything pink.....Unless...........Can't say.
  12. You make a good point. I just don't know why he should think that he should have a role in the hiring of front office personal. That's rather nervy. If he thinks he's capable in helping with staff hirings, maybe he should help Douglas in the draft.
  13. I do. I don't want a diva on this football team. I doubt Saleh does neither. He talked about a culture change. This isn't the way you start that process.
  14. I have no problem with Watson wanting to play somewhere else. I think he''s got a lot of nerve thinking he should have any say in who the GM and HC are. All this stuff being aired publically is the reason Adams got shipped out. I never heard of a player thinking he should have input into who an owner hires as a GM. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  15. Douglas got rid of Adams for tweeting his desire to leave. He's going to give up an enormous amount of draft capital for someone who wanted a hand in picking a GM and HC. And now this stuff. I don't care how good he is. Douglas isn't taking the bait. He's too smart. Some people are living in fantasy land
  16. Watson is doing the same thing that made Adams a hated man on this board. What nerds.
  17. So many posters. So much hypocrisy. When Adams was tweeting and doing his thing there. He was a cancer. At least he wasn't lobbying to take someones job away from them. I personally find it really distasteful
  18. Of course, your right. He might bot even be considered the right fit in LaFleur's. system.
  19. Watson played in a shotgun offense in Houston, and still he' s been one of the most sacked QB'S the last 4 years. He'd be under center here, most of the time. Also with a run option system, you have to at least to a small degree consider that he's had two reconstructive knee surgery's. He's been a great player in that system, but trading so much too get him, you'd have to consider everything.
  20. There's no denying Watson's talent. Does it give you pause that he played primarily in the shotgon im Houston, and here he would be under center most of the time. For all his positives, he has been one of the most sacked QB's the last 4 years
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