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  1. Look at his throwing motion. Maybe that's why he's had two shoulder surgery's
  2. You said part of you wants Sam to succeed. He's happy to hear that. So am i.
  3. I mentioned two teams in the market for a QB. If they like Wilson or Fields they better give us a call. I just see a chance to get picks and a olayer in a need area. If we can get an edge defender in a trade,(like a Burns), then we can use our high picks on offense. Offensive line. WR.
  4. If we draft a QB at #2, it limits to an extent wbat he can do in the draft. Rolling with Sam, allows Douglas to hopefully extract as much from a team as possible. Now, with Saleh and a 4-3 defense, we more than ever need an impact DE. Hypothetically if Carolina wants a QB, we could trade down, get picks and get a Brian Burns. We could trade way down with Washington and get picks and Montez Sweat. The more picks, the more manuvering. JD can do. Lets say if he loves a player, he could use those extra picks to trade up and get his guy.
  5. Scheme and the confidence in the receivers he's throwing to. With Herndon used primarily as a blocker, who is the downfield threat. Someone that Sam has any chemistry with. Who?
  6. Is saleh's or Douglas's. If Sam is the QB next year it's because they want him to be.. Nobody is pointing a gun to thier head, forcing them to go with Darnold. Are we to believe that the collective judgement of this new regime isn't up to snuff with yours and other's
  7. I trust Douglas and Saleh's judgement more than i trust yours. Can you blame me. I wish i can go back and pull up the post from everybody at the end of last year. Oh, lets get Sam more weapons. He had less this year, and all of a sudden this year has him turned into a bust
  8. Hindsight is 20/20. If we drafted them, they would not have performed nearly as well here. You better listen to Saleh on the micheal kay show. That bust is our starting QB. Next year. Like it or not.
  9. Your not serious. How old are you 18. I can spend the next hour typing all the busts we drafted. Your not calling Adams a bust are you.
  10. We have two 1st rd picks for Jamal. That alone evens the score.Douglas cleaned up the salary cap issue in one off season. He was a bad GM, Idzik didn't draft one good football player. Not one.
  11. I disagree with you. I can't wait until the draft is over. We can talk about other stuff. This issue is sort of like the politics of today. Very divisive. Let's celebrate what ee can agree on. No more Gase. A real HC, who's putting a great staff in place. And a proven offensive scheme.
  12. I've been wrong plenty of times. I really stunk it up defending the Polite pick. I could go on and on.
  13. Idzik was the worst GM the Jet's ever had. Mac wasn't that much better, but not nearly on Idzik's level of incompetence. Which was always my argument.
  14. He has a great arm. When he was coming out scouts we're amazed at the velocity he had on his throws even when throwing off his back foot. His junior year he was playing behind 4 new offensive lineman. If a team needs a QB in the draft, they look at all the film. They're gonna tie the future at QB, by watching an hour of film at the Rose Bowl. We all can lie to ourselves,(including me), But cmon.
  15. Hopefully your man enough to admit your wrong, when the time comes. Are you?????Others will disappear for a while. I'm sure.
  16. We've been through this before. He's 23 yrs old . was the youngest QB ever to start in NFL history. He has had no dedicated QB coach since he's been here. When you think about that, it's mind boggling. Our new HC is the real deal. No more weirdness.
  17. Keep people guessing. Can't hurt. If Trevor was available, i'd take your point. But he isn't. At #2, Fields and Wilson would be a bigger gamble than keeping Sam.
  18. Im sorry. It's my opinion. Im not trying to upset anyone.
  19. Saleh isn't trying to sell Sam to a potential trade partner. He's selling Sam to the Darnold detractors and the local press. Sam will be back
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