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  1. Perhaps the most underappreciated prog bands the seventies produced. A different vibe than Yes and others, but just as creative
  2. Agree completely. Steve howe's solo at the end of Siberian Khatru [Yessongs ], is one of the all time great one's.
  3. If i had too pick yes's greatest composition. This would be it. So much brilliance in their other output. But S..., this is flawless
  4. Getting over overhanging trees,. let them rape the forest. OMFG.
  5. I love to play count Basie to my rocker friends. Talk about power. No marshall amp could match the power of a great big band like basie
  6. Another hour for you. Plays a lot like Raney, with a more aggressive tone. It's uncanny how similar they are
  7. Phrasing. He can play a lot of notes, but there's always breathing going on in his work. Split seconds of silence.
  8. Gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!! You could almost hear Raney thinking when he's playing. Even though he;s not thinking. ideas just flow naturally
  9. Joe pass turned jazz guitar upside down, in a way. He played on the beat, and not behind it. Listen to Raney. Playing behind the beat. Raney developing melody in his solo's. Melodic development.
  10. My favorite be-bop player, and an incredible recording. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!
  11. Saw Joe at the Village Gate. My guitar instructor at the time Ray ogarty was friends with Joe. Not much of a talker. Wasn't one of my favorites. Still a great all around player.
  12. Get a clue people. He's a rookie,playing in a defense without an outside rush. He made an impact despite that, regardless of the numbers.
  13. He did complain about the fine, as being excessive. Beachum is the one who said, he's never seen fines being posted, for all to see. Nit a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I think it's kind of bush league though.
  14. He didn't complain about being fined. he complained about it being posted on a bulletin board, like he was a little kid. Only coach in the league who posts fines on a board like that.
  15. genot

    Left tackle

    Who knows. It's hard for me to believe that we can sustain all these restrictions for that amount of time.
  16. genot

    Left tackle

    Trade a 3rd for Williams. trade down in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds. Unless that corner is available at #11. Okudah. Draft him, then trade down in the 2nd and 3rd.
  17. All of the Jet nation posters applauding what happened today
  18. The most receptions he's had was 36, last year. His three prior seasons he averaged 20 receptions a season. Robby isn't worth 2 million more than Perriman. What are you people smoking.
  19. We finally agree on something. I'd buy you a steak dinner if i was within driving distance.
  20. I posted this morning that Robby would have signed back here if he was offered what Tyrell williams had signed for last year with the Raiders. My impression was Douglas was offering much less than that, and if true, he should tell the Jet's to stick it. and he did. Douglas should have been fair with the man. he's worth every bit as much as Tyrell Williams.
  21. We don't need a tackle now. we have George Fant.
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