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  1. Yes. Your right.Forget about the PS risks. I thought the 3 man backfield could be Coleman, AJ, and Perrine.
  2. Boy, talk about hitting the nail on the head!!!!Three cheers!!!
  3. Practice squad for Micheal Carter(RB)??????
  4. Wasn't it you who predicted what a hugs game micheal carter would have. 100yds plus. How'd that work out
  5. Adams is like Bilal Powell. No area of his game is a stand out. Just a workmanlike performer.
  6. I disagree. If Sam and Zack do well. It's a win win for both organizations. The change of scenery and the fresh face HC and QB was good for both organizations.
  7. I just told you who excites me on the Jet's. Mosley doesn't excite me. Becton worries me. Mosley hasn't played un two years.
  8. I don't rave about him. I defend him. I feel he wasn't served well by the Jets here. Im not the only one who feels that way.
  9. I never, ever, started a Sam Darnold thread. Ever. That's the god honest truth.
  10. Four players excite me on the Jets. Wilson. Davis. Moore, and QW. Lawson did, but he's gone for the year. Some of these guys i haven't really seen perform here. So it's hard to get exited.
  11. Wilson has hardly played. Should have played last night.
  12. It's not illegal to say something positive about Sam. Some posters here would like it to be, however.
  13. I didn't start the thread. I've never started a Darnold thread.
  14. This is tiresome. Halfway through the season, in an Around the league thread, Darnold could be a topic of discussion. Are you surprised Wilson sat out last nights game?????
  15. You argue nonstop. To the point that your not even paying attention to the point i'm making
  16. I think Anderson is a very good wide receiver and one of the best deep threat targets in the league. He also has strong hands and catches almost t every football that comes his way. Grow up. Saviour QB. Im just giving my opinion on what i witness. Being a football fan and Jet fan before Sam Darnold was even born
  17. Lol. The delusion posts are starting early
  18. It's not the stat sheet. It's how he got those yards. He took what the defense gave. The scheme leaves a receiver close by so he can check down if he's under too much pressure or nobody is open downfield. It's what real coaches who belong in the NFL do. Unlike Adam Gase
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