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  1. I think you have to look at the risk, reward, of keeping Darnold, or trading down. If we draft a QB, at #2, and he busts, we're screwed. If we keep Darnold and trade down, we have a lot more options in the draft to actually fill holes with players JD might have a strong conviction about. If Darnold was 26, or older, then the question on what he should do is a lot easier. He' s only a year older than Wilson, and two years older than Feilds. Makes it an easier decision for him, considering who he' s had coaching him the last two years.
  2. Read the article posted by nycdan. Then maybe you and others will understand why people in the league feel differently about Sam, than posters on a football forum
  3. That article is telling posters here why Darnold will be back. The same thing was said by Sunday's game announcers. Everything that coaches ddo to make it easier on a young QB, Gase doesn't do.
  4. Perriman was a bust ever since he entered the league.
  5. It was important that Sam ended the season on a high note. He really let me down. Those two picks we're undefendable and Sanchez like.
  6. Jet posters shaking their head, saying "Darnold, Darnold, Darnold JD shaking his head saying o-line, o-line.
  7. Post of the week, Nut. Lol.2👍
  8. And if Douglas sticks with Sam, he's just a stupid man who knows nothing about football. Okay
  9. That's funny. No team would trade for a Geno Smith. Thers are a bunch that would trade fir Sam. Including the Steelers. Why trade for a bust.
  10. Darnold has all the tools to be a franchise QB. No QB would have succeeded in a Gase offense with very little talent around him. The offense has been broken. Not Sam. Douglas was a Ravens scout for 14 years. You think you're a better evaluator than him.
  11. All of us have short memories. If Mac Jones outplays Fields. He'll be the flavor of the week. One thing we know for sure, is that Darnold will be working with more talent around him. One year deal with Perriman. Thank god.
  12. We're not drafting a QB. We're not drafting a QB. Oh, and another point. We're not drafting a QB.
  13. For sure. Look at Gisecki with the fins. Twenty two catches as a rookie with Gase. Over 50 the next year when Gase came here.We have all these young backs. And the old man got most of the work this year. .
  14. Gase doesn't use tight ends in his offense. Didn't in Miami either. One of the reasons why all his teams offenses we're at the bottom of the league.
  15. I know where your coming from. If he had 80 catches this year you'd still find a reason to bash him. Same thing with Anderson. Gets in trouble with the law. Lets get rid of him. He's a one trick pony.
  16. I think Smith is our guy. Doubt Robinson or Godwin will ever hit FA. Would love Smith and Golliday next year. Golliday might shake free from Detroit. I loved what i saw fron Herndon his rookie year. Have to believe the Gase offense took him out of the passing attack.
  17. That would be a better deal for us. If we keep Sam, we need to do right by him. An impact veteran like him, even if it's only for two years, could really make a difference in Darnolds game, and Mims. Your right though. In the best of worlds, another 1st rounder would be awesome
  18. Fields is from Kennasaw, GA. If they like him, they might be a trade down partner. It's a thought
  19. I think acquiring him in a trade down with the Falcons makes perfect sense. A reliable veteran on the outside, who could also be a good mentor to Mims. Money is an issue, yea. Its outweighed by getting Darnold back on track
  20. Trey Smith in the 1st. Cade Mays in the 3rd. New LG and RG. Im all smiles.

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