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  1. Too much of a boom or bust prospect to go that high. No.
  2. Bot really. It's based on common sense. Leaving the finances out of it.
  3. Lol. Like this is new information. I think there's a possibility Watson plays for the Texans this year, or doesn't play at all.
  4. He 's somebody i thought the Jet's might consider if we traded down with Carolina, and he was still available. Interesting info Mr Football guy. Thanks.
  5. We could take Waddle at #8. I think i saw you having Parsons at #3. He has some very serious character issues. That could really cause him to slide. Big time.
  6. I could see, your already getting your thoughts ready
  7. I'll leave the Anderson issue alone. With respect,(bla bla bla, lol), you need to look at Crowder and his career stats again. He was just as effective here, as in Washington. Point being. If your a good receiver, you'll do well with Darnold. Why bring Perriman up. He's been a bust since he was drafted. Lazy. Injury prone. Mims,( talented yes), was just a rookie, with no training camp, and only a half a season to perform. Crowder was literally the only good WR, who has proven to be such, we had.And he did well.
  8. This post was a Kingman blast. Way to go. Apologizes weren't needed. Ya got that off your chest though. So that's good.My only wish is that if Carolina is our trading partner, i would want Brian Burns. Perfect edge rusher in Saleh's defense.
  9. Douglas has made his mistakes, Robby being the big one. If you've read my post over time, you know how much i liked him. This is all surrounding, (of course), the big QB decision to come. It's a huge decision. I have faith that Douglas will use all his resources to come up with a decision based on what's best for the Jet's moving forward. All the observations about Sam's flaws and his frame of mind, after Gase will be fully ironed out. Considering the the experience and reps of the people he'll include in the decision. I'll be totally comfortable moving foward with Sam, or without him.
  10. Just listened to someone talk about Gase calling plays against a cover 3 that are never called for the most part, they never work. I'm not embarrassed to admit my lack of knowledge about cover 3. Do we know at all times if receivers are running correct routes or turning in, when they should be turning out. We watch games to be entertained. We're not breaking down game film. You get my drift
  11. It's a slippery slope that i don't want to see happen on a regular basis. Your right about the comparison with Adams. He had almost a social media gameplan. Non-stop stuff. Watson has dealt with his displeasure with much more class.
  12. Im not saying Sperm that their decisions will be the correct ones, just because of tbeir job title. The decisions that they make though carry far more weight than all of us here, because we don't have nearly have as much information to form a more solid judgement
  13. Then he never should have signed on the dotted line, ater those decisions you talked about we're made. Maxman. Maybe i'm being too harsh. It just strikes me the wrong way, that after the fact,(contract signing), he gets cold feet, and cones up with these, "Oh, i was promised", issues.
  14. So far.Obviously if it was that easy, he'd already be gone
  15. It's an open question whether he was lied too. Stories are they never promised him he'd have a role in any front office hire. Which makes perfect sense to me. They said he could play a role in who the next HC would be. Watson wanted Bieniemy. They interviewed him, and weren't impressed. Not the only NFL team that wasn't impressed either.
  16. It's football. Not tennis. These evaluators don't know this about Sam's stat sheet. They've only heard about pre-snap reads from a few Jet Nation posters. Cmon.
  17. You could have been watching the team 200 years. That has nothing to do with the belief of a few people here, that they're views are on the same level, as the decision makers. They're not.
  18. This board needs more humble posters. Posters willing to admit that the people getting paid to make these decisions, have valid reasons for doing so. And these new people your talking about are highly respected around the league, and have been for a long time.
  19. Sounds personal with you. All those derogatory nicknames. Etc, Etc. Jet's did stifle his career. Even the people on and outside this forum, who want another QB, say that
  20. Great point. It would violate terms of CBA. Thought new staff they're would be an exception. A new staff is given a two week head start before the off season program starts up. After the draft.
  21. Robby averaged over 4 more yds per catch with Sam. He wasn't targeted as much, because with the Jet's they limited his route tree. More proof of what smart coaching can do for a player's production.
  22. Exactly. They might have, might not have. At least if Sam stays on, he has a QB coach. They made Sam the youngest QB, ever to start an NFL game. And no QB coach. Only in Jetville
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