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  1. Cager. Beyond a doubt. Let everybody know the writings on the wall for Perriman
  2. I think the only realistic option in FA, is Golliday. He's fought injuries this year, when heathy he's a good.
  3. Looks like he's talking about winning the spelling bee contest.
  4. Exactly. In seven more years, we'll know for sure.
  5. Im not trying too debate you. My point is TE' s aren't used much in his offense. Didn't work in Miami. Didn't work here. And it, among other things, stymied Darnold.
  6. Let's forget Sam for a second. Did Herndon forget how to run routes? Did he slow down since his rookie year. He was a real threat downfield as a rookie. Probably our best receiver running after the catch. He was Darnold's go to guy when he was in trouble Gase completely neutered him. What idiot would take away a receiver a young QB was developing chemistry with. Especially after losing his favorite outside receiver. Robby.
  7. Im not comparing them. I know Mims is a rookie. Herndon was a rookie once too. Looked like he had pro bowl potential. What happened. Gase happened.
  8. This talk, debate, disagreements on Mims is directly related to peoples views on Darnold, Herndon, and others. Nobody should be judged until Gase is gone, and a competent staff is put in place. Gase is that bad.
  9. Only Lawrence should go before him. The only QB that could have gone right after TL, opted out. Trey Lance. You need to understand. Im a JN misfit. I believe in Darnold. I think he's been very poorly supported since he's been here. If Douglas chooses to stick with Darnold,(and i believe he will), he'll make sure he fills in the blanks around Sam.
  10. Your gifs need work. If i have dreams about vampires tonight. It's your fault.
  11. I wonder if he carries pepper spray when Mom and Dad aren't with him?
  12. Let's not give up on Herndon. He played for a coach who thought Tight Ends we're only they're to block.
  13. I like him better than Fields. I think he could go before him. I think he' s a reach at #2.
  14. Ive watched him play. Very impressive. It's College football. It's a powder puff schedule. Should he be drafted into the NFL. Hell yea. With the 2nd pick in the 1st rd. Hell no.
  15. Lol. This kid is only 1 yr younger than Sam. Wow. He has the body of a ping pong player.
  16. I respect what your saying. Too me, it's way too risky. Same with Fields. You could be getting Murray. You could be drafting a Haskins.
  17. The best team he played this year was coastal carolina. Has had shoulder and thumb surgery, and looks like he's 16 yrs old. Douglas drafting him with the 2nd pick. Don't think so.
  18. Darnold will be the QB next year, and the offense will look completely different. Herndon will actually be involved in the passing game. Wide receivers will be moved around pre snap to help them get open and make it more difficult to slow them down at the line. Scheming counts. Gase will never be a HC again because he was way to stubborn and it hurt the Dolphins. And it hurt the Jet's. Especially Darnold
  19. I fear for Darnolds life if he throws into triple coverage.

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