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  1. Maybe Some merit to the argument that the two players the Jet's covet,(if it's not a QB), wouldn't be available at #12. And that's Pitts or Waddle
  2. Something about that San Fran trade, smells fishy. Happened on the day of Wilson's pro day. With everyone from the Jet's and San Fran there. Then you have Steve Young talking up Wilson, an that would be thier 1st choice.Giving up that draft capital for a QB that wasn't at the top of your list. Probably reading more into it than i should.
  3. Chase is what we drafted Mims to be. Pitts is taller, bigger, and much more versatile than Chase. If we didn't have Mims, then Chase would make a lot more sense.
  4. I agree with you. The comment by Sam was curious. He could have said that a dozen times if it was just awful line play.100 times. Lol.
  5. I think we're going to trade down with San Fran. Both teams get what they wanted. San Fran gets Wilson. We get Pitts and San Fran's #43.
  6. Guess you haven t read any of my posts about Sam. Not seeing cover zero before, and not having a real coach to get him through what issues he might have had, understanding the defense, isn't on Sam. Like the line play, the crap at the skill positions. Etc, etc.
  7. People are failing to see the big picture. It's obvious the Jet's are (or were), wavering on Darnold vs Wilson. Trading down to #3 gives them an extra 2nd rd pick and the only player other than QB that makes sense in the top 10. I'm not saying its going to happen. Pitts is the best WR in the draft.
  8. Think of that "im seeing ghosts game". He was seeing something he hadn't seen before. It would have been nice to have a QB coach to explain to him how to deal with that cover zero. Yes. Gase was there. He's the HC. OC.Not a QB coach.
  9. Im surprised you still have such a stash. Considering your a Jet's fan
  10. Yea. Someone just filed a criminal complaint with the Houston PD. If it was one of Buzbee's clients, you would think he would have announced it
  11. This has been brought up a lot. In addition to what you said. Herbert had Hunter Henry, Mike Williams, and what could be the best route runner in football Keenan Allen. A little detail that is always left out. Like it doesn't matter.
  12. You got that right. And a QB, that was 20 yrs old and had issues with his footwork.
  13. Wilson would be learning from a QB coach. George Knapp. A QB coach that Darnold hasn't. had, since he's been here.
  14. You we're talking about his demeanor. All my posts to you we're about that
  15. Sam is well liked and well respected in that locker room. I promise you, if you referred to him as a toddler to one of his o-lineman, they would be a lot more than displeased. Sam could have thrown every one of them under the bus a hundred times. But never did. Could have thrown Gase under the bus a hundred times, but never did. You don't think Bart Scott is tuned in to the feelings of those players in that locker room. Think again.
  16. You don't think a QB, who runs threw a 240 lb linebacker fires up the team?
  17. I think everybody who's debating in this thread, should take a break and listen to Eva Cassidy. That's what i'm going to do.
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