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  1. I root for the Jet's. Hope we win week one. Im not going to trash a player because he didn't live up to expectations here, and is now playing elsewhere. He's doing things differently in Carolina, then he did here.it's fairly obvious.
  2. Go away. Your irritating me. Anderson is running more routes on that route tree in Carolina then he was running here.
  3. Your being ridiculous. He is checking down more. Taking what the defense gives him. They design plays that way. It's what competent coaches do, when the offensive line is having problems in pass protection. He didn't do that here because the coach was a pile of garbage, who didn't use his players the way a real coach would have. I.E. Frank Gore
  4. Be already has Darnold doing things he should have been doing here. I nean how much evidence do people need about the lack of coaching here. They have Anderson here run a few different routes. Goe's to Carolina and becomes a more complete receiver. Leo heads to the Giants and becomes the player ws expected ws would have here
  5. I know it's only pre-season. If he had a bad game. There would have been 100 posts pointing it out to prove they we're right. Last week people we're talking about Rhule hiding Darnold because he only threw 2 passes.
  6. He's not Adam Gase.would you agree he already has a leg up.
  7. I don't think you know what your talking about. You talked about Darnolds release. Google Darnolds release. Then you can argue with all the people who earned a living as QB's and earned a living evaluating Qb's about Darnolds release. Last nights game, ( while only preseason), validated everything i've been saying for months. about coaching, about playmakers, etc, etc. Talking about the Panther game.
  8. Type Sam darnolds quick release in the google search bar. Then you could talk about all the different no nothings that talk about Darnolds quick release.
  9. Thats what QB's are trained to do, when thier not coached by Gase. Take what the defense gives you, and ket your playmakers get the extra yds. No Sam wasn't perfect. When he is perfect, maybe you'll give an objective opinion about how well he played
  10. Coaching matters. Playmakers matter.
  11. No. It's not. My point is one player can elevate a QB's numbers and turn a bottom ranked QB into a middle of the road QB. So many variables involved. I can't argue about Sams poor production here. It was poor. Many reasons why. Some, we're in Sam's control. Most weren't. Whether a change of scenery with more talent around him will elevate him, to what we expected him to be here. I don't know. Probably not. I think he can become a quality QB that the Panthers can win with, if they solve some other personal issues.
  12. My theory about Sam is about to be put to the test. He has more than enough playmakers to put up good numbers. Irregardless of the Panthers o-line woes. I think his mobility and ability to make off platform throws will be something to watch for. The times we,re he has to scramble, an open receiver will be there.
  13. One playmaker and good play calling can make the difference between a QB thats ranked #32 and a QB ranked #20. My theory is soon to be put to the test. The season starts shortly.
  14. Herbert had much more to work with than Sam.
  15. Your expectations of him we're unreasonable given the circumstances. This board talked ad-nauseum about what we needed to do to elevate Sam's game and the offense in general. The Jet's did none of it. In fact we made it worse by replacing Robby with a bust that's about to be released by the Lions.
  16. He might look confused because his Wide receiver might not have been in the right spot on a timing route. Or someone ran the wrong route. Maybe he was confused. Maybe the slop he had was a reason for the confusion. That's something we don't know. Not based on a lack of knowledge. We just don't know what a particular play was ran correctly.
  17. Im sure they're aware of the Jet's and thier problems. Darnold might bounce around the league, like Sanchez Then again, he might not.we don't know what's going to happen with Sam.
  18. That was the Jet's attitude. Your the 3rd pick in the draft. Nothing else matters. Win games. Throw for 300yds a game. Don't work that way 80.
  19. We'll see. He supposedly has picked up on Joe Smith's offense very well.
  20. Watch his rookie highlights. W atch his release. Very quick. As for him looking.confused. If your correct, we aren't in a position to know why. He has sloppy footwork, at times. He did at USC. Almost everybody thought it was something that could be easily corrected.
  21. Ryan leaf busted because he was a head case. Bobody could stand being around him. And now he's a convicted felon. Russell was a lazy good for nothing who hated the film room and the weight room.Hackenburg should have been drafted much later than he was. He was a stiff from the get go
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