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  1. 7 minutes ago, bla bla bla said:

    Flacco was horrible, that should not be our standard for QB play, which is why I've soured so hard on Sam. 

    Sam's lack of a deep ball is why I don't feel bad Robby left. I wanted to keep him but we'd be lying to ourselves if we said Sam and him had any sort of chemistry.

    Robby averaged over 4 more yds per catch with Sam. He wasn't targeted as much, because with the Jet's they limited his route tree. More proof of what smart coaching can do for a player's production.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, CanadienJetsFan said:

    Now that the dust has settled, I haven’t heard one report mentioning that Saleh and Lafleur have actually had a sit down with Sam. If they’re doing a true due diligence, wouldn’t a “chalk board” discussion with Sam make some sense to do?

    of course. But I don’t think they have which means the ultimate decision maker (Douglas) has already made up his mind long ago.

    So,  he’s a goner.

    Sam defenders, accept this reality.

    How do know they haven't. For all we know LaFleur is staying at Sam's house, going over game film.

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  3. 23 hours ago, Mogglez said:


    You don’t make these throws with a weak arm.  In the first one, his feet aren’t set, he’s throwing from a different arm angle than normal, across the field, and the ball gets there with velocity and accuracy.

    Saying Sam has a weak arm isn’t an opinion, it’s a total distortion of reality, regardless of what you think about him as a quarterback.

    Proof is in the video. Thank you

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  4. On 2/18/2021 at 4:56 PM, football guy said:

    I know for sure the Jets have shown a lot of interest in Pitts, Waddle, and Chase (although I haven't heard if they spoke to him yet). They're also high on Toney. I haven't heard anything about Smith. 

    Love your posts. Glad your hear today. Full throttle. Question: What's the word on specific players in FA, that we plan on making a full court press on. Any info?. Thanks.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, JiF said:

    Right on.  I wont go into anymore but I will just say this; I think it is fine to be concerned about character at the QB position.  Nayouaot the stuff you mentioned, faith, medication, etc. but he's a entitled dweeb, that should be part of the evaluation IMO see; Rosen and Manziel, etc.

    When I've watched Wilson, here's what I dont like and I'll start with the physical attributes; small frame, injury riddled, C- athlete with a live arm.  The arm is appealing to me, nothing else about his physical attributes are at all.  He does not have the type frame/athletic profile that succeeds in todays version of the NFL.  

    As for his game; his footwork is extremely sloppy, he's damn near close to double heel clicks on every throw, he holds the ball at his waist which is fine when you're throwing from the cleanest pockets I've ever seen not so a good thing in the NFL, he plays hero ball and has a sh*t of ambulance throws on film because he misses high which is scary in the NFL, he also throws a ton of "no no's" and gets away with it because he plays flag football, his film prior to 2020 is awful like not draftable bad, he's a see it thrower not a ton of anticipation because he's arrogant with his arm, he'll pass on the easy read for a hero throw often, he's rarely on schedule, I dont see a ton of progressions and wait for it!!!!  quick processing.  I've literally watched him call off a WR who was double covered running a post, mid play, while eating a sandwich in the pocket, directing him to the sidelines and completing a 60 yard pass which will literally never ever happen in the NFL and unfortunately, I think his film is filled with sh*t that wont translate, then factor in the level of comp and I hav major concerns.  Overall; the NFL is a copy cat league and people fall in love with something because someone who can do it is really good.  Just because Pat Mahomes has a cannon and can throw off platform, doesnt mean that anyone who can do that is Pat Mahomes see; Sam Darnold.  He sucks. I think that is the appeal to Wilson and you're throwing everything out and hoping you can develop him based on his arm alone.  He's a mash up product of Johnny Manziel and Drew Lock meets Mitch Trubisky

    When I compare him to guys like Fields and Lawrence, he's no where near the prospect, never has been, never will be.  Remove those 2 guys from the equation, maybe I can see him getting this love but in comparison, for my money, it's bonkers to put him in the same category. 


    Im glad you and Fidelio settled you differences. Warms the heart. Both QB' s have enough issues that drafting them with the 2nd pick would. be considered a reach. Both might turn out to be good in the NFL. Drafting them at two, though, would be a big no-no.

  6. 1 hour ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

    Josh Allen went from bad to good once the pieces around him improved. 

    Drew Brees was lackluster with a good supporting cast his first few seasons in the NFL.

    Derek Carr showed some promise, then had some bad seasons and has ultimately rebounded.

    There's a narrative for nearly every opinion. 

    Ridiculously elite quarterbacks are extremely rare and supporting casts/coaching counts for a lot.

    Since I believe those two things, and considering we missed out on Trevor Lawrence, I think the wisest move in the long term is to improve upon a terrible offensive roster in both free agency and the draft, and give our 23 year old quarterback one more shot. 

    And that's because of the situation we're in. Now if Washington wants to give us the 19 overall for Darnold? Well, lets deal him. If the Jaguars pass on Trevor Lawrence, lets deal Darnold. If we can swing a trade for Deshaun Watson? Lets move on from the Great Ginger Redemption Project. 

    From where I'm standing, your view is far too dogmatic and rigid. You're saying 'f*** it, trade Darnold for a 3rd rounder if you have to' and roll with The Red Rifle and Captain Morgan. 

    I just don't see any good reason for doing that. Why not sign the Dalton, keep Darnold, Morgan and let the three compete? 

    JetsFan80 knows more about football and quarterbacking then anybody. If he says its true. Then it's got to be true. If he can't change your view, then he stops talking to you. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, The Crusher said:

    Good point. Also, we have no reason to believe with Darnold starting we won’t be at least in the top 6. So it could work. Honestly not sure I can watch another year if Sam Darnold as our Qb. We’ll see 

    It would be a great feel good story. Darnold proves himself worthy. Proven system with real coaching gets Darnold back his MoJo. I've said this before. Gase wasn't just a bad coach. He was destructive to a young QB. Consider this. Im a teacher. You have to be a good communicator to be a good teacher. Gase was Sam's QB coach. How'd that go.

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  8. 1 hour ago, The Crusher said:

    Are we banking on the fact if we trade the number two build around  Darnold we will once again get the second overall pick to our QB next year? Is that the plan? 

    If Darnold doesn't show significant improvement we do next year what another team does this year with us. Trade up to grab a QB.   We have Two 1st rd picks.

  9. 6 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    How about no losses with Darnold were his fault!

    He never cost us a game even with the rookie mistakes. Sure we lost and sure he made some poor throws, but he was put in a mahomes superbowl position every single week with out the benefit of any legitimate gameplan, nfl offensive system, or good coaching. 

    Everything wrong with his game is very fixable and a nfl coaching staff could fix in a season. See end of rookie season when we had actual nfl quality coaching. 

    He still even till the last game he played showed talent and I think he can still lead the team to the promise land. No matter on your opinion of Darnold. Building a tram around him is a obviously the right thing.

    Coachijg staff isn't tied to him but knows he can buy them another year to get qb while getting rest of team in shape.

    My feelings about Gase are that he wasn't just a bad coach. He was a destructive coach to the development of a young QB. Has anybody heard of a coach who didn't have gameplans that we're specific to the team they we're playing. That's why they're were never adjustments in game. In his mind if you execute the plays and philosophy he has in mind. Notbing else is needed. He's delusional.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    I think we GET Watson and then sit back and the wins roll in

    Hope your right on the wins part. I don't think Watson will be here, come September. Or anywhere else for that matter.

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  11. 1 hour ago, football guy said:

    Chicago’s ownership will not allow the team to mortgage elite future compensation in any deals this administration makes. Feels to me they’ll be forced to take the 2018 Cardinals method. Use this year’s draft capital to move up a few spots for a QB (if they even have to) and pair with a vet. If it works out great, if not a blow up looms. Only way I can see a trade for Sam (not convinced) is this year’s 2nd & 3rd. I’m not sold on the notion the Jets would take a 2 and 4

    It was reported that the panthers offered a 2 & 4 for Sam. Is that true, to your knowledge?

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