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  1. How do know they haven't. For all we know LaFleur is staying at Sam's house, going over game film.
  2. He's a good writer. Breaks down film. Explains his views in a pretty clear, concise way.
  3. It might be too late in the game, so to speak. Darnold has some special skills. What is left out in an otherwise good article by Sabo, is Darnold's lack of a teacher. He has played three years in the league without a dedicated QB coach. To me, tbat's not a minor point.
  4. Love Chicago P.D.
  5. Proof is in the video. Thank you
  6. Love your posts. Glad your hear today. Full throttle. Question: What's the word on specific players in FA, that we plan on making a full court press on. Any info?. Thanks.
  7. Listening to JD, gave me the feeling for the first time, that Sam will be somewhere else when the season starts. I'm a Jet fan. Always will be. Sam though, got a very raw deal here. And i'm not happy about it.
  8. Im glad you and Fidelio settled you differences. Warms the heart. Both QB' s have enough issues that drafting them with the 2nd pick would. be considered a reach. Both might turn out to be good in the NFL. Drafting them at two, though, would be a big no-no.
  9. JetsFan80 knows more about football and quarterbacking then anybody. If he says its true. Then it's got to be true. If he can't change your view, then he stops talking to you.
  10. No on that one. Morgan is a pocket passer. Really doesn't fit this WCO.
  11. It would be a great feel good story. Darnold proves himself worthy. Proven system with real coaching gets Darnold back his MoJo. I've said this before. Gase wasn't just a bad coach. He was destructive to a young QB. Consider this. Im a teacher. You have to be a good communicator to be a good teacher. Gase was Sam's QB coach. How'd that go.
  12. If Darnold doesn't show significant improvement we do next year what another team does this year with us. Trade up to grab a QB. We have Two 1st rd picks.
  13. My feelings about Gase are that he wasn't just a bad coach. He was a destructive coach to the development of a young QB. Has anybody heard of a coach who didn't have gameplans that we're specific to the team they we're playing. That's why they're were never adjustments in game. In his mind if you execute the plays and philosophy he has in mind. Notbing else is needed. He's delusional.
  14. The only guy with who still wears pajamas, is the guy you want to draft with the 2nd pick.
  15. Hope your right on the wins part. I don't think Watson will be here, come September. Or anywhere else for that matter.
  16. Still think we're in on Watson.
  17. It was reported that the panthers offered a 2 & 4 for Sam. Is that true, to your knowledge?
  18. Good point on Maye. Douglas can wait it out. No harm. No foul. Finances we're never my strong suit.
  19. There's no story. Just a my own theory. A theory you're going to hate. JuJu said last year he would love to be reunited with Sam. Played together at USC. If JuJu is on the target list, could it be abn indication we're sticking with Sam.???????
  20. If the JuJu story is true, they're would be a theory swimming around in my head. Care to guess what it is.?
  21. I think JD, needs to surprise us, and sign someone who was expected to sign elsewhere. Example:Joe Thuney. Last year wasn't a good year for him in FA. He also fessed up and admitted it was a mistake not aggressively trying to resign Anderson. One thing that bothers me about him, is that he's seems to be a little to patient, to the point of being a procrastinator. Maye should have been extended before the season ended. Same with Anderson, last year. At least get the process started so it doesn't get to FA.
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