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  1. He has a great arm. A quick release. He's mobile. Can run when he has to and make something positive happen. He has good size for the postion.. Thats why he was a 1st rd pick. That's why up to 8 teams at some point inquired about his availability.
  2. Yes. Marshall and Darnold have developed some good chemistry. Especially in the red zone.
  3. If Darnold has time to throw, he's going to have a big game.Can't control Anderson and D.J Moore for the entire game. Not to mention CM.
  4. I never said we're going to do well with them. Thier newbies. I think it was the fresh approach. Giving a young coordinator his shot. Lots of talk around the league about someone deserving of a HC job, getting his chance
  5. For sure. A young, energetic coach. Not an NFL retread. It signaled to everyone a fresh start. A new approach.
  6. Saleh has a stellar reputation. With players, and with organizations around the league. LaFluer is running a proven system. A system he learned from Kyle Shanahan. Who has been well respected for years.
  7. The hiring of Saleh, and his hiring of well regarded group of coaches, was key. Especially Lafleur who is running a proven system, with a QB who fits it very well.
  8. Watch his rookie highlights. Watch knowing he was a rookie and was going to struggle at times. Watch what he able to do in the pocket and in the move. His mobility was evident. His arm strength and quick release was obvious. It was something everybody was very exited about. Then Gase was hired. Nothing was done to improve the personal around him. His growth and progression from his rookie year came to a grinding halt.
  9. With respect. I don't know what that means. If the only competent receiver you have is Crowder. If your TE is being used to block, and when he is being used he drops passes. If running backs aren'tbeing used intelligently or at all as receivers. Hiw much more can he show???.
  10. My argument that no QB could have succeeded given the circumstances Darnold played under. The jury, then, on Sam Darnold is still out. Based on natural ability, and proper. scheme and coaching, he has a chance to be a good QB
  11. Oh so your opinion is Falk isn't being given a fair chance. Why haven't you mentioned him as being a QB we could use to back up Wilson????
  12. Don't be silly. He's playing in Canada for good reason. Falk was a 6th rd pick for a reason. Darnild was evaluated. He was a 1st rd pick. Falk was evaluated. He was a 6th rd pick. Hipe your being a little funny here. You saw Falk. He couldn't even get the ball 15 yds downfield.
  13. Luke Falk hasn't shown the ability to be a backup in the NFL. He has a weak arm. No mobility. I don't get the comparison.
  14. Gase many times sent the wrong play design into the huddle. Sam had to on the spot correct it. Gase had trouble many times getting plays into the huddle. This is all fact. It's why he'll never sniff another coaching position in the NFL. Saw your post is based on historical fact.
  15. The reason why i stand firm in ny belief that Sam can turn his career around is what he had here to help him. He had nothing. No group of reliable receivers. No running game. In the best of times an average group of pass protectors. And a complete incompetent as a HC the last two years. Suoport for a young QB, can't get any worse
  16. Your making my point. Darnold detractors are infatuated with him.
  17. Guess he learned a lot in a week. He's playing at least the 1st half against the Steelers.
  18. That's correct. Next years draft has few blue chip prospects that will be draftable. Darnold is still very young. To them it's a risk worth taking
  19. If he has a good year behind a weak offensive line. It's money well spent.
  20. They don't look at it that way. They very well night feel he could be their guy for the next 10 years.
  21. Your guy Howie Long has been fighting for Klecko to be in the hall fir years. Is he wrong?
  22. Excuse the language, but sh*t yea!!!!!!!!!Division rival. Both teams showcasing rookie QB's.
  23. What i've always wondered about was a story about Klecko that hasn't been told. I'm not talking about drugs, illegal activity, etc, etc. Did he do something that pissed a bunch of people off in the industry????so many Hall members who.watched or played against him, think it's ridiculous that he isn't there. Should have been years ago
  24. Should have traded up for a QB, Maybe Beerfish is right. They knew how everytbing would olay out with Watson, and will go all in on him at some point. Quite the gamble, i'd say.
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