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  1. 13 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    They can “force” him to play for $10MM this year and then $12MM next year. Then $17MM after that, if they really wanted.

    I’m not saying they will tag him 3x in a row - players hate it - but Douglas has that leverage in his pocket, and Maye’s agent knows it. What’s he going to do, sit out seasons before he’s ever cashed in? 

    They 4/$44MM with $22MM guaranteed is about the most he should be offered. Or he can get tagged instead, and get paid that same rate for the next 2 years with less than half that guaranteed up front. 

    Presumably Douglas knows how to do this. I hope. 

    Good point on Maye. Douglas can wait it out. No harm. No foul. Finances we're never my strong suit.

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  2. I think JD, needs to surprise us, and sign someone who was expected to sign elsewhere. Example:Joe Thuney. Last year wasn't a good year for him in FA. He also fessed up and admitted it was a mistake not aggressively trying to resign Anderson. One thing that bothers me about him, is that he's seems to be a little to patient, to the point of being a procrastinator. Maye should have been extended before the season ended. Same with Anderson, last year. At least get the process started so it doesn't get to FA.

  3. The most enticing thing, (to me), about a trade down with Carolina is the chance that we could ask for and hopefully receive Brian Burns as part of the package. You've solved a major problem on your defensive front. I suppose if that would occur Carolina's 1st and 2nd pick in 21, and a #2 in 22 sounds like fair compensation

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  4. 7 hours ago, Mogglez said:

    I haven’t heard much of anything in regards to the 5th year option. If I had to guess, they’d just trade him without picking it up, but your guess is as good as mine lol.

    If they stick with Sam I believe that, yes, they will look to get a haul for 2OA.  That’s was “the plan” mentioned to me before Saleh was hired.  Obviously that will now play a factor and I was told Sam would not be forced on anyone so the situation was still very fluid during that process.  They also haven’t seen these kids workout nor have they “met” with them.  I also don’t believe Watson will be coming here and the only thing worth a debate right now for JD and co. is “King’s haul for 2OA and worry about QB later?” or “trade Sam, draft QB at 2OA, and use all our draft capital to build around our new young QB?”

    Question. Can you gauge their feelings on Sam. Do they have a feeling, (strong or not), that Sam has the chance to live up to expectations in a proven system that might suit his skillset?

  5. 40 minutes ago, Maxman said:

    Hey thanks for signing up.  This does seem to have played out the same way for sure.  

    The interesting thing is Ryan T had a decent start before Gase got a hold of him. So I worry about Sam, how much permanent damage was done and if he will be able to bounce back.

    I like the kid a lot, so I am hoping he can do it. But it is scary because Gase ruins things.

    Darnold knew Gase was dogsh..He played the good soldier. The one time he disobeyed the QB whisperer was two years ago, when he committed the cardinal sin of changing the play at the line. Result. Long touchdown reception to Anderson. Remember.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    I’m not disagreeing.  That being said, based on what I have heard for a while now, the idea of getting that type of value in return for Sam was not something that the team thought was possible a couple of months ago.  Things change.  Now there is a legitimate shot you can get a high value pick back for Sam and the question the team has to answer is whether or not they feel giving up on him is worth that value.

    I believe,(with no 1st hand knowledge), that they want to create as much value with that 2nd pick as possible, in order to trade down, and stick with Sam, or trade for Watson. To me Watson is a pipe dream. The Texans are going to play hardball with him, and trade him when all other avenues have been exhausted. I don't think Douglas wants to include that #2 pick in a Watson deal. He needs that so he can trade down and build an offense around whoever that QB is. Watson or Darnold. Plus tou add in the fact we need a few more pieces on defense that fit our new 4/3 scheme. Perhaps, Douglas is waiting on the highest 1st rd offer for Sam, so he can offer it up in a Watson trade. Important, because like i said, he wants to keep that 2nd pick 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    I believe that if the Jets can get a mid first to mid 2nd for Sam, he’s gone.  I can’t speak for FG, but I’ve always said that I pretty much have it 55/45 that Sam is back and you could catch me reversing those odds in favor of drafting a rookie at 2OA on any given day, especially after they start diving into the tape of Wilson and Fields in particular.  I like them both quite a bit.

    Breer is pretty connected too.  I trust him.

    Your assuming that Breer is being fed correct information. It's in the Jet's best interest to let rhe league know that drafting a QB, at #2 is where they're going.

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  8. 1 hour ago, sackdance said:

    Oh what's three 1sts, a few 2nds, and a starter worth to a 2-14 team that's thin everywhere? Let's just trade the future for a disgruntled superstar QB. 

    The Jets are not in a jam, the Texans are. We should remember that the Jets would have clear paths forward even if Watson was a happy camper in Houston. We don't need this. 

    Relax. I agree with you. Mortgage building the team for anybody. No thanks. Just was talking about what his trade value could be. Hard to say. 25 yr old QB.Highly ranked, now on the market????????Who knows what a reasonable asking price would be.

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  9. 2 hours ago, doitny said:

    but we have to be careful not to drink the kool aid. 

    we are going to have the 2nd easiest schedule in 2021. similar to 2019 when Gase and Darnold won 7 games and Darnold looked the best hes been as a pro. if he stays we will probably get a repeat of that in 2021. then we will be saying that Saleh found the key to unlock Darnold. yeah!!!!! ...


    is it that or the schedule? i bet the schedule. but if we drink that kool aid we wont be drafting a QB in 2022 and most likely Sam will suck against mid level teams in 2022. we will have wasted 2 more years on Sam. 

    we cant take that chance. we need a QB this year.

    and they had Todd Mcshay on the Michael Kay Show the other day and he said next years QB class is not as good. i guess it depends on who you listen too.

    These people we have in place now are the real deal. They'll be running a proven system, not a Gase run predictable offense. If Darnold does well, maybe it's for all the reasons that have been talked about. Real coaching. Real talent.

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  10. 20 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    The Catch-22 is this....  The Jets would then have Watson (awesome!), but would have a defense that lost a great defender in the trade (from a defense that wasn't particularly great to begin with) and would have no high value picks to build around Watson on O or to replenish the D.  It would put the rebuild on pause and delay the Jets in building a competent roster, or it would force us to be what we all despise.... a team throwing money at free agents because we don't have enough Draft picks and we have a FQB whose clock is ticking to win a Super Bowl, so we try to load up without picks and bloat the payroll.

    If the Jets do a trade like you suggest (multiple 1sts, multiple 2nds, a great defender) they would now sit with a top-heavy team at QB without playmakers on either side of the ball and with a fanbase expecting DeShaun Watson to carry them to the playoffs.  I think it would look much like Houston this year.  Watson threw for 4800 yards, 33 TDs, 7 INTs.

    His team won 4 games.


    Correct Mr Jetstream. All the posters dying for a QB change, should show a little patience. 2022 it will still be legal for us to draft a QB. Next year is looking like it could be a stronger QB class. Taking a TL out of the picture. A bunch on the level of a Wilson or a Fields.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    The issue isn't that Ertz is 30. Or it's not just that. It's the cumulative years of breakdown with a guy who's gotten injured basically every year of his career. He needed 6 weeks of injury-rest in the middle of the 2020 season. It's a legitimate red flag whether he was 30 or still just 28 when he's coming off the season he just did.

    Philadelphia needs some cap room but his $8.5MM salary is actually low if they felt he could still be anything like he used to be. Never mind if he was he'd be the only serious receiving target on the team. They could lower it further with an extension he badly wanted at the start of the season; playing lousy in 2020 was no way to get his numbers up.

    Apparently he often looked like a totally different person on the field last year. No, Wentz throwing some unnecessarily wild throws didn't help any, but Iggles fan consensus (the ones who aren't just going by his numbers like most Jets fans are now) is that he looked visibly slower and further that he wasn't putting in effort they usually saw from him (e.g. lazy blocking effort, not making any move to try to catch a pass if it wasn't thrown as well as it should've been, etc.). 

    More than one writer suggested the possibility he may have been dogging it because he was pissed off over his contract, and add that to the Eagles being a dead-end team, but I'd like to think not. It'd mean he can still play, but it also would mean he's only going to give effort when he feels it's worth it. Philadelphia won just 2 of 11 with Ertz starting and 2 of 5 without him. No that's not enough for scientific deductions regarding Ertz himself, but no doubt if they were 5-6 with him and 0-5 without him that'd certainly be brought up so it's fair to bring up here.

    Ertz was never had particularly fast straight speed in the first place (4.76 at the combine at age 23), so when a receiver - who barely had 4.8 speed before age/injury have set in at all - then loses a step or more, he may be just too slow and it's unlikely he'll get faster as more time passes.

    Anyway I fully admit I didn't focus on the Eagles' TE every week in 2020, but there are more red flags than just turning 30. I'd rather put our FA receiver money into a WR, over getting deep into bed with a guy who's already shown on-field signs of hitting a career wall. Maybe he rebounds, and I'd hope he does if we get him, but he's not the type I'd expect more than 1 productive season (and possibly not even that).  

    If you ever post anything in a paragraph or less, i think 'll seizure. Then i'd feel compelled to send you a few containers of my killer chili. Habanero vinegar and all😯

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  12. 27 minutes ago, Thai Jet said:

    :huh:  Huh ?  Fair trade value has nothing to do with the Watson case . IMHO the Texans, thanks to their no trade clause they gave Watson, has ZERO leverage in all this. They can have a great 3 1st's and 5 #2's deal set up  and all Watson has to do is say no and "poof" the trade's gone. It seems to me that Texans have 2 choices..... A: Except what's offered for a team that Watson wants to play for or B: Keep Watson and have a disgruntled QB on their hand who I'm sure will be "injured" a lot this year.  

    The Texan's aren't about to just cave in and get what they can for him. One thing they have going for them is the contract Watson signed off on, 4 months ago. My point was that this isn't getting reaolved in rhe near future. It could drag on into the season, or even wind up in the courts. Watson has that no trade clause. Other than that, he doesn't have a leg to stand in. Legally.

  13. 3 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    I hope JD lets this situation marinate in Houston.  Just a nice sloooow burn.

    The last three or four major decisions by the Texans are all negatives for Watson IMO.  DeShaun has to be sitting there pissed off about the GM, the Easterby situation, the hiring of the new HC, and now watching JJ Watt walk away.  They have no Draft picks, everyone dislikes ownership now, etc.  It will simply come down to a standoff now that Watson has requested a trade.

    I hope this ferments a couple more weeks and the Texans finally start making a couple calls.....and I hope JD lets the first one go to voicemail before returning the call 2 days later.

    Based on what JD expects in return for trades (ex. Jamal) and what he's shown he's willing to spend in FA (ex. Robby too expensive, guys like Perriman, Jenkins, Poole getting one-year deals around $4-5M) does anybody think the Jets will give up a ton for Watson?  I don't.  I wouldn't be shocked if they pay some kind of fair value (two 1st round picks if one of them includes the #2, a couple of other lesser things) but I'd be absolutely shocked if the Jets overpaid by even a tiny bit.

    What's the fair trade value for a guy like Watson. Hard to say. If they want 3 1st's, a few 2nds, and a quality defensive starter, would they be asking too much. Probably not. That's why i think this thing is going to drag out for a ling time.

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