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  1. Let JD sink or swim with Wilson.
  2. Well. I agree with you. Never a sure thing. He had a great college career. Some we're concerned about his athleticism. Those question we're answered at his pro day. Put about great numbers in every test. If we're gun shy with him, we should be gun shy about everybody else we ever draft. No injury history also.
  3. Creed Humphrey. Would be a plug and play Center for the next 10 years.
  4. Almost all of highlight videos have the same nonsense. Drives me crazy.
  5. Thank god for the mute button.
  6. A journeyman. Will find a roster spot on a team with some d-line injuries.
  7. I think we all need to consider that some of those pressures by Lawson might have been sacks, if Geno Atkins wasn't injured. No interior pressure. Not a problem with us.
  8. genot

    whos next

    I agree. He needs to try harder, or we'll never hear from him again
  9. genot

    whos next

    In a country of fallen heroes, and mass shootings, this forum, and all forums need a JetsFanShawn.
  10. genot

    whos next

    An important point made Shawn. Thanks.
  11. genot

    whos next

    Don't do it Sperm.
  12. Every episode, more than once. It was an incredibly well written show.
  13. Yea. Chris went to Tony about it. Paulie got pissed he didn't come to him and went to the boss.
  14. When Adriana said he couldn't function like a man, no more. The look on Paulie's face. Funny as can be.
  15. This reminds me of Chris Moltasanti's drug intervention in the Sopranos. At the end of the scene, everybody started beating the sh.. Out of one another. Lol.
  16. There are a large number of people in this country with untreated mental health issues. Even people who are baker acted into mental health facilities can sign thier own release in a 72 hour period. Until we, as a country deal more seriously with this, we'll be reading stories like this on a regular basis. My heart goes out to all families involved, and to Al Toon, in particular.
  17. Did you ever hear Gholston talk. It sounded like he was on Lithium. The Jet's failed in the interview process.
  18. How could anybody be worse than a football player, who really didn't want to be a football player. Vernon Gholston.
  19. Im satisfied with a running back by committee approach. That being Coleman, Johnson, maybe Adams, on 1st and 2nd down. I want a 3rd down back who can come in as a true duel threat, like a Bruce Harper. Richie Anderson
  20. What makes a great forum is that we can argue and think evil thoughts about one another. When the smoke clears though, we're still Jet fans and Jet Nation buddies. Right JetsFan80.
  21. I really think he has an anti-social disorder. I doubt he'll ever sniff another NFL coaching job again
  22. The only suckers are the ones who read your posts, with the expectation something intelligent might be said.
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