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  1. Im concerned about Becton. His troubles this summer in pass protection, his foot injury, now this. He didn't miss a lot of games last year. But he did sit a dew times for a quarter or two. Trouble breathing. Dizzy spell, another time. Im no doctor or predictor of the future. He's so much bigger than everyone else. I just wonder if his size, (as time goes on), will limit his availability. Sorry for using a capital letter in deGrom. It was a terrible mistake that needed to be pointed out.
  2. Hope Fant can pass block at the LT spot. Becton is the Jacob Degrom of the N.Y Jet's.
  3. They talk like practice is a different sport
  4. Leaving our disagreements aside. This is fuc.. .. Awesome. Cheers!!!!!!!!
  5. You don't know what the hell your talking about. Go google what kind of schemes Callahan has used over the years. It's been, (for the most part), a power scheme. I wish i knew how to copy and paste from my phone.
  6. The Redskins last year ran more of a power scheme. This is a zone blocking scheme. Fant might be a better fit based on that scheme.
  7. Will you stop overselling everything. Jeez. You could have made a fortune selling shark cartilage as a sure fire cure for cancer.
  8. It's frustrating. I stated an opinion about the Jet's run defense being suspect. Didn't say it was, but could be. And those two guys are upset and want to argue. Oh well.
  9. Thank You for stating the obvious. With some posters, that's necessary.
  10. An intelligent response. Not a surprise. Opposing OC's will figure out a way to get a guard or TE free in the run game. It's what they do. im not sure abour JFM, abd Rankins being quality run defenders. They're is a skill to it that a lot of lineman don't seem to have
  11. I thought Saleh wanted his d-lineman to attack and penetrate. Meaning not waiting for the play to come to them. Holding up and the releasing from an o-lineman. Something that Leo did very well. Fatasuki also plays well that way.
  12. my whole point un my original post was that they 'we're well below 230lbs, and that's ONE of the reasons why our run defense might struggle. But Jet Nut felt like arguing so he who only read into my post what he thought he could pick apart
  13. This guy should look at the starting OLB's in the NFL who play in a 4-3. Most are around 230lbs. Very few are at 215lbs. Some are, but very few
  14. You need to stop. My first post was clear about why the run defense might struggle. You asked me what i was talking about. 4-3 linebackers are smaller er and faster. I responded that most aren't that small, including Mosley the guy who lost weight and is still 15+ lbs bigger than our rookies
  15. Sherwood and Nasrideen are converted safeties who will be playing well below 230lbs. That was why i thought are run defense could be a major concern. Reason one, they're playing in the NFL at a new position. #2. They're smaller by 15 to 20 lbs than the average OLB in a 4-3.
  16. You like to argue. Argue with someone else. Push and push and push and ignore will be next. Mosley has lost weight. He's still bigger than who are outside linebackers will be to start the season. Davis on our latest depth chart is at 245lbs. Please copy and paste his current listed wieght if that's not correct. I never posted anything about what kind of a player Davis was. Ever. I might have said that he struggled in coverage when he was a Lion. That's it.Never said he sucked. Ever.
  17. Another obvious point, a kill your post point, is the fact that Jared Davis weighs in at 245lbs. Maybe you should take up your point with coach Saleh.
  18. Our olb aren't at 230lbs. Thier at 215lbs. That's not the only reason in my post why i think the Jet's run defense will suffer.
  19. Our outside linebackers are rookies who we're college safeties.. Both don't weigh more than 215lbs. Remember Darron Lee. He weighed 230lbs and was easily held up by tight ends and offensive lineman. That's what im talking about.
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