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  1. I don't think Douglas is lying. They felt more than comfortable moving ahead with Sam. There we're inquiries by teams early on and they still hadn't made a decision. That was after watching all the game tape. If Wilson or Lawrence wasn't available in the draft.Sam would still be here.
  2. This is why i'm upset by this trade. We're finally doing, and are going to do in the near future, what we should have done 31/2 years ago. Because that never happened we we're almost forced by finances and draft position to jettison Sam. I of course will cheer our new QB, but i really will miss the potential joy of watching Sam turn it around here, after the misery of the last two years.
  3. Zack has shoulders. Coulda fooled me.
  4. My favorite Dracula. giphy (8).mp4
  5. The offense will be out for blood now, for sure
  6. He scored a 40 on his Wonderlinc. Which is very high. A lot to like about his future
  7. I'd be exited if we took Lance. Not at #2. At #4 or #5. For sure. He'd sit for the season, though.
  8. I'm gonna drop a hit of acid in J.D's coffee and make him trade for Darnold.
  9. Darnold doesn't want the pocket to break down. He expects it. Can you blame him.
  10. Who did Darnold have out of the backfield to throw to. Part of the problem with the offense the last two years. Don't you think.
  11. If the Jet's handled Darnold the way the Chiefs handled Mahomes, we might not have been having this still searching debate the last three months.
  12. No. It's not that. It's not talent related.
  13. Something about Wilson rubs me the wrong way. Other than his slight frame, and shoulder surgeries.
  14. Pitts no. Waddle, yes. We play the Panthers this year. That game thread is going to be insane.
  15. Your being silly. I just made an observation about the talent level on the team he was traded to.
  16. Not really. They lost Samuel. He was important to that offense. I'm not making excuses. I just don't think the Panthers are a talent rich team on offense.
  17. Yes. The Panthers after losing Samuel, are pretty lame offensively.
  18. Look. What's done is done. I think that some are underestimating the support Sam had in that locker room though.
  19. If Sam was to be traded, i was hoping it would be to a team, that was further along than the Panthers. Denver, possibly. Oh well.
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