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  1. Raiderholic thinks he'll be a difference maker in that scheme.
  2. What about Bill Bruford????
  3. Lol. Ok.That's a good price. I had an SBG 2000 years ago. Going for thousands now. They called it the Les Paul killer. Exaggeration. A good guitar though.
  4. 1984 Yamaha sbg 200. Listed on reverb.com at $550. A steal at that price. Better quality than that SG.
  5. Quoting Joe W Namath. " Another brilliant move by JD. The best of the best." "Thanks JD"
  6. His therapy is making me nauseous.
  7. No. He won't. We'll be running the football a lot more than the Chargers. Oh, and by the way.
  8. Your fawning is becoming so annoying im considering it could be schtick.
  9. genot

    Jabari Zuniga

    He'll have more of an impact this year. Then again, maybe he won't.
  10. The question is how many rolls je goes through a week.
  11. He's the one who said he wanted to shed some weight. Why he said it. I don't know. Obviously he thought it would help him in some way.
  12. The more you weigh, the more stress is put on all your joints. Carrying less weight can do nothing but improve endurance and lessen the stress on his body. If he can shed some pounds, he should do it. Can't hurt. Might help.
  13. Again. The issue with me isn't the injury. It's the fact that he realized at the end of last year, losing 30lbs would be a smart thing for him to do. With all the best facilities and trainers available to him, he came to camp, not losing a pound. He needs to become a more responsible professional.
  14. It took me a year for the pain to go away, and not come back. It sucked.
  15. I stand corrected........And......your awesome.
  16. I think Beckton should be in everyones doghouse. Said he wanted to shed weight at the end of the year. Didn't lose a pound. Listening to Saleh's comments the door to the doghouse could open if he doesn't start taking care of himself.
  17. This post by The Crusher memorialized in photograph by his loving wife.
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