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  1. Just read your post. Lets have drinks later.
  2. I agree. If we trade down with the Panthers we draft a corner with the 2nd rd pick we received from them.
  3. If this report is true, it could be a further indication on who the QB will be next year.Could be.
  4. I know about Dawn Wells. Saw a you tube interview with her a week before she got Covid. Looked fine. Got her quick. Wow. Time goes by quick. 86 years old. All those reruns, makes you forget just how long ago that show was aired
  5. Waddle at #8. Toney at #23. Trey Smith at #33. Dylan Moses at #40. And engage in a full court press to get Scheff and Cory Lindsey in Green and White.
  6. We have Ginger and Mary Ann on our island. They have the Howells.
  7. He'll be 30 yrs old when the season starts. Only managed to play in more than 10 games once. No. No. No.
  8. This is just my opinion. The only QB, (other than Sam), that JD has an interest in is DW. Douglas would HAVE TO obtain a 1st rd pick for Darnold, and have an verbal agreement in place with Houston on what they would want from the Jet's. I don't believe JD wants to part with that 2nd pick. He needs it to trade down to recoup some of the draft capital lost in a DW trade. We do have other needs. That's why getting a 1st for Sam would be so key to any deal that might arise. My view is that by the time Houston decides what to do about DW, it will be after the draft, therefore making a deal for him
  9. I think Sam and needs a legitimate threat to his job security. If for nothing else to light a fire in him. I agree with those sentiments. QB's mentioned. No.Jacoby Brissett in FA. Yes.
  10. That's a good post Sperm. Look, i can see why people will rip me, and say" Genot excuses for Sam 37". We'll just have to wait and see if all the things that we're working against Sam, the last two years, radically slowed an upward trajectory in his play.
  11. Perriman was a bust ever since he was drafted. Mims was a rookie, without the benefit of a training camp. Not to mention missing the 1st 7 games because he was injured. Other than Becton is a bunch of journymen castoffs from other teams.The only good WR we have, who proved himself before he got here, was Crowder. He's done rather well with Darnold throwing his way
  12. Nothing im saying is a sure thing with regards to Darnold. When i read what you and others say, it's a sure thing Darnold sucks.Maybe the talent around Darnold sucked, because he sucked. Could be the other way around.
  13. Hows the Jet's o-line. Sucks. How are the Jet's at WR. Need help, bad. How has the Jet's running game bean, the last three years. It sucked. Do you like Gase and his scheme and olay calling. Gase is the worst. Needs to be fired. Is Gase a good communicator. He sucks. Doesn't communicate with anyone. Does any of this matter. No. Darnold sucks. Get my point.
  14. Maybe he can be fixed He's had no coaching for two out of the three years he's been in the league. At least Josh tried to be a QB coach, even though he wasn't. Gase. Well, im sure we agree on him, and his teaching abilities.
  15. Good for you. Stick to your views. If Douglas does his job, Sam will have a lot more to work with. And it will show in the stat line.
  16. Answer the question. Why are so many teams inquiring about his availability. If he was trash, as you suggest. Why bother.. Because he's cute.
  17. Geno and Sanchez at the time had more around him. Holmes. Edwards. Ivory. Decker was there, that first year with Geno. Mangold and Dbrick we're still there. Gase wasn't there.
  18. And so have i. Still thread after thread about it. I haven't started any of them.
  19. They have seen the same film as you. Many disagree
  20. You realize, the 4niners evaluated Sam, and felt he was the best QB on the board.Saleh was there at the time.Oh. and Robert Fripp, loves Sam.
  21. How could you be so sure, when the people entrusted, and are earning they're living evaluating these things, disagree. That's the issue i have a problem with.
  22. You talk about seeing the play in front of you. With the Jet's, they're rarely is. You need recievers to get open, and run good routes. If a QB, is getting pressured, and receivers aren't getting open, that spells trouble. No.
  23. All these can be true. All these can be bot true, also.
  24. When Sam's back, and showing why he was a top prospect, will you post a pic with you with egg on your face.
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