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  1. I haven't jumped off the bridge. I am walking in that direction. Walking slowly. It's still camp.
  2. Too many reports about him getting beat to discount it.
  3. He has pass protection issues. He had them at Louisville. He had them on occasion last year, and he's having them in camp. Teams have an off season of game tape to find and exploit weaknesses. He was a newbie last year. Everyone knows him now. Nobody questions him as a run blocker. He's a monster out there. If his issues as a pass blocker puts Wilson in the concussion protocol, then maybe you'll stop being such an unobservant cheerleader.
  4. Forgot about the Brown game. All it takes is one. Whiff, ( like in the Raider game), to get the QB killed.
  5. Your delusional. He whiffed twice on inside rushes and almost got the QB killed. I know it was Darnold, but if it happens to Wilson maybe you'll take your blinders off
  6. Did you watch the Raider game last year?
  7. It's not just a weight issue. He's so naturally huge, it might take him a millisecond longer to move laterally than others with a more lean frame. A millisecond is all it takes to get beat bu a speed rusher. Inside or outside
  8. Cmon. This is a Darnold obsession. We can talk about the picks the day of next years draft.
  9. Im not sure Mosley will be our best defender. I do think he might be our most important one. His run defense will be key to our overall defense this year. This attacking style defense is exiting and will give QB fits. It could leave us open to. A good running game.
  10. Wasn't he also a fighter or sparring partner to someone at some point in his life. It was so long ago. Can't remember. Well, anyway. R.I.P. Joe.
  11. It is beyond ridiculous to hear certain posters talk about the Darnold lovers, when almost all of the threads about him we're started by his detractors. And almost all of the posts are by people who for some strange reason feel compelled to bash him. He's not a Jet. He's a Panther. Maybe we should start threads about Kyler Murray and Mac Jones too.
  12. Yea .Guys like Corey Davis are a QB's best friend. They know how to run routes, and are always in the right spot. Our last QB, especially last year was hesitant to get rid of the ball because he wasn't sure about the receivers being in the right spot. Wilson doesnt have to worry about that with Davis and Cole.
  13. I agree for the most part. A lot of thier starters didn't play on D. Im a little concerned about Beckton. Maybe im just a worry wort. I don't know. Lok
  14. There are things to be exited about. Wilaon showing a very live arm and quick release. The play calling, with designed rollouts, which make sense with a movile QB like Wilson. The Keenan Allen type route running of corey Davis. Team speed on defense. Im not going to get exited about Mims catching some passes against 3rd team defenders. Im not going to get exited about Perrine, who still looks slow to me.
  15. Im not gonna stop watching. Im also not going to get exited about what any player does in the 4th quarter of the 1st exhibition game. Sorry.
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