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  1. You realize, the 4niners evaluated Sam, and felt he was the best QB on the board.Saleh was there at the time.Oh. and Robert Fripp, loves Sam.
  2. How could you be so sure, when the people entrusted, and are earning they're living evaluating these things, disagree. That's the issue i have a problem with.
  3. You talk about seeing the play in front of you. With the Jet's, they're rarely is. You need recievers to get open, and run good routes. If a QB, is getting pressured, and receivers aren't getting open, that spells trouble. No.
  4. All these can be true. All these can be bot true, also.
  5. When Sam's back, and showing why he was a top prospect, will you post a pic with you with egg on your face.
  6. That's true. It isn't just that. It's the system fit. It's the receivers. Not just relative talent of them, but the amount of time they've had to develop an in game chemistry with Darnold. All of those things combined would make it near impossible for any QB, to succeed.
  7. Douglas, Saleh, LaFluer. You know. But they don't. It's fu..in comical. Let's trade Anderson for a mid rd pick. We can find a one trick pony anywhere. Let's trade that fat bust QW. No way we're going to get anybody to give up too much for Adams. He's just a box safety. Get them in the 5th rd. The list goes on and on. Oh. Perriman gives us everything Anderson did.
  8. Excuse his poor play. Last night in the biggest game of the year, showed what happens when your QB, isn't being given the time to see the field and get the ball to his playmakers. At least Mahomes has some. In addition to a poor line, Darnold doesn't have a Kelce, or a Hill to rely on. It just doesn't matter though to us coach potatoes, who can evaluate better from the living room sofa, than the group of teams who have an interest in trading for Darnold's services
  9. I get the feeling that the Darnold detractors, no matter what the facts are, would be the ones to take their shirt off in freezing temps with Darnold sucks, painted on thier chest.
  10. A lot of teams like Darnold. That's why they're calling the Jet's about him. S o why would it be a surprise the Jet's like him also
  11. Because of the reasons stated in his post. Play calling, and the quality of a QB's recievers. Have a lot to do with a QB's success. Your saying it doesn't matter.
  12. Imagine dealing with that pressure game in and game out. This is why i've been on Darnolds side. He's been ill served by a bad o-line, and awful game planning the last two years.
  13. Neither can any QB. I.E. Darnold. And look at the playmakers KC has, compared to the Jet's
  14. You really want to tie your future to a QB, who's only played one year of college ball, who hasn't played in over a year because of covid.
  15. Thuney has also excelled at center. If we draft a center, who better than to have a player of his caliber and experience olaying next to him
  16. What's next. Someone wanting out because they're unhappy with the training facilities.This needs to be nipped in the bud.
  17. The DW effect. I have no love for the people who run the Texans. Still, i hope they play hardball with him. He might,(i say might), have opened up a can of worms.
  18. I agree. Hip injury that was very slow to heal. Then i read two different articles about FA wr's. Mentioned that Samuel was always much more of an open target, even when Golladay was healthy.
  19. Herbert had Mike Williams, Hunter Henry, and one of the best route runners in football. Keenan Allen. It's not a minor point.
  20. That's true. Both though, we're limited athletically, timed out real slow, but found a way to always get open and bail out the QB.
  21. Great post. I was thinking Golladay, until i read a bunch of stuff on Samuel's ability to get quick separation as compared to some of the other wideouts.in FA.
  22. We're looking at two different QB's based on our own bias. I saw Darnold elude Donald a whole helluva lot. He had to do that the whole game. Josh Andrews was at guard. It was very impressive that Donald only had one sack in game. He looks very athletic to me. The Jet's don't win games. That's the problem. Every opinion is based on our frustration being Jet fans
  23. Tannyhill started his career with Jake Long, incognito and mike pouncy. Pouncy was still the center when Gase was hired
  24. It's interesting you left out o- line. Probably because you realize if you'd consider that you'd have egg on your face. Bush and Hartline we're very good . Before injuries ruined him, Hartline was compared to Chrebet. Bush was an excellent receiver out of the backfield. Very important for a young QB to have someone like that when no one else is open. Robby Anderson had more catches for more yards. Averaged more than 4 yds less per catch. He had other receivers that defenses had to watch out for. Who did Anderson have here. DT. Please. Flacco had one decent game. The same game Mims exploded fo
  25. Lol. So the quality of the players around you make no difference in a QB's production. Tannyhill started his career behind an excellent o-line with two sure handed receivers. Reggie Bush and Brian Hartline. That doesn't make a difference either does it.
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