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  1. That's a lot of weight to be carrying around.I know that other o-lineman have played at a high level at that weight, but it still is a question mark. His longevity.
  2. Minor injuries that keep occurring on a 365lb football player is very alarming. All these minor injuries will eventually lead to him becoming an ineffective pass protector. Missing games is bad enough, but losing the mobility he has will make him expendable. He said at the end of the season he planned on losing weight. Guess he was to busy to try.
  3. I have a lot of respect for him. Don't think it's about the money. He justs love the game. Like a fighter who doesn't know when to hang up the gloves. Don't blame him because that moron used him as a featured back. Look at his career . Hardly missed any games over a 10 yr+ stretch.
  4. How dare you. Zack looked like a pro bowler at todays practice.
  5. Thank you. Said the safety out of Florida State we drafted is in his top ten list of players drafted out of that school. That's ban worthy.And people complain about JetsFanShawn. Lol.
  6. If i hear that during the regular season. Im gonna bust a blood vessel. Your right though. It's just OTA's.
  7. Lol. It's a tough call. Today, i agree with you. His next thread. Maybe not.
  8. Another brilliant observation put forth by one of Jet Nations finest. Thanks, Shawn.
  9. You like to read into what i said, and find something you can argue about. At 6'2" 245 lbs, he's undersized . He's been a really good pass rusher, but playing at that size for 9 years, there's a possibility the pounding has taken it's toll. That seems to be the feeling around the NFL. If it wasn't, he probably would have been one of the first pass rushers signed.
  10. Are you for real. If he sat out for the reasons you stated, he should be blacklisted fron the NFL. Didn't he sign with the Jet's knowing who the QB and coach we're going to be?
  11. Going into his 10th season. Undersized. A risk, not worth taking if his asking price is too high.
  12. I knew those gifs would put a smile on your face.
  13. Sam will never be traded. JD is too smart to do such a thing.
  14. Jeez, Tom. Starting the day off with this. Inevitably this thread will deteriorate into politics. The amount of corruption spread throughout the Capital, is at an all time high. And that's saying a lot, because it's always been rife with it.
  15. Yea. 14 sacks in the last three years. On the downside of his career. He needs to accept that reality.
  16. It was a surprise they didn't draft Mason. They must have faith that Wesco can carry out that role. San Fran sure did what they needed to do to keep KJ. It shows his value to that offense.
  17. "It just feels different this time. Try standing up.
  18. I can't believe they're are people other than JetsFanShawn who agree with Carter.
  19. Big red machine. Wrestling had such a great run. Not nearly as entertaining now as it was in it's heyday.
  20. I live in Woodstock, GA. Would love to go. I'll have a seamstress sew the back of a Darnold jersey to the front of a Wilson jersey. Will be rooting for the Jet's of course.
  21. A hothead. Threw a bat at David Cone because he got hit with a curveball. Stupid.
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