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  1. i thought of a thread If the average JetNation Poster were Mentally Healthy....
  2. Just came across this. Worth a look, imho. Chris Trapasso @ CBS sports. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/grading-nfls-next-generation-of-quarterbacks-drew-lock-shines-on-the-road-lamar-jackson-does-enough-in-win/ He does an analysis of the young QBs on a game by game basis. Good throw section/Bad throw section/Summary/Grade
  3. nico literally referred to Sam as a BABY. Theres apprently a BABY about to win the MVP.
  4. every NFL player is a leg injury away from... whatever...
  5. connor rogers "nicest human on planet earth" wtf is this WUSS? bah humbug
  6. yup. just prior to game i said i had a gut feeling the Jets would hang with them.... (FG kick was blocked/tipped)
  7. Other Qbs could get yards running. None of them had the innate combination of running skills/moves/speed that Lamar has. He usually has a handful of runs where he gets to the edge and gets a 1d (7-20 yds) w/o even being touched.
  8. 1st drive Hewitt nailed him. Cleanest shot he's taken all year in the time I have watched him. But your point is valid. He avoids those hits 98% of the time. ( or some REALLY high %)
  9. I woulda agreed on "most." We're 20th 57% pass block win rate. Slightly better than expected due to last 6 games. But still, losing roughly 4/10 battles is rough sledding. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27584726/nfl-pass-blocking-pass-rushing-rankings-2019-pbwr-prwr-leaderboard#pbwrteam
  10. fwiw, the above tweet... i think it's mostly accurate about Gase/Darnold relationship. For me, I see a HC/OC who totally believes in his QB.
  11. I asked for a middling QBR of 50 vs Balt and it was 48.6. Not POOR but... overall merely OK. The above sentence was in honor of the thread title which was pointiing out his performance in a single game. He was playing really well for a good portion of the 1st half...
  12. this only for the chuckleheads saying his floor is Rivers and he is Favre-like. The rest just want to see improvement out of the bottom 3rd of the league.
  13. I hope so. Those were examples where he was WELL PROTECTED.

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