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    words music women

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    lab scientist

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    1st four games attended 4-0 late 70's
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    just a lil fart

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  1. Losmeister

    It’s ok if Sam sucks tonight

    I guess I gotta accept some Jets fans sucking...cos, no, i dont think its ok if he sucks. i doubt he takes that positions... oh it's ok if i suck.
  2. Too much non-Jtes, friggin Patriots stuff on here for my taste... so i bellow and spittle abit...
  3. whats a pussy, runaway and over the shoulder finger... hows canada, i wonder?
  4. Believe me, I read the entirety of your post. If you are resigned that the Jets ******* suck ( whch is kinda where we are at, tryna move into the not suck zone) and have accepted that and are internalizing you pissed offedness, i kinda get it. But losiung to the Browns after the havent own in so long... that's a pill i will choke on. though the odds... are good that i'll be chkoking on it alright.
  5. If you heard my voice, you'd know it's bellowing not whining. It's Jets thread and I look and see threads about Tom Brady and the Pats. Thats bullsh*t. And I'm calling it. Nuthn personal.
  6. dude was catching punts inside the 20 all day... and the P's hang time was good.
  7. and has to do with NFL football vaguely so i need to start a new thread on jets nation... file with tom brady's feelings
  8. i have always thought this is the biggest myth of all... the motivating aspects of coaches... pffft prep and practice, PUNTO!
  9. Losmeister

    I've defended Macc

  10. had a crazy dream we lost 36 -30 in OT
  11. Losmeister

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    There's so many posts and activity here that you have to read through ALL posts on every thread or you'll double up! Mostly I end up liking or up arrow things i was thinking....

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