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  1. how Genos righteously shattered mandible has anything to do with the Browns being the Browns is beyond me
  2. to win in detroit would not be, imho, a shocker. its the freaking Lions. our OL needs to be a noych above last year. or we're looking at 5 or 6 wins again.
  3. wildy unpopular... Namath threw an astonishing 70 INT in his 1st three years... turnover machine #1
  4. i can only commend, b/c i am a lazy ass bastard and never do such things.
  5. Losmeister

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    btw, someone said somegthing about gale sayers, if i recall? punch yourself in the genitals, please.
  6. punch line would be the game 16 meltdown a la 2015 wher sammy watkins ate darrel ******* is not a HOFer revis for lunch
  7. Losmeister

    Who is the best jets beat reporter?

    Lange was the one i remember actually sounding sensible and like he knew the game.
  8. Losmeister

    Tony Sparano Passes Away

    ooph. condolences to frens and fambly RIP
  9. Players have been known to get better in years 2 and 3 of their career. like milliner pryor and mcdougle, eh?
  10. very very good. how you woud your measure that? rank in the top half of safeties? 2 per team is 64 total. good would be, say, top half? please advise. cos they were way down the PFF ranks... which i trust moprn i do those with the JetThink lenses whose bar is so low.
  11. kill this thread please. we've all said whatever we wanted to. peace.
  12. Losmeister


    Was unde the impression that the grades were based on teh analytics...
  13. Losmeister


    Go ahead and pick YOURSELf a mentor who is sh*te at what he does...
  14. Losmeister


    IN some other thread I mentioned I might shell out for PFF. I did. I think it is worth it. I was never a big billy beane analytics type, but I find some of the rawer stas dont do it for me.. and this day and age... anyway. If any of you thought of doing it I would encourage you. I can also look ish up if you want, player ratings, et cet. Wasnt sure but it seems that just about all NFL stuff is posted in teh Jets thread so... Here's a PFF blurb on Mclown-- the bold is MINE "Big-time throw analysis:McCown’s big-time throw percentage of 3.57 ranked 28th in the league with all but two of them coming outside the numbers.He was fantastic throwing the ball down the right sideline,often laying the ball up in great spots for his receivers to run under them. He quietly formed one of the league’s best deep-passing duos with WR RobbyAnderson,who finished with the sixth-most deep receiving yards among wide receivers with 408. Turnover-worthy play analysis: As well as McCown played in 2017, he still had ball security issues, ranking 34th in avoiding turnover-worthy throws at 4.77 percent. He had excellent interception luck with 9 actual interceptions despite16 turnover-worthy throws. However, his fumbles were a bigger issue,as he tied for second with seven that were classified as either poor decisions or bad ballsecurity. Pass depth analysis: Only11.3 percent of McCown’s attempts were deep passes, but he made the most of them,ranking fifth in adjusted completion percentage at 46.7 percent. He did have the fifth-highest percentage of turnover-worthy throws on deep passes,bringing his PFF grade down to 13th despite his efficiency on a throw-for-throw basis.The intermediate level was an issue for McCown,where his PFF grade ranked 33rd to go with the fourth-highest percentage of turnover-worthy throws." So.. knock it off with the idea that this schlub is a good mentor for 10million bucks. Thats JetsThink. Cease and desist, mfers.
  15. Losmeister

    Revis officially retires

    if i could move this very dead topic, i would...