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    I don't hate people. I just feel better when they aren't around.
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    1st four games attended 4-0 late 70's
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    just a lil fart

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  1. you polluting the board with new threads where comments could easily placed in pre existing threads on the same topics, haggis.
  2. 83 is the only person I have read that says anything about RA giving up on plays and having dropsies. couple TDs was him getting open on extended plays.. now, I aint calling him the next coming. but robbie got skills. deep outs and comebacks among them. over the middle, not so much, thats true. our Gm calls watching taope of him a pleasant surprise...
  3. in the world where your accent defines you as low class and deserving of scorn by these mokes at JetNation..
  4. hmm.. i remember somewhere said his 40 was in the 4.6s... aha!!! ESPN http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/combine/_/id/210164/greg-dortch if the 4.46 is the truth then I like him alot better cos he CERTAINLY got jukes! good thread, OP!
  5. disagree totally with the #1 Wr myth... you dont even need to look past our own division, Pats, ffs
  6. i agree with above re: offensive line play evaluation... adios Winters, welocme to your future...

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