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  1. to me, he has never really risen above what he was in that bowl game vs Ohio state.... all the same traits exists NOW. so, NO PROGRESS. regression means going backward. he has never moved forward. his brain works the same way it did vs Ohio state. poorly. it wasnt beaten down, it was always just kinda sh*tty, like a bad student.
  2. true. it was true all 3 yrs... there are a handful of plays that he HAS TO MAKE or else he sucks... THOSE are the differences between being bad and beeing solid. THOSE 5-8 plays a game. and he keeps not making them.
  3. i was never convinced, so, no heartbreak here. Even though i didnt know wtf Sanchez was, i was like " well, they went for a QB, so thats not a bad thing." Same here... i WAS TAKEN ABACK at how much they gave up for him and openly said why not just sit pat at #6 and choose LJ? i know there was some doubts about LJ but i was like, kid is electric... anyway... wasnt like i was fukl out STUMPING for LJ. Just thought it was a reasonable pick, if done. So... they paid an inexpereienced kid who got megaoverhyped cos of ONE GAME. I dont think he is fixable. He's a game manager at best. Brad Johhson.
  4. of course there is no tape, going by what i saw ogf him in NCAA... was watching Bama/LSU last yr... asked the LSU fans next to me... THEY think he's gonna ball out... i told them i couldnt put my finger on it... but wasnt feeling confident....
  5. honestly, i didnt know wtf Sam was til March... I was pretty blase about the QB class as i dint belive in Baker having watched him a afew times, i'd never watched Sam. I saw some reels, it was alright... but i wasnt all hyped...people kept TELLING ME I should be hyped.... i bough the NFL package.... watched the games 2 yrs in a row... too many missed plays all over the field, every game... sure he made a few plays, but ALL NFL QB MAKE A FEW PLAYS
  6. you see him thorwig 2TD /game while only 8 int? he looks like a one read guy to me....
  7. McClown taught him everything he knows... how to stay employed in the NFL while being a bad QB.
  8. Bama fan here... I don't feel him being very successful... hold ball too long... isnt THAT atheltic
  9. go see his bowl game vs Ohio State... who tf "beat him down at USC"? " In easily his biggest test of the season, Darnold matched up against Ohio State’s talent-rich defense in the Cotton Bowl. With his elongated release – reminiscent of one Byron Leftwich – and onslaught of bad throws, he looked outclassed, anxious and downright shook, finishing the game with two lost fumbles and an inexcusable pick-six during the Trojans’ 24-7 defeat. Additionally, Darnold missed on several uncontested throws, a microcosm of a sophomore season in which his accuracy suffered and completion percentage dipped over four full points. Against Ohio State, he displayed next-to-nothing pocket presence while being sacked eight times, the majority of which should have been avoided by better pre-snap reads or throwing the ball away.
  10. it's a coincidental thing that people are attributing causation. Tanny throws a 6 yd pass , end up a 77 yd TD. anyway....Tanny was playing welll b4 hegot hurt under GAse ind missed 19 straight games.... people just repeat whatthey hear, " Robby is a one trick pony. Robby has bad hands. Robby isnt tough" (again, i never claimed Robbo was anything more than a SOLID wr2/3, a goo piece)
  11. Douglas cannot fore Gase since Gase reportsto the Flaccid Johnson the Younger
  12. everything that is true is true alongside all othertrue things. whatthat has to do with me feeling not feeling sad/bad for a kid who has 30 million, i dont know. good call on ramsey

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