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    a beaten Dog beneath the hail, a swollen Magpie in a fitful sun
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    words music women

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    lab scientist

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    1st four games attended 4-0 late 70's
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    just a lil fart

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  1. Losmeister

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    one foot on neck, other foot on balls
  2. yup, Johnsons are pure bush league. these fuggers are milquetoast in the marrow. theyd tell Bob marley "It's our Mum and we say let them finish" when he be singin " STOP THAT TRAIN.
  3. Losmeister

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    he was totally cluless when mayfiled came in as well...
  4. Losmeister

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    why do you pay someone 10 mill and simultaneoulsy expect nuthing? thats the friggin point, zed. you all BOUGHT that false narrative. are you a fan of sport or a fan of spin? do you want your team to succedd or do you wanna 5 win season be spun into and indication of progress??
  5. oh, you mean an 80 yd screen for a TD and a 38 yd run TD on the first drive of thegame???
  6. Losmeister

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    all day. good post.
  7. Losmeister

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    18 butt fumbles= 18 stout defenders of a siply bad journeyman backup. you guys should be on the coaching staff. you all wanted to believe that 5 win season was actually something good. that this lifelong scrub deserved 10 million to carry darnolds gym bag... gumby could be sams mentor you guys are actually severely limited when it comes to talking about football... wow...
  8. Losmeister

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    kool aid vendor
  9. about signing McClown and how good he'd be for Sam and the Jets... come on, you wankers, eat some crow... defending this dreck is bad enough... at least have the cojones to admit you didnt know wtf you were talking about.. theres at least 50 of you mokes... you should all be dunking your head in the nearest unflushed toilet
  10. Losmeister

    Darnold at Rangers game tonight.

    someone said they wished they were a fly on the wall in the meeting with bowles... i'd like to horn in on some of the talks Sam's been having with his boys back in San Clemente...
  11. Losmeister

    Francesa's Remedy for Jets

    keep bowles as DC? ffs why not just suggest a mass self immolation at the stadium?
  12. Losmeister

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    bowles is still in the eartha kitt era
  13. Losmeister

    Amazing Call In On Joe & Evan

    like we need a guy having an aneurysm on live radio and dying while spewing on the Jets...
  14. dont worry...mark78... he's bad at parties
  15. Losmeister

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    oh my! the best typo in a while!

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