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    1st four games attended 4-0 late 70's
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    just a lil fart

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  1. nice preemptive strike there about new threads, 23! all in all a good post. agreed. JN is pretty gash.
  2. I dont know why ALL NFL stuff has to be in a Jets forum. should be separate folder for general NFL stuff having to do with other teams. the amount of Browns stuff here makes me puke
  3. JN seems invested in creating a negative bias towards the new HC with all sortsa hilarious ignorant speculation mind blowingly, deeply Dunning-Kruger
  4. Losmeister

    Word Association

  5. Losmeister

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    some good choices in Alexander and Fields... my vote is Thomas Jones... the man from big stone gap...
  6. all good, m8. this is why i post on sports forums. people disagree. people agree. we talk about it. cheers we all just want to see this mfing team get its sh*t together one way or another, right?
  7. hand over the reigns to Gary V
  8. tbh, i dont know what i'd do in this situation. but then again, i have never had any skill that makes my employer pay me so damned much.. or worked in a filed where my work was an endangerment to my lifelong wellness... ask Wes Walker. and , btw, neither have any of you judgemental prigs been in any such situation.
  9. Cousins... the hwole thing makes me laugh, anybody anywhere who wanted to pay this guy is a footballing moron who erryone should ignore about all things football.
  10. Losmeister

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    b izarrely hopeful take on our 2019 season https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/pro-football-focus-tabs-jets-as-a-surprise-playoff-contender-in-2019
  11. Losmeister

    OTA Thread

    "They breaking out the goddam snacks for the offesne over there!"
  12. and pulling up on his route in the EZ leding to an INT that shoulda been a TD for us v Miami.
  13. Losmeister

    Bubby Brister shovel pass video

    love the audio, hear your vcr whizzing and whirring
  14. Losmeister

    OTA Thread

    I'll caption this pic... " How much do you love the fact that I got ridda D Lee?"

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