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  1. why would a respected team make a strong offer for teh WORST QB in the NFL over the last 3 yrs?
  2. who are these guys???? chuffed so far. love that Thibo is the coach. god dat nwalins name brah
  3. he sayn, dont you put the gabbert on me, now!!! or always looked up to you, man
  4. we dont know who we're getting. Fields defo outplayed him thjis tiem around, and was RIGHT THERE last time. Who knows what the hell happend on that last INT... the WR just stopped. Would it have been on target? I object to " no other QB worth drafting in the #2 slot" cos i think Fields and Wilson both have alotta good stuff going on and WE NEED A QB LIKE NOBODY"S BUSINESS
  5. is that a for real prediction? just curious. cos NO ONE seems to even wanna doubt him IN THE SLIGHTEST. as if it's somehow a moral failing. i posted this vid and NOT ONE comment was made on it by the entire JN world. curious. or at least i thought so.
  6. I've NEVER heard that b4...NEVER fwiw, I believe in Fields more than I did n Sam.
  7. Also I am rooting that Zach ball sout, that Fields gets picked by Jax and WE GET LAWRENCE and he is a bust. JN deserves this.
  8. Well... JN pronounced Fields sucks cos he had a couple rough games and that we should roll with Sam cos every other non TLaw QB was bad. Not so,. I think there is a good shot he is every bit as good as Matt Stafford.
  9. ur a better man than I am GungaDin... i didnt know wtf he was... so, we may have to PRY him away from NWestern? that doesnt sound right. but wtf do i know?
  10. wtf is pat fitzgerald...i havent an idea
  11. imean,cole beasly weigh the same... but he's 5" shorter.... me too on the frame thing... he gives me pause, as they say... i am very wary of talking about route running cos i dont think that most fans have THAT good a grip on it. i'd have to watch bunches of guys run the same routes and compare to be able to form some kind of opinion. seems to me most folks just repeat something someone else said. JN beat Robbo to death about route running. This year he's top 10 in catches and top 15 yards. not bad for a guy who cant run routes? anyway... he's the same heihght as jeudy at 6'1" but 20 lbs lighter... wonder if he can dealwith CBs pressing him on the line... or is his feet too quick for them to do that effectivley??? an interesting follow for sure.
  12. i gotcha. and i aint tryna slam those guys... ima bama fan so, i pay attention to the guys that come out,,,, davonta isthe smallest ofthese 3 guys... it'll be an interesting follow. jeudy dos neda better qb but 52 cayches and 10 drops? thats a sh*tty ratio.
  13. hard to say what'll bcome of him/.... ruggs was alnost nonexistent w/ 26 catches... jeudy had 52 cand 10 drops...
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