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    I don't hate people. I just feel better when they aren't around.
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    words music women

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    lab scientist

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    1st four games attended 4-0 late 70's
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    just a lil fart

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  1. thanks for posting the vid broadwayray!
  2. remember bills took Brad Smith who had TD returns as well... terrible thread that is basically a repeat thread of when he was let go... typical JetNation
  3. only absolute clueless mf'ers couldn't see that this guy had "it" retards
  4. freeman mcneil also had some gorgeous 2 yd runs...
  5. yeah, man. its definitely a running league.
  6. the quintessential JetFan comment... not good enough, but a good Jet. which is why its been 50 effing years.,,,,
  7. tbf, that pic doesnt show how wide or not she is where she receives
  8. A for effort and the quick recovery
  9. jetnut should rename himself jetnutinhereye in honor of #11

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