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  1. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26561785/jags-ramsey-responds-coughlin-criticism
  2. THIS. it;s in the AS IF! category... as if the Jets would draft someone thats gonna match that production and take the ytop off the D..? smfh
  3. Losmeister

    Hold The Line Please!

    and your qualifications as a GM are....
  4. Losmeister

    Happy Birthday Freeman McNeil

    freeman was one slippery runner
  5. i'd be mining this website and stealing all the brilliant ideas herein
  6. Marcus " I aint Done Schitt" Maye
  7. Losmeister

    The Harvard Draft Value Chart

    snicker... Johnson Chart
  8. Losmeister

    Ignore rumors and study history

    nice.. nex time i see a deer , ima pull over and singto it
  9. This IS, after all, LOSE YOUR ISH NATION!
  10. yall talk about him ALL THE TIME
  11. Fitz owns Jets fans
  12. proof in pudding
  13. Losmeister

    Happy Birthday, SLATS

    hope you had a peaceful day
  14. oops. my bad. still aint no one givcen up even THAT much for Lee i dont think. he wont be in NFl long.
  15. 2 picks for Lee? absolute fantasy nonsense. i doubt he plays in the NFL in 2021
  16. Losmeister


    must be an alter ego for that bakey gayfield fan
  17. Losmeister

    PFF Player Spotlight: Josh Allen

    in the end - i'd take this guy over bosa or qw if given that choice
  18. Losmeister

    PFF Player Spotlight: Josh Allen

    queue x rated pix
  19. Losmeister

    Porzingis traded

    cos you can never have too many threads on teh same effing topic!!
  20. Losmeister

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    during game or before?
  21. last 4 games last year was a pretty good return
  22. Upvote for quasi Shakespearian vibe

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