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  1. shout out to @GREENBEAN looks like Zelly is turning outto be the player we both thought he could be pre-draft
  2. people voting for him cos his leg hasnt fallen off? so far he is poor
  3. he looks like a kid that got "called out" has to go to the fight after shcool where he kows he is gonna get his ass whooped.
  4. for my fellow inmates in the asylum known as JetFandom i share this fight vid... sublime commentary https://twitter.com/KFCBarstool/status/1331001172291891205?s=20
  5. Wilk and Enunwa for resources used w/o return... good one I dont inlcude Robbo cos hes in resources NOT used category
  6. Trumaine/Sam/Levon/CJ quartert of queasiness, brought to you by McCagnan the insane amount of resources used and next to nothing in return... and I say it that way b/c a heaping pile of dung is SOMEthing
  7. the only niggling concern is the health/availablity/injuries to date... good thing there is no HISTORY of this. (as opposed to Cashman, eg) sofar he be looking gooood!!
  8. https://www.tiktok.com/@emesola/video/6898694269805120773?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6899103424283461125&is_from_webapp=1
  9. they dont recognize it as a fact. never have the Jets spent more on a single player. who is the worst at his positiion. he was sposed to lead us forward.
  10. looks like a successful pick to me... juystr getting his feet wet too...
  11. 32 teams, middle is 16... 15,16,17 are the middle 3, i'd say 14 or above = well... jus sayn
  12. howis one #6 wporsethan the worst qb in the nfl for 3 yrsfor a #6 ANNND 3 2nd rnders???
  13. its a "rivalry" that only Jet fans think exists. for them we are doormats to wipe the sh*t off their shoes. Bill dgaf about Jtes
  14. it was mike mccagnans master stroke tru, levbell, cj mosely, sam, jamal....
  15. yeah, when he held them to 500+ yds in offense. its the OL and NFL figures out Roman after a couple years. also their WR group is pretty bleak. but yeah, LJ is having a poor year so far.
  16. all cost us one pick. sam cost us 3 2nd rnders and the #6.... to be the worst rated qb in the NFL since he started. WORST IN THE NFL.
  17. we've never givenup more ina draft for a player. EVER. its spot on., but you know, Great White Hope must be burped after feeding and have his arse wiped for him til he's a 25 yr old.

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