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  1. thanks for posting the vid broadwayray!
  2. remember bills took Brad Smith who had TD returns as well... terrible thread that is basically a repeat thread of when he was let go... typical JetNation
  3. only absolute clueless mf'ers couldn't see that this guy had "it" retards
  4. freeman mcneil also had some gorgeous 2 yd runs...
  5. yeah, man. its definitely a running league.
  6. the quintessential JetFan comment... not good enough, but a good Jet. which is why its been 50 effing years.,,,,
  7. tbf, that pic doesnt show how wide or not she is where she receives
  8. A for effort and the quick recovery
  9. jetnut should rename himself jetnutinhereye in honor of #11
  10. comp % as an absolute measure of accuracy doesnt work.... there were some PFF stats that were interesting last year... i didnt pony up this year cos i didnt feel it was worth it overall... situ: 3 and 12 you can hit the Rb for 5, get a completion, or you can throw to a covered guy 17 yds upfield and hope that he wins a 50/50 ball.... thats just one example. the PFF broke down covered and open %ages which i thought was helpful. (mclown was among the worst at hitting OPEN recievers)
  11. retitle this thread "It does not concern me because many people agree with me..."
  12. is there a L-R name list... I know who robbie and Sam are... othern that, I'm just guessing...
  13. expecting him to do what he has never done in his career sounds like a losing proposition... however, miracles DO occur... just rarely
  14. sorry. didnt realize it was in teh baseball section.
  15. Dr J for the Nets vs Spurs in ABA playoffs... I was in 3rd grade
  16. i think THAT bit was the most legit of all... it presents an argument against the popular notion by an actual rock solid example in real life... it may not be as saccharine as your sweet tooth demands but... its fact

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