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  1. yer better off just puttin these mokes on your ignore list... errybuddy who knows the game knows the Eli is a huuuuge myth....

    1. nyjunc


      ha, I love going back and forth.  they don't have to agree.  It amazes me how people can't see it but this argument is an easy one(unlike my Sanchez ones) so I love debating it.

  2. It wasn't lost on me to post about my hiatus on the all tgime # posts thread...

    it's literal about the Jets making me sick...

    not seeking sympathty, but it's a toxic relationship for me...      

  3. Hey Dude, Just wanted to apologize for bailing...   good luck with the Jets Nation FAntasy League!



    1. Patriot Killa

      Patriot Killa

      No problem. I understand. 


      Partially bad planning on my part tbh. No worries though brother!

  4. 'appy boifday!

    1. Jet_Engine1


      Thanks man. I appreciate it. 

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