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  1. it's a fight or flight mechanism beyond his control, the horror makes his brain say ENOUGH and releases a whole shot of melatonin to put him to sleep....
  2. people talk about, think about this cos.. cos, who knows? NOBODY ACTUALLY KNOWS. it;s a remote possibility, highly unlikely , excepy, as above, in a one spot move... just speculation...
  3. actually... he has come in DEAD LAST in QBR over the last 3 yrs... so true, he has done what no other starting QB in the NFL can do.
  4. i coulda sworn that i put a disclaimer in there aboout the source being unkown and dont know if its worsth ish, but that i was glad to hear that ANYWAY!!!
  5. thats what I am saying. they had the players to just line up and snap it w/o alotta motion and stuff cos they had a HOF Qb. we had.... erm,
  6. people in this JN thread still hoping LJ gets injured every time he runs... smfh
  7. of course, i have no REA: idea. guess? wavered between 3 and 4, settling on 4.
  8. watched the extended hilites. Randle is a legit NBA scorer. Quickly And Rivers looking solid. Barret solid. strange days it feels loike
  9. not a fan. yes he has a good record. no denying. he's an ass. i also never liked FatCells and we had ONE good year... 3 decent years whihc was ok.
  10. would gamble that that is how it was done in Denver when Manning was there. but... you had good players and a HOF QB.
  11. "I think the problem is most b/u in this league are as good or better than I am ...and as opposed to college, i dont look as good as I used to."
  12. maybe Joe D himself would let you have a go at his manmams?
  13. why would a NFL HC report to somene who doesnt know jack sh*t about football...???
  14. if you guys dont know Born1983 is just ENTIRELY fullash*t, lord help you. you;re naive. ****in "sauces" oooh! they changed their mind cos Cam dissed them? wtf frenchfried fukk is that BS???
  15. god, sports fans suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk!!!!! would you like a go at Sams wetnurse as well? to , ya know, comfort you?
  16. i'd say 1980 was worse. coming off 2 8-8 seasons it seems the Jets were primed to make a move into the playoffs... it certainly was the worst for me personally... "as i was young and easy under the apple boughs..."
  17. i get it, like licking condensation off your tent tarp
  18. we're sorta on the same page... in the end... he's Dilfer or McMahon if you wanna SB ring....
  19. nah. occasionally he looked like an NFL QB. made plays NFL QBS make. geratness? never.
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