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  1. occasional lightning strike amid the long cold and dark of the night sky flashes dont mean sh*t.
  2. i used a youtube clip from Curb your enthusiasm where the widow say her husnda would wake up and sya WATSON!!!
  3. i dont mind our QB playing us out of playoff contention by week 10, cos FLASHES
  4. ya know... i watched a bit of a KNicks game for the forst time in YEARS... and i mean... since Lin.... and they actually looked competent...
  5. No and yes. Not 2 first rnders. btw, i posted a SAVE WATSON post yesterday.
  6. Was in serious concern year one where he had that horrifc three gamne stretch and got benched (Min, Chi,, Mia) then he had ANOTHER horrific 3 game stretch last year (NE, Jax, Mia) 2 3 game losing streaks wher teh QB throws 2 tds and 7 or 8 INTS. Kills the season midawy thru and ANY EVEN REMOTE hope of meaningful games in December. I was like THIS is our "savior"????? He kinda stinks.
  7. If Jets get Lawrence I am going full sadist ansd rooting that he sucks. Alos, Urban Meyer is a walking aneurysm. Am guessing it doesnt work. and working fo Khan?? you think Jets is a bad place? THis guy openly happy his team kept losing when the Jets won.. .
  8. its like you have to explian... that, yes, coins occasionally actually land on their edge and stay that way...
  9. cant speak to trustworthiness of op. but this is musci to my ears/
  10. i mighta been his # supporter and even I dont think he was a "great loss" i think he's a solid wr2/3 in the league. and he is pretty consistent. and durable. Perriman showed that he is a downgrade to RA. all the dummies sayn that BP was "more talented" ..smfh. u guys are maroons.
  11. Fields sits behind the worst qb to play qb in the whole league for the l;ast 3 years... you like losing, eh?
  12. btw, my fave new crazy ass very very imoossible and not prbable at all idea is that we trade for deshaun watson. rescue him from texas. this was a thread about a major trade, right?
  13. you guys feed hjim. use ignore feature. dont respond.
  14. mo wilk v 2.0. imagine how many sacks adams woulda had if he played 6 games vs nfceast comp last season???? jajajajajaaja
  15. thread title "tanking is our thing, suck for whatshisname!!!"
  16. i'd "take" either, so to speak. edge to JF.
  17. cool. how bout data on "most rookies get injured"? how about explaiing how tysons power could be compared to a heavy guys weight affecting his performnace negatively? its a crap analogy.
  18. file under- '"we'll always have phily special"
  19. sam darnold is the worst draft bust in the hx of the NY Jets. he's not as good as his ancient b/u's mclown and flaccid. the #6 and 3 two's.... smfh
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