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  1. right. cos if he was good, like watson, he'd still ball like a mfer and be obviously a good qb playing on a bad team. instead he took a team that could have won 5,6 or 7 and won 2 games. a minus player. a qb who significantly decreases your odds of winning.
  2. you are actually mentally challenged. get help/
  3. also, to be concerned about Bectons durablity does NOT have to be tied to his size... players at all positions and all sizes can have the unfortunate injury bug..... and my concern about him has more to do with the latter than with the former ( though i acknowledge that weight COULD be a factor)
  4. data on MOST rookies miss time, please. sounds like ur just sayn stuff to me. Brick and Mangold started all games rookies years. So did Chris Ward, ... its fine we sorta disagree. the point, REALLY, is that there was NEVER A POTENTIAL that Typons power could possibly be a physical negative. (maybe psychologically depedning on it , but thats a different cuppa)
  5. tysons power did not put abnormal stress on his knees... i do understand what you just said. i just think its not a good analogy. now, i am NOT SAYING, that i think his weight is DEFO a problem... only that it COULD posiibly be. no more. Munoz was 6'6" 278 Becton is 1" taller and weighs 360+ thats 80 lbs
  6. of course it's a legit concern. 3/5 level of concern for me
  7. knew exactly what he was doing, playing again at USC would aDROPPED his draft value... scored a cool 25 million being the WORST QB in the league over 3 seasons with a starting job he never earned.
  8. traditional passer ratings is garbage. all TDs and all INTS and all INC are equal. at least QBR weights garbage stats as such and devalues them as is proper.
  9. why would we bash Bienemy? dont get it. i mean, its not like i am stumping for him... idk... seems like an acceptable OC dude
  10. worst era was early 70,s 3-11 2 years running
  11. interesting, redzone guy is saying Phins only chance for them to still get in the PO's is INdy losing later... he repeatedly fails to mention they are playing the Jags....
  12. remember the vitriol? JN is full of really ignorant football fans. i mean REALLY IGNORANT. completely unable to perceive what is REAL NFL talent.
  13. If you didnt see this early last year? Its cos you looked the other way. Also, his arm is NOT good. AVG at BEST. COntsnatly short on deep balls.
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