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  1. this is the thing , for me, about a player who gets repeated injuries. "soft" ends up at least sounding like some sort of moral or preperation fialure. when its just luck. luck in the form of durability via genetics and luck via the roll of the dice, whether a guy rolls up on you from behind or doesnt. tapent wise, so far, Becton has answered my Becton or Wirfs questions. not so durability wise.
  2. clearly outperformed in the final 4 2 years running. jus sayn.
  3. am sure ur righgt that the Stafford 9 million is likely more complex. I agree that he is underrated too. whcih is why i keep bringing him up! the whiole trading down and going for Trey still fascinates me too cos its so risky and we'd all be flabbergasted. and we'd get a crazy haul of picks that would utterly ,radically transform the roster. and we'd be thinking is JD insane, or a mad genius. happy w/ Fields or Zach @ #2... if Lawrence i go sadistic and hope he flops.
  4. we dont have to pay him 30 million. i believe i read his nut this next year is 9 million. i am basing it on that. i know the trade down is dangerous. i like that about it just cos of the "**** traditional thinking" angle. my pref is defo take a QB @ #2. more and more the sadistsic side of me wants Fields to ball out, Jax to take Fields and then we take Trev and he flops. so that 95% of JetNation can find a ndw list of QB bad play excuses. this is the 1st film i see that doesnt kiss Trevs ass like a 2$ whore...
  5. psst. "generational" Trevor isnt JESUS CHRIST WALKING ON WATER
  6. which is why its so goddam criminal Watson hasnt been a Jet for the last 4 years
  7. Lawrence got bailed out last year by Etienne taking 2 dump offs and turning them into long TDs 53 and 34 TLaw only thre for 260.. he did have that crazy long run TD
  8. also Bama is f'ed they couldn'tstop Florida. Sermon gonna rock 200+ and Fields should do just fine... thier D is flat out poor. Havent seen a Bama D this weak in decades
  9. i made a joke last week... GOP-ade (Gods Own Piss)-Ade... they piss in a vat and market it as thrist quenching trickle down economics.. it worked too. its really a ripoff of Idiocracy's Brawndo.
  10. Have mentioend this repeatedly... a trade down and haul MUST STILL ADDRESS QB. ... trade down and one of these 2 listed w/o regard to preference... 1)draft Trey Lance 2) acquire Matt Stafford
  11. why not ONE thread " 2021 draft the #2 selection" in the draft forum
  12. no Pederson stated here... dont know what his source is, but.. for me, phew
  13. I have recommened several people who can help expand your minds about football and the Jets... here's one on what his POV is on the HC situ here... https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/lists/who-are-the-best-candidates-to-replace-adam-gase/
  14. in that case, i'll leave you to choose. Isaac is a cool name too. my gp's were from the Alsace/Lorraine area... where you at?
  15. since I am Germanic on my old man's side I'll be Gottfried, cool w/ you? thats on name alone... i dont know about their relationship and will hafta look it up.
  16. this is the dealio. and its why all the unmanly whingeing when we won a football game was so disgusting. JN is schitt at talent eval.
  17. dont know enough to comment... shrug
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