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  1. "Offensive players focus more when they play with QBs that can make plays anywhere on the field. " this. good post
  2. this franchise values close losses way too much.... the abortion that was lastg season seen as something positive, ffs
  3. trying too hard for what? i see a six pick who was oevrdrafted i think of gholston, shrug.
  4. Jamal "breaknig out" would lift him to be a JAG. ( Just a Guy, its a term we used at the old joint dont know if it translates) SOmeone else said Leee will be outta the NFL, said that mid yr 2. Absolute bust. Everybody assigned to block him can and does.
  5. btw, yall are some lon winded mofos... just an observation
  6. if i could edit all and take out all the years of mindless soul crushing suffering... yeah i'd do THAT
  7. gallows humor is your sig gifs.. man o man!
  8. Lee and Adams both have big ffing moufs. Lee is an absolute minus player in every respect. Adams... hard for me to say since i didnt watch the games last year, just highlights. what i see? both these dudes getting OWNED.
  9. if they trot out McClown, no way. If teddy or darnold start, i might give that a watch.
  10. just recently migrated from another jet site that was getting spammed by one poster. if the game on natiobal TV and I am free, i MIGHT watch... its been this way for several years. i aint wasting my time watching some dreck that is non coempetitive and no fun. **** that. i aint promoting this, jus sayn thats where i have landed. ( fan since I can remember... so, 73?)
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