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  1. every time someone says Sams ceiling is peak Andy Dalton that should have a (TM Losmeister). please and thank you.
  2. 95% of JN deserve for Jax to take fields, we take trev, someone else takeds wilson, and wilson and fields excel while trev is daniel jones v 2.0. and we neber win 10 games/yr in his first 4 years....
  3. a good GM doenst llok at Sam Darnold this year and think anything except... WE NEED A BETTER QB
  4. Trey Sermonis for real.. prefer over Etienne and maybe even Najee.. i likehis lateral movemnt more...
  5. you dont win a prize for fellating a sam darnold dressed manneqiuin. you really dont. i dont want the worst qb in the entire leagure for the last three years to start for myteam ever again.
  6. siad it in the game thread.... this Bama D is poor. the worst that I can remember in at least 10 yrs.
  7. There is no way in hell he has ZERO TD vs Bama... unless he gets hurt and is out in the 1stQ. NO WAY. They are gonna make Bamas D look really, really bad. Easy 200+ on the ground, if not 300+ and THEN Fields on top???
  8. Personally, I dont see how Bama could be favore by more than 4 pts after today. ND controlled the clock on them running- you know what OState is goona do? Bama is in trouble. They could barely get to Brock. Fields should have a very big day,. Bama gonna need 45+ Fields has another game similar to today... then the #1 pick is entirely in doubt.
  9. There was a thread jumping all over Fields saying " dont wanna have anything to do w/ Fields" a few weeks back. There might be twenty people here who know a little about football.
  10. OState is gonna move the ball on Bama with ease...
  11. Fields clearly outplays CHRIST HIMSELF, and JN still talkinh about starting Sam next year.. this friggin place... smfh
  12. cos JN is full of retarded Jets fans who cant interpret wtf is going on?
  13. Trevor Lawrence DOESNT WALK ON WATER??? All who wet their panties cos we won... can FO. Glad Fields is slaying it. Dabo is gonna be in for a world of huirt when his little run is over and people stomp their asses. Such an insufferable prick., fuggin DABO!!!
  14. so whats happened? Fields is out? My nephew called so I had to wish him a ahppy new year and he called rioght atthe strt of the game and we get chatty...
  15. I dont trust Jones is a good enough athlete to be a starter in the nFL.
  16. they should sit smith. just landed on his ass/hip again. in principle is dont say avoid someone cos of size/frame....so i wont start with Smith. it was just surprising he was THAT light.
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