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  1. Am I happy with the loss? Not really. Am I bothered by the loss? No. Look, Lawrence isn't going to fix everything. We still need an overhaul at receiver. We need defensive upgrades. And most importantly, we need a great coach. Buffalo isn't going away. Miami looks promising. And hate them all you want. But the Pats demise may not be years. They could be back in contention by 2022.
  2. This was a man on the verge of getting gassed before Mo Lewis and a gift from god saved his arse.
  3. Sanchez wasn't terrible by any stretch. But the defense played a critical role in our success. RB was awesome. Special teams was great. And dare I say the coach was outcoaching other great coaches. (Honestly the 2010 Pats whip our arse nine times out of ten. But we got them on a bad day. Ryan outcoached Belichick). Sanchez never had to do much. But at some point, your QB is going to have to throw the ball and make plays to win. And in the end, Sanchez wasn't able to outduel Manning & Roethlisberger. No shame in that. The teams with the superior QB's (And teams) won.
  4. This. And I don't want some meaningless three game winning streak with a new coach. Some will say it's not possible with this roster. Oh it's definitely possible. And would harm the franchise more in the end. And I think firing Gase now would be letting him off the hook. Make this guy suffer out till the end of the year.
  5. This team doesn't even try. There were times in the Bowles era where the players gave a damn. This team is just collecting a paycheck. I can't even poke fun at my Pats fans for their teams miserable season. At least they have Super Bowls and countless memories to look back on. What do we have? We have two AFC championship appearances over a decade ago. Which the team lost. Even if we get Lawrence, we still need to get the right coach in here. What great coaches are out there? We may have to give up picks to get a good one.
  6. You've got to build from the coaches to the players. Easier said than done. It won’t happen quickly. This isn't a situation like when Mahomes became KC's starter. Remember. Mahomes was drafted by a team that already had Hill, Hunt, Kelce, and a good O-line. They were in the postseason three out of four years prior to his arrival. Reid was their coach. I think Mahomes is as great as anyone. Do I still think he would be a great QB without all these weapons and coach? Yes. Do I think he would be this great? No. In fact, no QB can prop up a team with little to no talent. You absolutely draft Lawrence and trade Darnold. The question is what will we get for Darnold?
  7. I like Darnold. But I'm curious how you came to this conclusion?
  8. Would New England consider laying down against us? Twice? It goes against everything they've stood for. But I could see BB wanting to stick it to us.
  9. No. I don't want some coach coming in only to have us reel off four to five wins before the season concludes. It happens most times an interim is hired. Even as bad as we are. Keep Gase. And let this baby continue collapsing. We absolutely need Lawrence. If we get him, we are looking good.
  10. Besides Pacman Jones (Mentioned previously) I can't remember a guy who has been given so many opportunities. It's clear this dude has a major problem.
  11. Let's see.....Coach was caught videotaping opponents. QB busted for deflating footballs. Old creepy owner now caught up in some sex sting. Not too mention the fact they employed a murderer for a few years. Enough is enough. The NFL needs to put a stop to these hooligans once and for all. Take all of their picks away for 2018. And force the owner to sell them to an outsider.
  12. Just as the title poses. Is this team capable of winning the division in 2019? Yes, the Pats won the SB. However, Brady looked off most of the regular season. He is another year older though. If the Jets aren't capable of winning the division, can the Fins or Bills do it?
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