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  1. Besides Pacman Jones (Mentioned previously) I can't remember a guy who has been given so many opportunities. It's clear this dude has a major problem.
  2. Let's see.....Coach was caught videotaping opponents. QB busted for deflating footballs. Old creepy owner now caught up in some sex sting. Not too mention the fact they employed a murderer for a few years. Enough is enough. The NFL needs to put a stop to these hooligans once and for all. Take all of their picks away for 2018. And force the owner to sell them to an outsider.
  3. Just as the title poses. Is this team capable of winning the division in 2019? Yes, the Pats won the SB. However, Brady looked off most of the regular season. He is another year older though. If the Jets aren't capable of winning the division, can the Fins or Bills do it?
  4. Goff failed to hit open receivers. He was confused when McVay wasn't in his ear. At some point, the QB can't be coddled anymore.
  5. He was taken to the woodshed by Belichick. No shame in that. I'd take McVay as Jets coach any day.
  6. I think we win the division. Pats went 11-5 during the season. Brady looked his age. Their Defense wasn't great either. Three great postseason games doesn't change that.
  7. Why would a Jets fan cheer for their biggest rival? Doesn't compute for me.
  8. Make three straight SB's. Fins: 71-73 Bills: 90-93 Cheats: 16-18 I feel we will accomplish this feat with Darnold & Gase.
  9. Rams win by at least 14. Belichick isn't facing an Andy Reid on the other side. He's facing an aggressive, confident and young coach. I think Goff is better than current Brady. Rams have the type of D that's historically given Brady fits. Rams offense gives that Pats D fits too.
  10. Rams have the much better defense. They have the better offense. Rams win big.
  11. Yes...they'll (Rams) will be favorite.
  12. Oh they'll be either suspended or fired. An absolute joke call. That was so blatant man.
  13. That was inexcusable. And I have a feeling these refs are fired tomorrow.

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