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    20 year old Electrical Engineer. Love family, sports, and partying.
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    41-0 over Colts
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    Losing 2010 AFC title game.
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  1. Jets86


    This narrative is getting old. Bama wouldn't even get a first down.
  2. Jets86

    Happy 62nd Birthday Mark Gastineau

    Thanks fot blowing that postseason game in Cleveland. Otherwise, great player.
  3. I'm a Jets fan. Patriots losing doesn't somehow mean the loss today hurts less. I don't care how thry do this season. I'm more concerned with Darnold finishing strong.
  4. What if Bowles wants Sam to sit a game?
  5. A good man who gets a bad rep. The man cares about winning.
  6. I worry the franchise could lose it's mind and try and make him compete for the starting gig. I never know what they'll do.
  7. Darnold will be 22 to start the season. He absolutely deserves to be the srarter. No questions asked. That said, I never know what this franchise will do. Is Darnold assured of the starting job for 2019? What if Bowles and/or Mac want to bring in "competition"?
  8. First off, Doug is one of my favorite people of all time. He does alot for charity. I had the honor of getting his autograph. So I am biased. He was a good field goal kicker. Yet, only lasted two years here. Was he given a fair shake?
  9. Jets86

    Adam Theilen will have 300 yards on NYJ

    Am I the only one who sees this being the potential "upset" game of the week? I'm not saying it's going to happen. But I wouldn't be shocked if the Jets do win.
  10. Jets86

    Could Todd Bowles be fired in season ?

    The hate this proud man gets is undeserved. He is doing his best.
  11. Jets86


    Again, posters are using the golden standard as a comparison. You can't do that. Todd is doing the best he can. He will be gone at seasons end. Everybody will get their wish. A great family man will be unemployed and people will be happy about it. Sad.
  12. Just as the question asks. Would it be the second or third happiest day of your lives ( Assuming marriage and kids were 1 and 2)? Would it be great for a week or so until you realize it doesn't have a true impact on your life? Just seeing how it would change things.
  13. Jets86

    god I miss rex and co

    Factoring in time and score, most coaches punt in that situation. You can't take the one exception and hold it against Todd.
  14. Andy Reid lovefest is a bit much. We all know how he does in September and October. How's he do in the later months and January? We've seen this story countless times with KC. Nobody cares how you start. It's how you finish.

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