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  1. I know i don't post much but Bills fans speaking about us and talking down is pretty funny considering they haven't won a playoff game since i graduated HS! They are an over-Hyped Overrated Football team and I for one cannot wait until we beat them hopefully in Sept.
  2. That is an absolute Travesty whatever firm created that should be embarassed and god have mercy on their souls.
  3. Everytime Robby Speaks it should be studied by Professors he is so deep in his words he truly is a Poet.
  4. That is awesome I like David Alan Grier always thought he was more than In Living Color Cheers!!!.
  5. I haven't not posted a lot either because i'm not well versed in X &O'S and feel out of place sometimes. I have been a fan over 35 years . I can talk football but when it becomes truly advanced I'm lost . Anyway nice to see you back!! Enjoy.

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