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  1. Loving the Profile Picture Mr. Shane very Incognito !
  2. I have been here for a brief time but what i have surmised is that you are always respectful when providing the information not just to us on the forum but also for the person providing this information . So i say thank you for being respectful and also being at the forefront of this possibel trade buddy.
  3. I would hope an OL piece but that might be wishful thinking or Lazard?
  4. I saw that on social media he cannot play in the pro bowl because of this he is still not cleared.
  5. That's like the old saying goes no head is bad head lol.
  6. When the whole Panarin thing went down i was excited but of course we didn't get him and the Rags did lol such a kick in the gut my man!!
  7. You sure that wasn't the isles themselves giving you those blue balls ? I'm an isles fan proudly but they have been so meh these past 20 years lol
  8. Who says no to Zach Morris as the Starter next year?
  9. Wow talk about a jump in pay grade lol.
  10. Well I'm sure if he has to go through that nonsense again he will choose not to right? The guy does deserve to be paid i just don't know if the ravens will pay what he thinks is his value.
  11. If he doesn't get what he wants he will not play under the Tag no way he will want to risk playing without a long term agreemnet.
  12. Nope not in the slightest Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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