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  1. My god you sound like the logical voice of reason on this page maybe you should offer the jets for your services!.
  2. I feel absolutely better now reading that from Chris Johnson what was i thinking !!! He sold me i will patiently wait another 10-20 years for a wining product.
  3. My god this team is compete satire at this point. Gase has as much genius in him as a Kardashian minus the boobage and arses.
  4. We honestly could go 0-16 and Trevor would be on the table!!. This is honestly something we should all be gearing up for.
  5. Until the Jets start winning and the culture completely turns around it's going to be the same ole Crap with these beat guys.
  6. I think Cimini gets off on the hate i truly do, At this point he has created a nice niche for himself as the Anti-Jet reporter.
  7. Cimini hasn't changed in over a decade and will never change. He is the sky is doom and gloom in Jetsland Reporter for ESPN. He is getting better but i don't see a complete turnaround not if he wants clicks.
  8. I truly hope this man gets what he deserves for this action. What can make a person act or think this way? GREED that is the only viable answer i have at this time.
  9. You are making too much sense don't you know how things run in jets land?
  10. I know i don't post a ton or alot but isn't this Article misleading? Why would the Jets be the team with tthe biggest issue in regards to the draft due to COVID-19? I honestly believe after 35+ years of being a fan if you are a journalist why leave the Jets Beat they provide enough entertainment to always have a story haha.
  11. I know i don't post much but Bills fans speaking about us and talking down is pretty funny considering they haven't won a playoff game since i graduated HS! They are an over-Hyped Overrated Football team and I for one cannot wait until we beat them hopefully in Sept.
  12. That is an absolute Travesty whatever firm created that should be embarassed and god have mercy on their souls.
  13. Everytime Robby Speaks it should be studied by Professors he is so deep in his words he truly is a Poet.

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