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  1. Most underrated Quote in this Thread not even close thanks for all you do @freestater
  2. I believe he has always worked out maybe he has switched to a more muscle based program?
  3. So sorry Max My Mom has been going through the C word as well and now my sister. My thoughts and Prayers are with the Wife. She Certainly seems like a strong woman and if she has beat it before she is a shoe in to do it once more buddy.
  4. Now Now even Dickhole's deserve more respect then Gase
  5. WOW how the mighty have fallen !!! LOL
  6. But can she do the Limbo? These are the hard hitting questions that need to be answered!! Makeup application is a 4/10 though not impressed in the slightest.
  7. Well when i saw the thread i quickly glanced at your name and yes this Stupid Thread made me get the bubble guts.
  8. Great Listen for sure you can see the confidence come out in Saleh it's refreshing and in my opinion is going to pay dividends come September and for the years to come.
  9. With Kamala all it would take is a six-pack of BUD lime AND A BLUNT
  10. HAHA Avenue Q is fantastic!!!
  11. Do any of the Moderator's know you are pushing this Hot EROTICA on the forum there pal ?
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