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  1. The only person i have heard not agree with the Zach Pick was Skip Bayless and the only reason was well you know he didn't play top competition which is a silly narrative but other then that i think the National Media as a whole has been Quite Favorable of the Zach pick and the future of this team.
  2. That man could make my EX-GF's Moist his music had that effect .
  3. YOU SIR have won the Forum for the day My god i almost spit out my Lucky Fu**ing Charms HAHA.
  4. Well in all fairness the Moth wouldn't shut up and had to be dealt with.
  5. @SAR I Doug is a National Treasure how dare you insult this Football god !! Actually the way this team has been at QB Flutie Flakes wouldn't have been a bad option pre-Draft .
  6. Enjoy the time with your Dad that's great to hear @Jetstream23 hopefully they do not disappoint but you know we are always in for a world of pain.
  7. Define what is a functional franchise please I'm doing a report on sh*tty NFL teams over the past 50 years.
  8. Didn't it just make the rest of the day fantastic @freestater !! I mean what is this the 400th thread on Wilson and how he is too short and looks like a beta male haha.
  9. Agreed I want the Stormin Mormon kicking that Barbie's ass!!!
  10. Would love the Jags to be the first game instead of the usual Bills,Fins game
  11. @T0mShane now Tom that's no way to speak about Jimmy MAC!!!
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