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  1. Oh Man I'm so sorry I do not post a lot as my Football knowledge is not vast as the others but i wanted to wish your family good luck and Lauren will be in my Prayers until she is free and clear of this horrible Disease.
  2. I'm a JET FAN you cannot hurt me any longer I'm immune to the taunts and vile sh*t people say . What my kryptonite is happens to be comments about irrelevant sh*t and this happens to be one of them cheers my man you are an imbecile
  3. Food and Booze always help @FlagmanL11 especially with this teams new and fun ways to lose games.
  4. So sorry for the pain i remember mine and it was just as painful . All i can say is hang in there as brighter days are coming.
  5. I'm sure we will be investing another pick in the LT/RT Position this upcoming draft. I had no expectations for this team this year and i'm sure i speak for many not all when i say lower the expectations and just enjoy the ride brother !!!
  6. I know we aren't world beaters out there but after one game i would not jump off the ledge. I'm realistic and the OL does suck that is a truth we have to acknowledge. We are rebuilding there are no corners to cut to get to where we want to be and it's going to be painful and suck the majority of the time we watch this crap but it has to be done. Think about it i have been a fan almost 40 years i think i can be patient a few more years.
  7. That is true but i always thought he was not a true RB1 . Jones and Martin were truly good RB's.
  8. There is some ****ery A foot !!! What is a RB by the way? I believe the Jets have not had a good one since Thomas Jones if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Fell Better JW so sorry this happened but glad you are on the mend buddy!!.
  10. Tell Becton to take 2 Aspirin's and hydrate he will be fine . I wouldn't take that advice though as i was in the Military in the early 90'S and everything was take pills and hydrate even if you took a bullet lol.
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