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  1. Highly doubt that they got a Replica Marky Mark and we got a workhorse who is all about ball!!!
  2. Yes the reward cards will get you into the game just have to scan the card to enter the gate. I thought the same when i went to the Falcons game as i'm a new STH but they do work. Hope this helps and enjoy the game!!
  3. Looks like a photo shoot for a gay magazine honestly!!. I mean no disrespect to gay Men or Women it's just screams hey look at me i'm gay.
  4. He looks like a southern Male Gigolo if you ask me sign the beast!!!
  5. Good F***ing Lord is he BAD. Skip loves to hear himself talk that's really about it lol.
  6. My Gawdddd Darnwldddd was Fantasticcc on Friday you have to start him!!!
  7. Good Lord talk about reaching on that comment haha ******* Bills fans poor bastards.
  8. I haven't been this excited about Darnold since i went a nude beach in Greece all those years ago!!!!
  9. i think JA gets too much hate i honestly do. Was he worthy of a 1st round pick probably not but i have a good feeling JA is going to surprise this year!!.
  10. I think Rawls gets waived today no need for him taking up a spot at this point IMO.
  11. So sorry man that truly sucks!!! Jetsie will be in my prayers tonight for sure.
  12. I tell you guys i can feel it down in my plums that Darnold is going to get the week 1 start.

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