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  1. This has noting to do with Sam trashing the team or not being a team player or a great guy. This is all about playing to an exceptional level so he can maintain being a professional QB in the NFL. Now i don't know what you see Sunday after Sunday but he is not progressing to the exceptional level we all expected as the 3rd pick in the draft. Every Sunday i watch and every Sunday he disappoints and has been disappointing me since 2019 . Maybe Saleh sees something and so does Mike La Fleur but that's a big if.
  2. Darnold is as good as gone anyone who thinks otherwise is juts fooling themselves.
  3. Completely Agree with you @Joe W. Namath that wasn't a great endorsement
  4. Cimini with the follow up on Sam question lol
  5. Well that wasn't a vote of confidence in Sam from Saleh was it?
  6. Good God this is fantastic !!!! He is not Gase thank god !!!! this man is Beautiful lol.
  7. @Mogglez thank you Sir for the update and please no need to apologize we all have a life we need to lead and sh*t needs to get done
  8. From what i see and hear the other team is the Fins but not nearly as much as the Jets.
  9. @Mogglez Anything on the Watson front? I know we will not really get anything until March but i thought i would ask. I know Carton was saying they are talking didn't know if it was BS or not.

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