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  1. Yea because that was the problem all game long !. Did you watch the game ?
  2. This guy is softer then Baby Sh*t . I get that players get injured but man this guy cannot stay on the field. Best Ability is Availability
  3. Thanks buddy and yea it sucks it truly does . I have been smoking weed that seems to take my mind off if things a bit haha.
  4. I plan on it Buddy much love to you my friend .
  5. So very sorry for the loss of your Dad. My father is dealing with the same scenario and it pains me everyday to see such a life being taken away slowly. I'm sure you made him proud as can be and he felt the love and bond that you both shared each and everyday. Much love to you and your family during this time. I truly hope the Jets win this week to make this week somewhat bearable for you.
  6. @Bruce Harper Yes i believe that was true it happened Monday i believe after everyone ripped into them haha.
  7. I truly have no idea how they grade players . But i will say after Quinnen's game on Sunday and getting the grade he did receive they need to pack up shop and just fold it was horrendous.
  8. BUT PFF!!! What will they do with the grade they gave #95 haha.
  9. Watching that Clip i had to tell my lovely wife i was done for the week and could not provide her any intimacy as I'm tapped out that is how much sex was in that clip putting down those Fin Fans .
  10. HAHA this is a fantastic display of how to take a picture of some wood !
  11. Love the Passion @Joe W. Namath !!! Keep it coming pal
  12. The Eroticism that this post just created for me will keep me warm for Sunday thank you.
  13. Mr. Shane I'm in the office today and now I'm at full Mast please next time please give forewarning Gracias lol.
  14. Didn't that happen when our Father's, Uncle's & Grandfather's took us to Shea ,Giants Stadium or MetLife? I know I'm going to do the same to my son in 2 years hopefully we are not a sh*tshow when i take him and make the rest of his life as Miserable as mine HAHA.
  15. Clearly you have not been around the last 50+ years? that is what this team is all about!!
  16. I would assume a trade is coming ? I would never believe JD is satisfied with the Safety or OL depth
  17. That is a disgusting Safety depth chart wowzzzzzzzers. Outside of Whitehead oooof
  18. Come onnnnn down Sean Peyton you beautiful bastard!!!
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